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India’s popular Prime Minister’s wonderful and fabulous welcome at Houston and the pride of India increased further with the gigantic welcome for India’s Prime Minister showcase the pride of India. Despite criticism from some opposition parties they forget that it is India’s pride is at its fullest glory. They forget that it is India’s increase of respect that matters the most as in the situation of world economy meltdown, such progress and pride of India should increase the expectations of people to go for more and more progress of economy and that shows as the share market in Monday grows up in upward trend as we know share market sees the progress of nation and India’s Prime Minister did just it.

Prime Minister Modi said in Howdy Modi battle said that installation of Article 370, is the prove of decisive battle against, terrorism. Modi asked 50,000 Indian-American to provide standing ovation to the parliamentarians of India who approved Article 370. It is the respect of Indian Parliament which is the complete honor from world. Indian Prime Minister, provides respect to the Indian Parliament and in this way world comes to known the power of people of India, who elected such strong mentality of MPs who can provide decision making and strong decision making of reaching towards approval of Article 370.

NBA will have some games in India and this means that Indians will enjoy some games and this means it is oe wonderful respect for the people of India that American popular games will be in Indian too soon. Trump supports India’s fight against terrorism and equates this with India that borders should be protected, in order to stop cross-border terrorism. This will bolster India’s relationship with US as similar problems happens to both of nation. Trump equates India that in both the countries we are removing red-tapisms and delay in file movement and Trump praises the economic reform and bold steps taken by India’s Prime Minister.

Trump said India’s investment in US is highest and this goes on to show the power of India’s economy as India is slowly moving towards touching the status of rich nation. Trump said India’s move towards a stronger economy and boost of relationships between India and US at its ultimate high. Howdy Modi event is the significance of development of relationship of India and US at its peak. PM Modi said he learned from President of US as tough negotiator, and complement with each other.

Such stupendous welcome for Prime Minister of India at US signifies the development of India and pride of India make the most popularity of India, and ultimately, this provides one of most outstanding form of development, and this is one of most outstanding rally and honor of India. For US President Texas is the most important state for decision making in creating establishment new US President and it is one of win win situation for both Prime Minister.

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