KBC 2019 Registration Whatsapp Lottery Call, It’s Fraud From Pakistan

KBC the short name of Kaun Banega Crorepati is telecast on Sony TV India and people wish to reach there to earn handsome money without too much of effort. People want to meet Mr. bachan personally also during the show. Even if you have not succeeded but still reach to the stage and can be viewed on television as well as you can have personal interaction with Mr. bachan too.

Now, in order to qualify for the last leg the competition is too much and people always wants to wish they might have the chance to move there easily. This is what fraudsters take advantage of and then they make false claim to approve the victim to direct entry into KBC with some money amount.

Though internet spread far and wide in India due to its good money packages but still the digital literacy level is quite low with it. It is important to understand what should have been imminent menaces of the consequences of such fraudster. All people should remember that nothing comes free in this world and Amitabh Bachan in his show also mentions that in order to register for participation in KBC,Sony television does not take any amount of money as registration is absolutely free and if any calls come you and ask for money for registration then it is completely fraud and do not give any money to them.

Yesterday, I received a call from this number from whatsapp call, from +92 317 5791977 at 6.25 pm, 6.26pm and 6.27 pm. The call is from my whatsapp call not from dialer call. He said that my so and so Jio number, has won registration of KBC in its final round and also in addition to it you will get 25 lac Indian rupees and your lucky coupon code as the result of lucky draw is 5555.

From the initial of the number which is +92 means that it is from fraudster must as it is from Pakistan as most of such frauds come from these localities. Then he told me to call another number and that too from whatsapp call only and that number is +92 8434593630 and then the person will be namely he said is that of Rana Pratap and he will ask you for 25 Lac lucky code and he told me to tell him that the lucky code is 5555 and he will ask for bank account detail and bank.

After calling that number knowingly as this is fraud but I want to unravel it as he insisted on calling through whatsapp and he asked for 1 lac processing fee in order to receive 25 lac and he asked for my bank account number and bank. I then stopped that phone and from the conversiona I realised that he is a fraudster as his Hindi also not like ours and also he is asking for money at first.

The insistence of calling through Whatsapp also raise doubts. Then, the government of India also time and again reminds also not to lure into such frausters as well as the asking of bank account and bank number and sending them one lac at first confirm doubts. Mr. Bachchan also said in KBC show that Sony TV does not ask for any registration fee as well as it also the participation to KBC is completely free and do not lure into such phone calls as these are absolutely fake and stop these fraudsters from getting hard-earned money from you.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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