The Curse of the Stripy Sandwich

It was the stormy winter in the hinterlands of Irelands. Entire area becomes absolutely alone. Most people were in their homes. Cyclone prediction was there by the meat department.

Robert Walker sat by the chair waiting to see the wonderful environmental presence out there and continue to see the ferocious force of winter times and its hidden beauty that had been inhibited into it.

He was quite pleased with the holiday time and was with his smartphone enjoying every moment out there with comfort. Entire areas slowly become the shades of grey due to heavy snowfall and falling out of light as the result of it.

Oops, this time the winter was far worse than the preceding years. Let me see to the television to see what should be the state of the weather out there and what were the predictions of the week.

He switched on the television and hopefully, the DTH (direct to home) should work fine even during an upsurge of cool climate coupled with abundant snow falls.

It was working and that creates the absolute smile upon his face and now switched on to channels concerning news where it should be expected to telecast weather updates.

After some time it was reported that the weather should be going to bad to worse for coming few days. In the meantime, landline rang and the sound of the landline ring was so huge due to intense silence all over in the near vicinity due to the entire area is filled with no man out.

Slowly, walking towards land line which was nearer to the french window and received the call. It was from a kind housekeeper who was desperate to call Robert Walker the investigative officer who had solved many cases how so ever difficult it could have been.

Her tone was so full of fear and uncertainty as it was evident from the tone of speaking. I first let her make the comfort of saying some beautiful words and then after a few seconds she regains some courage and then told me the set of incidents she had been witnessing within her compounds.

She requested me to reach her apartment in order to describe the entire set up of pieces of information in complete detail. By estimating from shrill of her voice I could understand what she should be feeling about and it should now my urgency and call of duty to arrive at her even if the weather is s dangerous out there.

I note down the address and then slowly reach out to the garage and move towards the next destination of my investigative work. I reached outside. It was a big bungalow having so many rooms there it was apparent from there.

The entire area of investigation seemed to be so large but, it seemed apparent from out there it could be one of the most interesting investigative cases of my lifetime.

In the meantime, one lady of middle age reached the door and she welcomed me and she said she phoned to me and I brought my car into the compound and then reached their drawing room.

The entire area had been well lighted and most of these rooms are rounded in structure so that one could stand in the middle and observer door of every room out there.

I reached there and the home keeper Kathy Trescothick was with complete awe, and she was absolutely shivering while talking with me. Kathy said that she had seen the presence of the ghost of Stephenie Reed multiple of times.

I asked who is the one? She was the owner of this entire bungalow but under mysterious circumstances, her case was still not known as she was found dead.

It was two years back and now she was reaching here to haunt this place. She was so ferocious that even not a single person able to stay at rest in this mansion.

Slowly, people who are on rent here moving out and that was impacting heavily on the maintenance of this vast mansion.

I asked her to let me show where exactly the sho called the ghost of Stephenie Reed surfaces. She said it was in the middle of the mansion where her main bungalow was there and after midnight and most probably during the course between two to three at the appearance of Miss Reed with complete visibility.

Now, I acted Mrs Kathy to show the portrait of Miss Reed. It was absolutely noontime. She said that come along with her and we both reached for Miss Reed’s bedroom.

It was a beautifully decorated a bedroom and from the scene of first sight, it was evident that the room had been maintained well and I asked whether this suit is maintained or not.

She said yes otherwise it was believed that Miss Reed would get angry and impact heavy penalty on us. It felt to me somewhat interesting case where the ghost crime or the real supernatural element could be involved with it and if that so then it should be one of the most spectacularly difficult cases to solve.

I moved on to that suit, it was one of the bigger rooms and attached bathroom, side corridor there and the entire space seemed to suggest that someone should be saying even now, no doubt about it.

I found the smell of some particular scenes and then I asked Mrs Kathy to show me the wardrobe which should be on the other side of the bedroom. The changing room for the inside of the bedroom seemed to be filled with awe as there had been signs of using dresses efficiently evident out there.

Mrs Kathy said entire surroundings and environment are full of cursing elements and they were anticipating for the last two years and in the last few months the sudden appearance of Miss Reed comes about and appears and resurfaces.

