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How to call, send and receive sms in JioFi sim?

Ever since the advent of Jio network with its lively 4G LTE connectivity, there has been more prominence and spreading of the high-speed internet with good value to money. There was the time when other networks such as Vodafone used to charge almost 300 rupees for 28 days 3GB of data for 28 days. Now 4G Volte internet with 2GB for the day with 509 rupees for prime members of Jio.

This is just the fantastic change which we do experience in the internet world. There was a time when people have to spend almost 5000 or more rupees for WiFi home and now all that has been changed with the advent of Jio Fi with its affordable solutions. I have reviewed Reliance Jio Wifi of JioFi in detail here and you can read that too for detailed and elaborate information.

What I have done is that prior to purchasing of JioFi, I have one jio sim with active prime-membership as well as it has 509 recharged which means I have two GB for the day for rest of the charging time. Currently, the festive offer of Reliance Jio Fi is on and it comes with almost 53 percentages of lesser price than its original price. I bought it online with internet banking and then I receive the courier almost three days after that.

The unboxing of JioFi is wonderful. The courier package comes up with the entire binding of it and then I open it and the size of JioFi is almost that of a mouse without a wire and then I put the battery inside it and the old Jio sim which I put it another smartphone, I opened it and then put there. I have been using that old sim for over a year now and for most the other transactions such as that of Paytm, and other apps are connected with it.

I purchased another Jio sim from Jio mini store and then provide Adhar credentials and thumb impressions and immediately I receive the sim and that I put in the smartphone but when I opened the Paytm app it does not authenticate as it says you have to transfer it from your older sim which is now inside JioFi and then you can authenticate with the new jio number.

I do not wish to open the JioFi again and again and in fact, its Jio sim place which probably could have been loosened with the opening of it time and again. If due care not given while opening it and then reinsert it then probably there is a greater chance of damaging the sim slot out there. That is why I wish to find the way in which I could easily receive SMS and calls from the sim with another phone but the caveat is that without inserting it into the smartphone.

Could it be achievable or could it be done is the most important question? First and foremost of my research is to find out what are the various apps from Jio and I do find out that there is one app called as Jio4GVoice which can work with the nation-Jio sim. So let us try it out. It provides high definition voice and video calls and provides calling experience to another level.

I brought out my older Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos which has android jellybean and it has Vodafone sim and the phone can utmostly provide maximum 3G connectivity. I connect my Galaxy phone to JioFi network and then download Jio4GVoice from it.

I instal it and then I provide the sim and here is the caveat, I do not provide the sim no. of Vodafone sim which has been there with Galaxy phone, but I provide the sim number of Jio no which has been in use with JioFi. Then, comes the OTP and then it registered and slowly it connects to the internet and suddenly a flurry of SMS from the Jio number of Jifi downloaded to Galaxy phone.

This means when Galaxy phone of mine will be connected with JioFi then the Jio4GVoice will download all the SMS inside of this phone and this means with this internet connectivity this will be acting as the JioFi number. Now, my problem of changing the login number of Patytm is going to be solved and how this will be please read this out.

As I explained I changed the Paytm sim and insert it into JioFi and then the new sim in the same phone. So, while logging first I will be providing the sim number of first registered mobile that is of the JioFi sim and then after logging into I went into settings of Paytm and then change the number and in this case, one OTP (One time password) should be reaching to the original register

How can I use Jio4GVoice using a JioFi SIM?

On Android phones

  • Ensure you have downloaded Jio4GVoice app on your smart device.
  • Insert Jio SIM in the JioFi device.
  • Now configure Jio4GVoice by connecting to the JioFi device and using the OTP received on your Registered Mobile Number

So, in order to see that OTP, I connect the Galaxy phone to JioFi and then suddenly the OTP sent to the first registered mobile number of PayTm that is that is inside of JioFi and then I received that OTP at the Galaxy phone when I connect JioFi to it and then Jio4GVoice connect and it downloaded the SMS on that JioFi sim even if it has Vodafone sim inserted by default.

I received the OTP and then write it on the phone in which original Paytm is installed and then I receive the another OTP on the same number that is on the new number and then Paytm is registered with the new sim number. It is the same process as that of the changing of the phone number from one to another in the case of Whatsapp.

In this way, I do not have to put the JioFi sim to another device but instead, by using Jio4G Voice I downloaded and read the SMS and then authenticate and then re-authenticate the Paytm account. It does provide how much high definition and the technologically efficient process of entering into Jio4G networking and it thus provides the high amount of compatibility and suitability of users to experience the real networking capacity fully at its best.

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