Necessity of Computerisation in BSP

BSP is now facing various challenges due to change scenario in the international business market. All the business market have become highly competitive. The steel market is also facing the same challenges in the are of production, productivity, profitability, quality and cost of production.

In recent years, all the PSUs have adopted the policy to optimize the manpower, increase the productivity, control the cost of production, minimize the price with the quality of production. BSP has also adopted the same objectives to become a successful competition in the world of the steel market.

The I.T. networking system has been effectively adopted in BSP couple of years to bring comprehensive change in the attitude, behaviour and performance of the employees and to bring the dynamic change in the system of management.

The process of steel production is comprised of near about 55 different department and many more non-production departments. Being the versatile and quite different of departmental procedure it was very difficult for the management to bring better coordination amongst all these departments and to satisfy each and every customer (departments).

Since the I.T. networking system has been introduced in BSP it is very effective working in BSP in a very systematic way by helping to the individual departments and providing required information immediately in the network.

Being such a large set up it is natural that the co-ordination amongst all the wings of I.T. is not so perfect yet.

This department takes maximum care of the customers. This system has saved a lot of time and money and it is also reduced the chances of repetition of items.

In this regard, it can be said that all most all the departments are highly benefited with the system have it has brought broad and better understanding amongst all departments and also minimize administrative barriers in the day to day function.

This study has revealed that the system is working very effectively yet, there is need to improve the efficiency of the I.T. people and there is need to keep close watch and maintenance of the software and hardware systems.

In the ever-changing environment of BSP, there is a constant need to bring structural change and re-engineering of the existing I.T. system. There is also a need for continual updating of requiring information in the networks to avoid any error in the system provided to the customer.

Finally, this survey concluded with the most positive perceptions of the I.T. customers as they have realized that with the help of I.T. network BSP has achieved most of the objectives which were planned has organizational vision. At present the production of BSP is very high, the productivity of the employees is also very high.

The overall performance is excellent as it has succeeded to become one of the strong steel competition in the world market. This could be possible with the help of I.T. network and with the highest satisfaction level of the customers.

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