On the plate there was a half-eaten sandwich, and I asked what was it, and Mrs Kathy said every day twice we had to serve the pair of sandwich there and most of the time one sandwich would be fully eaten and the other one was half-eaten out there.

I thought it was so much of interesting series of events as there could have been more to it that it did appear to have. I decided to reach this mansion without letting other know even the housekeeper Mrs Kathy as in the case of this investigation everyone is suspect.

I smiled back at Mrs Kathy and I agree to investigate to find out the truth behind this and I left the place from there. I reached for home and prepare, myself for this investigation.

On my investigative tools, this time I had some devices to detect anatomical activities as well as some other regular investigative materials. I decided to reach the mansion through its rear gate which was closer to the nearby mountain out there.

I set out at 1 am and reached at the back side of the mountain to see whether any activities were going on there. I saw some footsteps and I measured those and kept the record of it.

Saw some parts of foods and I doubt who should be here and from the entire set up pieces of evidence it was clear that someone or more than one person were living here or using this place as hideouts and for this I had to find some safer place in the nearby areas so that I could not be seen by them.

I found burning of woods or branches of trees perhaps for cooking purposes or for generating warmth due to extremely cool climate. In the meantime, I heard the sounds of walking of some person in the distance and as calculated I hide out at one place which I had planned earlier.

In the distance, I could see two to three persons with the white-clad dress and with complete luminosity and perhaps some sort of lights there inside of apparel move slowly. Whether they were persons or ghosts still not sure of it.

I opened the anatomical instruments to see whether there was any sort of pieces of evidence of it. Sadly it was not so but from the visible angle it seemed or appeared to be the ghosts out there.

Now, am sure that there were no signs of ghosts as three-person moves and one of them was the lady and surely might be Miss Reed, if my thought processes go incomplete right way.

After they moved out from there and possibly moved to the mansion through the backside, I measured upon their footsteps and the third footsteps were almost similar to that what I had found at the side of MisS Reed’s bedroom out there.

The footsteps are similar and the nature of footsteps suggested that was the lady. Very interesting, slowly I was almost sure as I never ever believe in ghosts out there and was very much nearer to my conclusion.

I moved slowly and reached out nearer to the rear gate of the mansion. It was almost two am and it should be the right time in which the ghost of Miss Reed should appear.

From there, I could see the dramatisation of appearances of the ghost and the sudden fear sounds emanating from in-house inmates including that of Mrs Cathy, and these go on for more than 20 minutes and then those three people returned into the jungle.

I reached back to the bedroom of Miss Reed and I planted some closed-circuit camera earlier to take the screenshot of those so-called ghosts and then I retrieve the recording from there and take the measure of the foot of those three persons.

I watched these videos to be viewed, the faces of these three people out there. The lady was not parallel to the face of Miss Reed but the makeup and appearance from the distance suggest it so. Then why these three people were doing these were the most prominent point of argument.

I returned back and then reached to the cyber cell of investigation and then asked the officer to know pieces of information about these three concerned people who had been on the appearance with closed circuit camera. Within two hours the officer returned and showed me that, all these three are criminals and absconding for long may be lots and some murders.

Now, it is evident that these three wished to grab this mansion but what for as there had been numerous stories of how there had been amassment of wealth, by Miss Reed ancestors and those could be buried any where in these mansion and this could have been the story behind this or what it needs to be understood.

I reached the nearby village where there had been people who talked a lot about these strange mansions. I reached there in the guise of an elderly man and asked them after talking with them with many subjects.

Some said, yes there could be possibly had been so much of wealth in that mansion but no one had ever seen before, and the mysterious death of last descendant of Reed;s family the young girl of 17 years still shrouded in mystery as there had been seven officers who investigated those incidents either gone missing or died at some strange spot.

All these stories created the form of gleefulness as well as the presence of some sort of obscure and confused state of ideas to recreate the set up of stories. I returned back and decided to meet Mrs Kathy again and this time I just wanted to understand if there had been any hidden motive behind her intention or not.

