When the walls go down and the windows went up

In this Deewali, the Sunday morning, the climate is cooler and nicer and it seems lazier for me and I decided to read the book, “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman. It is about the brief history of the world after adapting to economic globalisation standards.

Performances of Globalisation and Industrialisation:

  • We are now almost a matured democracy when we look to the world in term of globalisation and its impact in succeeding years.
  • During a decade or more long back, there has been many apprehensions and explanations dealing with the performances of globalisation and industrialisation.
  • There has been after effects such as discontents etc. but still it manages to stay on its root.
  • Those economies who have adopted this in strenuous times and continue to do it have slowly seen the rich benefits of it.

Prior to it, I read Friedman’s ‘From Beirut to Jerusalem’ which is the closely-ranked observation from him in these areas of how their economy able to prosper despite odds and other sidewards obstructions. This book shows such a lively form of economic developments in these areas so much so that ultimately we have seen as this book is adopted as a textbook. His next book which is this article is all about is the ‘The World is Flat’ which is the best selling non-fiction book throughout the world.

We all belong to the global village community:

In this book, he has referenced numerous times about the put in place development in terms of economic needs and there have been many times references to India and that attracts many economic scholars as well as enthusiasts of India. The book stresses more upon Indian settings and the way India has adopted the form an entire structure dealing with the standards of upsetting the closed economy, and it says India after the effects of adopting the standards of globalisation consider entire village as the part of the global community.He illustrates how the lifestyle of Indian citizens has changed comprehensively.

While they are office, their laptop is from Samsung, mobile is from Apple, they take breakfast at Pizza Hut and their tee shirt is from Epson. Here when comes to there and see the trend of changes and compare it before the 1990s when India had the closed economy the first impression comes to mind is that the world is the flat and entire world is a community. During last decade or so we have seen spurting of call centres in India and these have several buildings and classes and courses for employees to speak with the foreign accent and in those places, you hardly find any differences and as the westerner, you should feel at home out there.

The foreignness within India:

Most of these people have had some salaries and many of them have starting salaries on higher notes and they have given some or entire amount to their parents. This goes on to show despite higher forms and standards of livings still most of them have found it easier to live in the costlier city like Bangalore during the latest decades. Among all these incentives to the prominent of these is the accent neutralisation class which is the entire day long lessons, provided by linguistics to disguise the uses to pronounce native American accent and leaving the part of pronounced, Indian accents.

Most of these multinational companies tend to hire these from India at the cost of doing these services are on lower sides. It is all about softening of ‘t’ and rolling their tongue while speaking words starting and ending with ‘r’. Generally, they are advised to read one paragraph so that they should continue to be perfect at the first of reading it perfectly in an entire north American accent out there.

The world is flat:

Their teacher, wh seamlessly spoke all native English accents such as Britain, American and Canadian accents and she taught all these young refresh recruits about how to read one specific paragraph in the correct manner. Here, one can see how enthusiastic and eager these fresh recruits are as they are still learning more and more about it and keep on trying out harder about it to learn these tricks in complete control. Here they stay in a highly stressed environment.

Not to say the least in the negative sense, but in a definite idiom as it is not the stage of alienation of stress and health hazards but, it is the state of complete stress to strive for complete successes. It is the perfection of high-pressure living, even though stress is there as all can see and feel but still the stress for success and going for wonderful life could lead us to believe that the way all these happenings of globalisations comes upfront going to showcase and provide more and more definitive ideas to succeed and the real fruits of globalisation is all to see and experience.

The world is now a single dynamic place:

It is then showcased, how the temperature of outsourcing is slowly spreading different parts of India with the rational norms of life and the Where spreading of goods and services of western nations slowly turning into one of the most dynamic demographic practices. When, Indian software executives of executives of any other multi-national companies calling their counterparts for discussion, then, the first reaction from the American counterpart is of ‘nameste’ a general Hindi greeting of respect and good behaviour.

This goes on to show that how such exchange of relationships and the advent of multinational companies and opening up economy slowly constrained the world into a single dynamic place where everywhere could see every other and unknowingly the exchange of cultures with self-respect to each other provides the proof of how much the state of equal exchange could lead to providing awesome ways to manage the economy in its full glory.

Entire Germany now has democracy and the open economy:

There is the age-old saying is all about when the walls go down and the windows went up. For long years, North-Korea has been captivated itself to its self-proclaimed economy powered by erstwhile Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) and its economy has only some limited number of countries which are very limited in number and the price factors are controlled by nations and due to its socialist nature the price was on the higher side of economy to gain maximum advantages to workers.

The fall of the Berlin wall which made one country into two such as East Germany which is predominantly the communist nation prior to fall of Berlin wall and West Germany which has democracy and its economy makes it one of the richest nations of the world. On 11th September 1989, the fall of the Berlin wall symbolises the end of East Germany and the creation of the whole of Germany from the assimilation of East and West Germany.

The collapse of the wall or door left to open another window of opportunities for entire German people to get back most from their wonderful economy so as to see the complete mixture of culture. In this manner, we have seen the end of one system and the development of corresponding to another system so as to create the whole bunch of definite development ideas at its complete best. In this manner, the sheer burden of state licensing comes to a grinding halt and the ease of doing business here has made the way for the new and complete development of different forms of the market all over.

A brief history of the globalised world:

In 1991, we have seen how India has moved from the state of a caged tiger towards a free economy. It unlocks and provides new ways of potential for further capitalist markets were, there evolve many newer forms of competitions and healthy movement of growth for the entire nation. It slowly moves towards the global policy where every policy decision and determination of different ideas move with simultaneous success stories as well as vigorous competitive environments to get back the most productive ways to deal with the economy. Here is another micro level of seeing how the openness of the economy could provide rich dividends to citizens. Puri is the coastal town of the eastern state of India.

It is in Odisha state and its market before Deewali of 2016 has been closed one. During this Diwali, Vishal Megamart opens at Puri and it is the earliest such mega shopping mall at this coastal town of Puri. Prior to this, there has been the number of shopkeepers who used to determine price and for some time we could find artificial emptiness of some product thought those could be available in large numbers in the capital city of Odisha which is only less than 60 kilometres from Puri.

Now, the real taste of free economy touches at the ground level with the opening up of shopping malls at nuke and corner of India:

Now, with the advent of the mega shopping mall such as this, all the essential products are now available and at the good cost. People have realised that there are the benefits for them and it continues to offer them awesome ways to manage their daily shopping habits. In the earlier times, there have been unconfirmed rumours about the existence of duplicate products of renowned brands as well as the sudden noo finding of products such as Amul so as to increase the price of such products to its astronomical units.

Now with the advent of such shopping malls, the frank openness of economy reaches to the ground level. Now, there have been alternatives to every product and all products are genuine and even some products which do not get rebates, but bigger shopping malls like Vishal Megamart do provide relate to this. It is our inevitable within a short time the other famous medal marts and shopping malls should be opening in no time and that should reduce and limit the age-old traditional shoppers who intended to control the open market and make it closed one.


Slowly, the openness of the economy is being felt all over India due to the opening of such mega shopping malls who have integrated logistics and product management to send and receive products directly from the inventory to produce the most vibrant part f managing prices in its absolute necessity. It not only removes all such corrupt practices and removes the closed form of efficient practices in smaller towns where the integration and reaching out of such international products have never ever seen the light of the day.

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