Decisions on Second Glance

Management: It was a busy day, having to prepare most of the summarized work and also annual inspection is due and it may come at any point of time without a glitch. He is a smart worker and also honest and for this though he was working at the advance division as executive still there is no fear for

him, though many times other executives did take percentages and for this they had to pay the price of it as it seemed for them like that of a black hole, once you are in, you should never get out of it.

It is important to stay humble and honest in every sphere so that you should not be at all facing the muse at any point in time.

To stay honest is not as easy as once thought it to be as, you have to have always within constant pressure, even many should be threatened you at various point of time so that you could not feel the brunt of it sometimes, but always one should be good with his behaviour and also a good classical lifestyle tend to make you more and more towards a perfectly honest life.

He is an honest man and always for the people the more perfect and justified people so that he thinks always it is his duty to serve people without taking any pound of their finances.

He is strong and has a go lifestyle background so that whenever he felt the brunt of tension he can manage it single evenhandedly and for this even though he had to face many difficulties but still he can manage at will at any point of time without any glitch or difficulty.

He is a good worker, though he was not satisfied with promotional system of his institution but he cannot accept bad words from others about his institution as he has the highest regard for his institution he is working and he is now at one of the top most posts of executive and he wanted to work more and more.

Peon came with letters to him as head of the institution he had to sign and accent all these so that these can be distributed throughout an assigned for what works to be done and how to be done. So, it is significant, so it is already by noon, then the letters should have reached him before 11 o’clock so that he can read all these and the hen ask the other staff messenger to circulate all around.

Today, that message has delayed this, there should be some reason behind this, the first point of action should be to ask him and then progress it, and the messenger reached and then he asked him what is the reason for the late arrival of the letter?

The messenger told him that due to heavy rain and cold winds, some wild animals have been inside his village, incidentally his village was nearer to a jungle and for this in order to avoid waters and cold many a times wild animals came into village, and for this the males of village watched the villages periodically, and due to this reason he had slept for some time in the morning.

Now, the decision is whether the messenger is speaking right and true or just making some excuses , so for this he had toured that village and knew that about four kilometres, one had to walk through valley to reach there and everywhere there had been, jungles and even at some point of time in the daytime you can feel that it is as if night as sun kilometres, not being seen due to large trees and all these seemed to justify that the messenger is speaking truth.

He also as this village is ten kilometres from this office and here at night severe rainfall that makes the main road drained with water so at village this should be more severe and also he had read in textbooks that in jungles or nearby jungles always rained high and for this the analytically reasoning is that the messenger should be speaking truth.

Now, he thought that wild animals are there nearer to his village and he has to walk for four kilometres due to no roads there, as roads are there but due to jungle conditions that washed away, many a time, even at one point of time it was pitch road but that too drained away due to landslides from time to time.

Now he is thinking about how he can return to his village after office hours, he asks him, after work how he is going to return , the messenger told that he is going to return at seven p.m. , as he had come two hours late so he wanted to complement those two hours by staying for two more hours at the evening and then he told that he is not afraid of animals as four people will wait for him till the end of the road and then they all go together to village.

Then, he think that, it should take one hour to reach the village from the office due to his bicycle riding and for this he thinks that the office vehicle is free so, he said that when he is going to return to his home after work, he should convey him and the official vehicle should be left him there, at the end of the road so that good amount of time could be saved with it.

He should put his bicycle in the back of the vehicle so that, he can carry it to his home and return again tomorrow. After hearing this the messenger became so happy that he has water in his eyes, he thought that this signs of help though not needed but it is a great game changer and for him this token of respect as he had received from his office has been tremendous and this has spirited him further to put more mileage to his work.

This is a tremendous gesture from the officer, as at first, the messenger thought that officer would be angry at his late arrival and also cut half month’s days salary but instead he is helping him by showing his empathetic behaviour has been one of the biggest help for him to be relieved from all forms of tension.

The messenger had left officer’s chamber with happy smiles and with a beautiful satisfaction which should always bring goodwill to the officer, as he is honest, humble and the Lord of the Universe is always with him.

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