As a comprehensive investigator, it was my duty to doubt everyone still I reached into my conclusion. Why there had been the death of so many investigators and why still to date the truth behind all these incidents still shrouded in mystery.

The next morning, I reached into that mansion and met Mrs Kathy and she asked about the development of the case, I said still at the preliminary stage. I asked for her a glass of water, and she left there, and I searched the room and found some weird sounds coming out from there from the sides of it.

That was suspicious but still, I remain silent about it. Earlier while talking with inmates I received the feedback that Mrs Kathy always left to the adjoining township on Tuesdays for shopping purposes and I decided to reach back there to investigate the matter.

On Tues day, I reached for Mrs Kathy’s living room in the guise and begin my investigation out there. I heard some weird voices but could not comprehend where these voices emerging but still dare to find out. In the meantime, it was almost one am in the night when I heard some footsteps.

I stopped at some hideouts inside that room and looked from there. One ghostly appearance there and my thought process is reaching that it should have been those three goons who had been trying hard to capture the mansion by creating the phobia of a ghost out there.

The ghostly body slowly reaching towards that room and this time only the lady and I was fully confident to catch hold of it if she was wrong in seeing me.

The ghostly body moving closer to me and I now clearly see the face and she was not one of three goons who had been doing mischiefs here and she was almost similar to Miss Reed or was she, but how could it be and how could I saw her in face to face.

I was just so terrified for the first time, being the most courageous one of detective of the land but my brain and mind failed to understand these sorts of unexplained phenomenon out there.

It was the unexplained phenomenon and the considerable ghost stopped in front of me and asked me to leave this place soon as Mrs Kathy was reaching from the neighbouring townships and she should not be aware that you had been investigating her room out here.

That response jerked me from top to bottom of mine as how could she knew I was investigating as this secret was as close to as mine, I was surprised to know and I asked were you, , Miss Reed, she smiled back and then tears dropped from her beautiful eyes and that also made me feel the sadness at seeing such a beautiful person had died and that was so much terrifying to think of it.

The pursuance to find the truth and the inevitable. She smiled back and said she was the same one’s person as you told me but she was no more and her ghost still looming here and there but now she was powerless even the duplicate ghosts in the form of humans making her name bar in the locality.

She was terribly disappointed and helpless and could not utter the word. She said she only could be visible to me and no one else and still she is unable to find what should have been the real cause of her death. It was dark and she was returning from the jungle and still not find the reason behind this.

It was argued that only the cause of death could be known to humans, not ghosts.

Could you find this but how could you?

I asked why not, tell me what the hell was the series of circumstances that met with your accident. She smiled back, but you would never have never.

Just looks at your foot Mr Robert Walker, you could understand what I intended to say. I was totally surprised on the main front that I was talking with the ghost, but when I saw the foot of mine which had not been there at all. I was jerked to the limit of not so senses out there.

How it could be, how it could be as I was literally not walking, but flying, I was dumb and speechless and slowly tears dropped from my eyes. Miss Reed looked soberly to my eyes and told that when you asked for water to Mrs Kathy, she offered with that arsenic poison solution water and that was the last time you had a life. Come with me now they would be able to see you at all like me but still, am searching for my killers.

We reached at the guest room where all three goons who disguised themselves as ghosts and Mrs Kathy were laughing at their winning as they continue to talk about myself of how all the seven renowned detectives were been or perceived to be killed by the ghosts of Miss Reed.

While listening to this tear rolled out from the beautiful eyes of the ghost of Miss Reed as they continue to work towards promoting her name as bad as they could it be. In the name of the ghost of Miss Reed, they are still wipe out any semblance related to the discovering of the cause of the murder of Miss Reed.

Miss Stephens recognised the second person among those should be her driver and that slowly unfolded the set of events that could possibly have. Everyone had been in the plan to kill her and he or she had killed total eight persons, but still, they were free and all those killings were seen from the ghost of her.

How could she rectify it even the greatest detective Mr Robert Walker was no more and he was a ghost too. She could possibly know how the ghosts were all powerless, and they lost in the front of brain powers of humans and while thinking so she was looking at those four people who were laughing and enjoying her property and smiling million times.

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