How To Setup Free CloudFlare CDN For Your WordPress Blog?

Last updated on July 7th, 2018 at 07:16 am

The Internet is known for the need for speed. It likes fast and furious website loading times. Loading times of website affect conversion rates. If conversion rates affect that minimises income. Income from website comes from the number of people browse the website.

That is directly proportional to gaining from advertisements. Websites load slowly because of the distance of user’s computer to hosting server location. Content delivery network spreads as many servers as possible in world’s primary location. Then cache contents in every location and sends the copy of the website to user from nearest location.

Nearly half of website visits come from internet bots. The content delivery network such as CloudFlare stops these bots. It stops bad bot traffic. Due to redirect of DNS records with CDN, most of the times, visits are redirected, checked, evaluated and then allowed.

In order to use CloudFlare on your domain the essential requirements are as follows:

  • Domain
  • Host

Suppose you have a self-hosted WordPress website and you want to protect it with free CloudFlare CDN.

  • Open an account with Cloudflare.
  • Sign up CloudFlare for web performance and security
  • If yours Hosting supports then, log in to cPanel, then go to SOFTWARE and then go to CLOUDFLARE. Click on it.
  • Then connect CloudFlare from cPanel and the rest of process must be self-explanatory.

Then go to CloudFlare account and in its dashboard, From its HOME tab click on ADD SITE. Write down the domain name of your site. If your site is, then write down in the SITE space and then click on ADD SITE.

Then for few minutes, it should scan DNS settings of your site. Then it will show two CloudFlare name servers. This is important considering when you decide to use CloudFlare Nameservers you need to change your domain’s authoritative DNS servers, which are also referred to as name servers.

It will assign you by two name servers. You need to change name server of your domain to Cloudflare name servers. Do not change yours hosting name servers.

Generally, name server of the domain is connected with name server of your hosting package. Login to your hosting account. Suppose you buy the domain and hosting from Bigrock hosting registrar, then login to Bigrock Login account of yours. This is different from cPanel hosting package.

Login to hosting registrar account and then open the dashboard and then go to DOMAIN REGISTRATION and then NAME SERVER. Click on it you must find, name server of your hosting. To check this out you can open hosting tab, in my case, it is SINGLE DOMAIN LINUX HOSTING and then clicks on NAME SERVER DETAIL to name server of hosting package.

Now move to NAME SERVERS of DOMAIN REGISTRATION and then change both the name servers to nameservers provided to you from your free CloudFlare account in the new window namely MANAGE NAME SERVERS. Then Click on UPDATE NAME SERVERS.

Name Servers are used to point your Domain Name to your website or email service. Generally, minimum of two name servers are requisite to run the domain. Remember to remove Name Server of hosting as only two Name Servers to be used and other name servers must be removed from Domain otherwise CloudFlare name server will not work.

Allow 24 hours to 48 hours to complete DNS propagation of CloudFlare CDN with your domain During that times, your website might down from appearing, do not worry about that. When after some hours it will act, then you will find faster website loading with security from denial of service attacks and other internet bots attacks.

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