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It is in the afternoon after a completely exhausted round up at the office, it is the time to return back to official quarter and take rest for two more hours so that the severe head reeling due to work under the sun and the rays of it is still hurting it.

Physiologically, my body is not suited perfectly to work it out under the sun as I have severe, sun ray allergic. In the meantime, I telephoned the driver to bring out the vehicle, as it will take some time, and I reach the intramural office to oversee what the workers have been doing till now when I am out at the sight.

I reach there, my secretary, come back as always with a large and still smile and without my asking he tells me the entire daily schedule in a nutshell. The entire office atmosphere is cool and when I reach their everyone is busy with their respective works. It is entirely wireless office connectivity so I do not have to enquire about from each individual what they has been doing and what the works they have been currently doing so far, as from now on I can reach office to know about the status of their work schedule.

I reach at the office and with me my principal secretary with multiple mobiles and files and some digital files. He reaches at the office and tells me the detail about the entire day transaction in detail. In the mean time I check everything with personal computer and today I am not feeling that great and want to revert back towards my home so that I can take proper rest there after for few hours before reaching at the office in the early morning time due to extreme job requirements.

So, I ask Secretary to stay at the office till nine in the night and if any emergency happens then he can call me at any time during the course of time. My head is reeling tremendously due to honest work at the site and I desperately need a decent sleep at home. In the meantime, I forget that I have not have foods since the morning and it is not good for health and for this I reach towards the dining side of my office and then begin eating the food, which is still good due to cooler climate residing there.

I eat all the foods at one go and then take back my original Windows 8 laptop and Galaxy phones and ask the driver to come with me towards the basement so that we can reach home within ten minutes. In the meantime, it is the snowfall and the beginning of a quite an interesting season which can give full satisfaction during work. In the meantime, driver reaches with vehicle and I sat at the back side and in the meantime I forget to check out my social networking statuses and for this I connect internet from there and wait for some time when there will be push notification on my Galaxy smartphone.

Within a few minutes, the favorite whistle sounds come and this justifies that there is the message or email or notification waiting for me and this wants me to rectify it or attend it. In the meantime the vehicle is moving slowly due to snow fall in the vicinity and it thus looks quite interesting from inside as the entire road inside the office premises now was full of snows the while flakes making the entire area dipping in nice white flowers. It feels as if to dance under the snows falling a nice feeling could have been as it is giving the heart much required illumination to come out and reach out to a delightful climate.

It seems that the sleepiness is slowly going out from the momentary motion as the happiness within snow in a sense of flowers has been tremendous to begin with. It seems that the sense of gratitude is kept flowing out from within the streams of mind and the process has been a glorifying of tremendous importance to the living being to see the entire earth in life. It is as if the earth has been so happy that it wants all its inhabitants to reach out to these sensational feelings to make it most of it in the process of attending the ultimate brilliant attendances.

It seems that the earth is dancing and the snow like white flowers has been most symbolic part of it and the chorus within it going it in the invisible sense and manner. In the meantime, the vehicle reaches at official quarter, and there the security guard makes the salute and I appreciate it and then slowly the vehicle moves beyond the boundary of this entire arena and then after driving about half a kilometer within the official quarter where there are plenty of plants and its related fruits trees and makes the entire area in a sense of greenery and this justifies the most peaceful environment that could ever have been as if there is time then I want to live my life forever till my last breathe appreciating the basic and ultimate path of life of the earth we have been here since the ages.

Sometimes, the situation enables to sing some nice songs within the branches of trees in the path to my quarter and inside the quarter boundaries, as I always keep a straight eye on each and every trees as all these has been very near to me as if they are conveying me and also trying to tell me different talks and I must say they always tell about nice experiences and creates most positive aspect of life.

It is the life that is making the most out of it and the process of vision and the entitlement for a positive environment that it gives the most to these situations. Life is not about living the natural and selfish life as it can be better understood when someone lives a happy life and also try to shred tears for others in this process to make this a wonderful happenings of life, in the meantime, the vehicle surpasses the brilliant elongated garden that has been at the both side of way to quarter.

It gives me proper satisfaction and sense of joy and most of times when I reach at the quarter after a through busy time at officer or at sight, the sight of garden makes me feel cooler and most of the times I used to almost 80 percentages relaxed due to this. The rest of coolness and relaxed after reaching the room and sleeping under air condition for some time while closing both of my eyes at the same time listening to my favorite music at the same time. It is a wonderfully relaxing method and all of us who have been working day in and out must practice and just going through it in order to reach at the sufficient level of coolness under mind.

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