How to repair Windows 7 start-up files

Windows 7 is by far the most popular Windows operating system. It has more features than Windows XP. It provides similar working environment for both of users as it provides one of most secure Windows operating system. It works nicely and its support is coming to an end. I do not know after it support ends from Microsoft its antimalware will update itself or not only we can find after its support ends.

Most of proprietary original equipment manufacturers add more and more software with it and sometimes due to such software computer failed to perform. Here, the computer failing to perform means that windows failed to enter into Windows files system. Here, Windows files system means when after booting it does not enter into Windows file system.

If computer boots this means there is no hardware fault, and this means there is problem with software. If computer does not start then it is not in our hand as it is of hardware problem. If Windows boots and then it failed to load into Windows operating system then there are various ways to repair it. On the other hand this is considered as software problem.

When such happens it is better to go with what Windows instructs and also it is better to go with what instructs Windows and most of times what it instructs ultimately, provides the real routes for solving problems. Here, problems means, repair of start up windows. Most of times Windows 7 detects it and it goes for checking of memory dump. Most of times due to installation of not so compatible software, we do find that most of these crosses the minimum memory capacity and as the result of this Windows failed to enter into main Windows.

After auto scanning of memories Windows finally checks to start with safe mode or safe mode with networking or with previously best version. Then, if Windows enters into Windows, then your computer is in right track. If Windows again goes into memory dump segment then wait until it scans devices and then wait for instructions from Windows. If it scans for memory dump for the second time, then it will ask for going into repairing start up repair of files and go into it by entering select or enter.

Most of times when we enter into specified selected program, which automatically selected and this time it will ask you for entering into restoring system restore. Then, it will go for automatic system restore to restore computer to an earlier clean state and then it will restart computer and if still computer do not restart then it is good idea to let for computer evaluate what is best for your computer and you might go with these processes again and again.

Be brave and wait for what computer thinks what is best for it and after these processes, go on and finally Windows accumulate right files to enter into computer. Finally you will find that yours Windows computer will start and enter into Windows file system. Most of times, not entering into ours own mind into rather than move into the stage of what computer is asking for it. In this way we can solve most of difficult times of ours dealing with computer start-up repair.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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