Why am I unable to make calls using phone dialer on Reliance JioPhone?

Reliance Jio had introduced JioPhone which costs approximately 1500 Indian bucks and it is a feature phone with 4G enabled Volte feature. It runs with KaiOS.

This operating system has become the third largest selling operating system. The first and second mobile operating systems are Android and Apple mobile operating system respectively.

This simply goes on to show how much popular JioPhone with KaiOS is. It provides smartphone-like functionalities inside affordable feature phones. It has its own application stores as well as video calls and high-speed internet connectivity is the order of the day. It also has provisions for mobile payments through NFC.

It has long battery life and it has every feature just like social messaging and games to play. With it spread of internet revolution through the digital revolution and bringing down digital divide completely. With affordable pricing of data pack, such as rupees 49 for 1 GB data for 28 days, the phone becomes almost free to use with free to use Jio Apps such as Jio Music, Jio Cloud, Jio Movies Jio TVs and so on.

With the presence of multiple features embedded into it, the power-packed performances of this phone make favourite for masses. It is small, compact with brilliant loud audios. A special version of Google Assistant is embedded into it and it comes with the simplified interface with 22 Indian languages. JioPhone comes up with True 4G with LTE support, and it has VoLTE support for high definition video call with video call support.

From time to time I witness my JioPhone is making difficulties in call receiving or call making. I checked its settings and internet connectivity, and all of these are okay. Then, through My Jio app, I checked whether my billing cycle is there or not and it is also there and that is no problem. Then, I see at the desktop of JioPhone, the VoLTE writing is not there at all.

From its contact app when I try to dial, the message is called failed. I watched at the desktop of JioPhone, the writing of LTE is there but not VoLTE. This is surprising to me and I try to find out what could have been the reason for this. I even restart the phone and at some time, reset the phone but after some time after updating of apps, it remains as it is and the VoLTE writing is not there at all.

I watched the call failed is there because of VoLTE feature somewhat disabled in my JioPhone, and then I try to find out what could have been the real reason behind this. This phone comes with Jio Apps the application store environment. It has pretty good apps and from time to time some essential apps also add to the list.

In one of its update, I found there is Jio Cloud for JioPhone. This can be accessed from computers, with OTP sent to JioPhone. I logged into Jio Cloud of this JioPhone from My computer and add some MP3 songs in the way I use Jio features in Smartphones.

Jio Cloud apps in smartphone work in a different manner than that of Jio Cloud apps of JioPhone for sure. In the smartphone, Jio Cloud can work offline and songs can be played while you are offline so that the space on your phone is there as it is. In the case of Jio Cloud of JioPhone, only photos and contracts can be backed up with it and nothing else.

As I do not know at that time, I inadvertently, upload some songs in it through the computer and then I try to find those songs while logging into Jio Cloud in JioPhone. I opened it and only found the photos as well as that of a list of contacts in it and nothing more or less of it. I do not find any of the songs which I uploaded to the same account of Jio Drive.

Why can’t I make calls in Reliance JioPhone?
Suddenly, I think that perhaps, Jio Cloud app of JioPhone is intended for contact and photo back up only and the other multi-media updates are not compatible and that is why the phone is not showing VoLTE feature considering that the same platform in Jio Cloud is although allowing uploading of MP3s but these are not meant for it and when that is trying hard to synchronise with Jio Cloud of JioPhone which does not allow it and perhaps, in the end, stopping VoLTE feature altogether.

Still then, am not absolutely sure about it but I find that Jio Cloud for this phone is meant for backing up of contact and photos are taken up with its inbuilt camera, so whether uploading of MP3 files is making all things messed up. I transferred earlier some of the songs into it but those songs could not be uploaded from JioPhone into Jio Cloud app so perhaps this is the time to delete, the MP3 songs that are uploaded into it through the web browser in the computer.

Prior to this as I time and again experience the minus VoLTE presence with JioPhone, then I checked everything from the beginning of the internet, my plans, restart and resetting of the phone but the same problem happens again and again.

Suddenly, the above logic comes into my mind and then I open the computer and then log into JioCloud and log into it through OTP of JioPhone and Jio number. And then from its left side, I select audios and delete each and every uploaded audio from there. Then, I open JioPhone and reset it.

Then, download all the essential apps from its store and then I see VoLTE feature is shown inside desktop of JiioPhone and calls and other essential works with this phone is now possible and there are no stoppages of high definition call feature and with this I found the solution of why cannot I make a call with JioPhone as the incompatible issue with desktop and JioPhone Jio Cloud feature was there.

I successfully removed the incompatible issues and the phone is then up and running and since then there are no such issues of not being able to make a call and receive calls. Jio Cloud after allowing me is backing up contacts and photos and this works nicely.

As I could find these class of smaller segmentation of difficulties in dealing with online platforms of different devices such as that of computer and JioPhone and I suppose, in the times ahead, Jio should not allow opening JioCloud in computers for JioPhone as this can make VoLTE feature break and for this users should also be careful of it.

If users find themselves in such similar situations then it is a good idea to check the contents of Jio Cloud while opening that account in the web browser of computer and delete any multimedia contents other than that of photos. Delete audios and videos from it, especially on Jio Cloud app of JioPhone.

Though it seems like some sort of minor bug I hope in the days ahead after reading this article Reliance Jio in its feature phone segment should update it JioCloud app in its feature phone and then not allow Jio Cloud app for the desktop for JioPhones.

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