How to install Google Now Launcher in Lyf Water 7?

Due to open source nature of android and the freedom of original equipment manufacturers of building android devices as per their own preferences we do see some modified version of android operating system.

Such as Cyanogen Mod which includes so many preferential features and at some case android operating system lacks it.

Lyf Water 7 comes with a modified version of Cyanogen Mod with android 5 and it has Nubia 3 user interface. When you first open this smart phone it comes with Laucher 3. Which is a pretty basic launcher. Apart from Reliance, there are many original equipment manufacturers who are using this mod.

After using Launcher 3 for some time with due course of time, I have learnt that when some new apps are downloaded and installed Launcher 3 does not show up on the desktop. This means if you want to use those apps such as Jio Music or so you first connect to the internet and then open Play Store and then search for that app in Play Store app search environment and then open from there.

What it tells that even after restarting of the phone still in built Launcher 3 could not show some apps which are already installed. First time I felt whether I installed the app such as Jio Music or not and then I went to Play Store and then search for the app which is not visible in android desktop and then I found that app is installed and then how come it is not showing , so it is best to change the app now.

Default launcher cannot be uninstalled. So, I have to download another launcher. I decided to download Google’s own launcher. That is Google Now Launcher. It is android stock launcher. I downloaded but sadly on Lyf Water 7 on its first installation could not download and installed. I try it for one more time and the end result is same as it could not downloaded and installed.

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Then the doubt comes to mind whether Lyf Water 7is not allowing to install third party home launcher. Let us try it. I do have Nova Prime the good launcher and recommended by many and I download and install on it and it installed and runs easily on its first launch. So this means that a third party launcher can be installed but why it is not installing Google Now launcher.

Why I insisted on installing Google Now Launcher despite its not to customization is that it is fully optimized and it is fast and works in a smart way and it gives the feeling of a stock android. Due to presence of vertical scrolling searching of installed app becomes easier. Favorite apps in the first step in the dock does provide some sort of indication of which apps are used continuously.

Steps to install Google Now Launcher in Lyf Water 7

First go to security settings and then device administrators and there enable device administrators to Find My Device‘ and “Google Pay”. Now, go to Play Store and update Google Apps to its latest version.

Then, download Google Now Launcher in Lyf Water 7 and if everything goes correctly you will soon find that Google Now Launcher is now up and running.

It seems that Google has linked Google Now launcher with Google Apps. Perhaps you need the latest version of Google Apps to make Google Now Launcher work with Android 5 or specifically Lyf Water 7.

If we further examine we could also see that the new Google Maps Go work if you have updated the version of Chrome installed on android devices. With the upcoming development of the android and advent of more and more newer and innovative apps, we do find that in the presence of a faster app such as Google Go, and most of Go app most of these are dependent upon other important apps.

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I am not sure but as I feel and find that with the installation of Google Now launcher correctly on Lyf Water 7 after installation of Google Apps and this means that, perhaps slowly Google is pushing its important apps to older android devices such as android 5 in the case of Lyf Water 7 and slowly making most of its important apps to play significant roles in lower end devices.

This means Google slowly moving towards the era where it wants all of its apps to be used by older as well as newer mobile phones so that ultimately more and more people would be using it that means more visibility and user compatibility.

This is the fix to use and make Google Now launcher as the default launcher. One aspect of learning of android comes about is that one can disable most of Google Apps which act as system app but still cannot as most of other apps especially from that of Google are interdependent.

Similar happenings when I found the error code of 501 while installing Google Drive. It is easy to just update Google Apps and as I have seen on Lyf Water 7 the Google Assistant even if it does require android 6 still it is installed automatically on it.

As I learnt that Google has developed a special version of Android Assistant for reliance feature phone and smart phone and for this the Google Assistant version that is visible is the specialized version of it.

Similarly, now users cannot edit documents with Google Drive as it has now been in a stripped version and the user needs to download the Google Docs in a separate download to edit a document even if it is inside Google Drive.

From all of these, it is now pretty clear that Google wants its users to use most of its app and installed it and it wants all of these apps to work on their own specialized version no single app to do each and every function. In this way, size of installation of app is now slowly reducing to a bare minimum and extreme customization of apps becomes a reality.

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In this way we do find that the presence of such that Google is making most of its popular apps to work what it is intended for as well as, with the proper concentration of apps most of these apps slowly becoming standardized and well customized to suit the needs of the user and that makes reverse compatibility of apps towards, older version of android and in this way Google can associate more and more users with android development.

Perhaps this is the paradigm shift of development of apps of Google and its is to be seen that if this continues to be done, then with due course of time we could see more and more modern apps of Google could be compatible with older versions of android.

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