How to extend Reliance JIO Prime Membership for another one year for free

There was a time when the Wi-Fi connectivity was expensive due to the circulation of wires into the home from the vendor as this is important to provide high-speed internet connectivity. That was the time when there was 2G connectivity available.

In order to provide faster internet connectivity, the imminent important of Wi-Fi was there. With the advent of faster internet connectivity such as 4G connection, the wireless sending and receiving of larger files with faster internet become easier to access.

Reliance JioFi 2 provides home users with a much needed and easier solution for internet connectivity and portable hotspots across devices so as to make them easier for sharing of internet across multiple devices.

Currently, JioFi 2 festive offer is active and it now costs 999 INR plus 99 for courier charges and its original cost is 2329 INR. Reliance has extended this offer for a few days more and if you are interested in it then you can go for it.

Now, it becomes superbly affordable and it has some newer and advanced features. Due to its faster internet connectivity the speed of internet becomes super fast and sharing internet among many devices becomes easier.

It provides true 4G speed and voice sharing even with 2G and 3G enabled phone and this makes calling with this hotspot easier. Just download Jio 4G Voice. It turns your non-4G phones into a 4G enabled voice phones and with it while the internet is on you can phone with users without difficulties.

In a single word it does brings out high-definition calls to non-4G enabled phones. Due to the size of the wifi router from Jio, it becomes one of most portable ones and you can bring it with your device wherever you go.

For connectivity, it is far simpler than other routers. The size of JioFi 2 is just like a computer mouse and it can be portable. It comes with 2300 battery and it can run with battery for creating of Wi-Fi. You can connect to power cable so that it will be charged always.

Straight go to Reliance Jio website and from there you can book for it and then after three to four days you will receive this and then unbox it and you will found that the battery comes separate and you have to open the JioFi 2 and then insert battery and then the internet sim of Jio if that is not with you then you can buy one from reliance jio store and then insert it and you need Aadhar card for this.

They will take your thumb impression and authenticate immediately and within the short span of time yours Jio sim will be activated. Insert that sim within JioFi 2 and then recharge it with it cable for some time.

Just look for three bars when sees completely this means that yours Jio Fi 2 is now completely charged for the first time.

In order to insert sim inside it, open the SIM/SD card slot downwards and then with due are lit it up and then insert the Jio sim inside of it, and then the slide the tray upwards to lock the sim card there. Make sure that the chip facing downwards and properly inserted within JioFi 2.

Before closing down the JioFi 2, remember to write down the default Service Set Identifier (SSID) and the password PWD mentioned and write down somewhere or take the screenshot of it and you will find it at the location of the battery, so before placing battery write down this information correctly.

Now, the set up is done and now you can connect up to 31 WiFi-enabled devices with your wireless network by using SSID and password.

The SSID and password are given out there are of default ones and you need to change it and rename it so that it should be of your name and the password should be changed also.

To connect, press the WPS button slowly until it shows the signal and first it should show the red and then the green signal and then from the computer, phone, the laptop you can enable the WiFi and then connect with same username and password and then you can enjoy the superior internet speed with it.

Then open the web browser on the laptop and go to this website and here for the first time the username is ‘administrator’ and the password is ‘administrator’ and log in to browse the settings of Jio Fi 2.

After that, it is recommended to change the username and password of this administrator settings, and you do remember that these username and passwords are different from Jio Fi 2 SSID and passwords.

How to change username and password of JioFi 2 Web Admin?

From there go to ‘settings’ and ‘user management’ and from there change the username and password of Web Admin of yours jio-fi. After changing the connection will be disconnected and it is important for you to connect it again and then put the new username and password into it. Now, we changed the username and passwords of Web Admin of JioFi 2 router.

You can backup configuration of JioFi backup file by moving to ‘settings’ and then to ‘firmware upgrade’ and then ‘configuration backup’ and then to ‘configuration file’ and then click backup to back up this to local computer and put this file in secure place so that when inadvertently you ruin the settings option then you can install the default setting by uploading this file out there.

How to change default SSID and PWD (password) of JioFi 2?

This is the single most important task is to change the default username (SSID) and password that has been written inside battery case to change it so that your network should not be hacked or interfere with third-party interference in term of trespassing of your network.

Login to Web Amin of JioFi2. Go to ‘settings’ and then to ‘WiFi’ and then go to ‘WiFi settings’ and then change ‘SSID’ as per your choice and then go to ‘security key’ and here put your password and you are done.

Your connectivity with JioFi will be disconnected and then you have to connect it with the new username (SSID) and password (security key) and you are done and now the default username and password of JioFi 2 is changed.

What will you do when you forgot username and password of JioFi 2?

Do not worry about it, on the side of JioFi there is a reset button and you can push one small pin into that small hole and then the username and password of JioFi becomes reset and comes to default ones and it should be inside the battery cover and then perform all of these steps that have been written above to change the SSID and PWD and connect your phone again.

Currently, festive offer with this device is there so it is offering with almost 53 percentages of down price as well as for you warranty with JioFi it comes with one year for your device and six months for accessories.

For the first time charging it is always recommended to charge it for full charging for the first time and when you are at home you can connect it with wired connectivity while performing WiFi hotspot.

While you are away then you should use it with battery. Approximate charging time with USB cable is almost seven hours and with charging adapter it is almost three and half hours.

When you do not use internet for some time the system will move into sleep mode and during this time your SSID or username will stop working but power button blinks, in this situation press the power button slightly with due care to come back from sleep mode again.

Remember JioFi 2 will only work with Jio sim and for this, you should have the active internet connection and active Jio sim.

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