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How to manage and reduce stress

Human has complex brain and it continues to provide directions for humans as they think and manage different directions. When such array of multiple connectivity to the brain and when this comes to the large number of unsolved questions then it comes about difficult situations all at once and then brain did not find all of these. Then it comes to the stress when brain finds it difficult to find, the real solutions and then it moves from one puzzle from situation to another.

Stress is the accumulation of thoughts and situations which seems to be unresolved, from time to time, and that relates to us in closely and that means in the long terms this accumulates to its begin the process where we could find the situation, which can seems to overflow of such incident.

First one need to understand that ours brains needs some rest. As when we take rest but still one can find that one needs to find the better alternative to take some rest. Only brain takes rest when we go to deep sleep and this means that we need to take more and more time to take rest so that brain also takes rest and during those times we need to find that brain works in such situation when they delete unwanted files from brain so that thinking parameters will reconstitute again and this means that brain will find time to reorganize its files and thought process.

Our mind or brain is the single most important element where we are able to think and find reasoning for each and everything what we do and what we aimed to perform and manage to organist ours thought processes. In this way we can get rid of all of these and that proper management of each and everything goes into solving many unsolved situations of life in total.

Next one can go for treatment such as psychotic disorder so that with some discussion and advice one can find the real situation and deal with stresses so that we can find the real time situation in which discussion of everything comes forward and removal of stresses comes towards understanding of each and every situation.

They can provide medicines in order to cooler your mind and brain so that, one can find the real-time situation where one can find the real thinking performances so that one can easily find the situations where solving of each and every stresses find the real-time situation of solving mysteries of life. One is doing exercise and the other is good sleep and taking rest from it and then if necessary go for medication so that ultimately it will take care of your brain to provide suitable level of reasoning towards going for a balanced state of life.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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