You just can’t beat the person who never gives up

Managing business finances, while thinking about the subject line of the article and its contents, suddenly I come across the quote from ‘you just can’t beat the person who never gives up’ by Babe Ruth.

Certainly, it is one of the most inspiring quotes ever which always speaks volume about the best thing in life is to keep continuing and reach towards ultimate success. A person can never be defeated who always involved in practising and reaching its own goals.

The first example of this should have been our own Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.

Before being elected as Prime Minister of India, he was for prolonged time chief minister of Gujrat and during that time he has to face the brunt of most of the front line media in term of criticising and other without any such proof.

But still, he continued silently and involving himself for the development of the state to reach towards ultimate prize of winning election one after the other.

Despite all odds, he continues to stay in his own self and carry on what he thinks best that is the form of development and this makes the entire movement towards defaming him goes away.

As ultimately, he got the votes from all over India and became prime minister with the full majority only after 1985 elections in India which is a superlative achievement.

Another one could be that of Ashish Nehra. In my opinion, he could have been the most dangerous left-arm, the fast bowler.

We witness the fierce smell of him in the 2003 world cup in South Africa and he never ever compromises on his space and that is why he faced a serious injury and has to stay away from cricket for a longer time.

Perhaps he was the only bowler of India who had taken twice six-wicket spells in one day international and that shows his tremendous potential to succeed in any situations.

Then after his surgery, he left to cricket and to IPL tournament and there he succeeded like never before and continue to play there and eventually selected to the Indian national cricket team in this shorter format.

This shows the tendency and the insistence of continuing to reach the goal and that makes him the real hero as he surpassed all of these adverse circumstances through his never say die attitude and continue to reach towards an ultimate goal.

The next person in this never says die attitude could be Mahendra Singh Dhoni the versatile and all-time great wicket keeper of India who continues to fight with youngsters and excel in every field to stay ahead in the race.

There was a time people start questioning his place in test matches and during those times he reevaluates himself and declares retirement from test cricket without hesitating once.

Then, he concentrates more on his one day international and shorter format and continue to practice and reaches towards absolute goal so that he continues to perform in these shorter formats of the games.

Even after his surgery, he continues to provide slower innings and people are questioning his credentials and then he resigned from the captaincy and then concentrate more on his batting and that makes his success and now he slowly reaching towards his complete excellence.

Now, slowly, he is regaining his prime focus and continue to provide awesome batting talent and consolidate the entire batting management of the team to perform the test.

The never say die attitude of Dhoni proves that he is the most distinguished player and has been managing his career with more depth and more concentration.

What it makes ultimately that those persons never ever be influenced by the detractors and stay always focussed on one single dimension of their reaching towards ultimate success.

Those persons who always think and move towards their goal, no matter how many difficulties they face with and how many distractions there encountered with them still stay with these and move towards their aim to fulfil.

We could learn many facets of these from the everyday learning of kids who no matter how difficult is they try to learn and try to show that they could learn these and they continue to do this day in and day out only to reach towards the ultimate conclusion.

First, they try to stand and walk like all of us and in this process they failed many a time but ultimately they able to succeed and it their sheer will and to overcome these failures that make their champion of everything.

Similarly, the two and half year child’s endeavour to understand more about choosing and recognising colours is the single most parameters where the child continues to do this towards excellence in finding out the most relevant and appropriate propositions in dealing with it.

Similarly, the way many webmasters are excelling in their fields due to progressive learning of these codecs without proper computational experiences just throw many facets of understanding of how much of these trends go as without the help of others.

They continue to build their website for the proper fulfilment of users and that makes them the true champion of such causes.

Why even at the cost of all such odds many people are slowly reaching towards the stage of complete success that could not explain this in full term. Still, this date we have not understood better about our brains and its functioning and each and every facet of this as with due course of time we have learnt that the brain is not identical.

Still, for many aspects, the setting up of goal and its premises to understand it better simply could not reach towards it ultimate understanding.

In simpler term, there is no shortcut to success and those who is tasting it they know the way and the route for doing it. There are various automated tools to install WordPress and then learning the tricks of development of themes which is the most presentable way to show case your site to visitors remain the most eternal ideas.

It keeps on changing from day to day and it continues to provide some of the most awesome aspects of presentation and for this, no direct coding knowledge is a necessity.

In this process at first you would be dealing with many shortcuts through its plugins and add one and then later one you should be finding more about more and more delaying aspects that create and manage the ideas to insert different coding infrastructures in the term of various direct codings.

So that you could make your site load rapidly and that enable you to move towards more and more sophisticated coding infrastructures.

Slowly with proper dedication and motivated learnings, one could find himself amidst top most developers and could learn more.

More such stipulated ideas that could lead towards proper management of air and reaching towards goals no matter what so ever adversities in life that comes up front.

It is one such idea that does not think in reverse about anything that comes to the forefront and continues its endeavour to reach towards an absolute conclusion.

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