How to remove one of two audio tracks in a mkv file?

With evolving technologies, we come across more and more newer and technological ways for the complete integration of one language to the other. Ever since the advent of the Blue Ray disc, we have seen how there is the presence of two audios and mostly we do prefer the audios of our own native language.

What is dual audio?

Most folks tend to see super hit Hollywood movies now come with second audio and most preferably in Hindi too.

Those Blue Ray discs with dual audios can be preserved with the MKV format and these formats are easily playable with VLC player. In these dual audio formats, there are two languages and the first or default is English of course and then the second language such as Hindi or other native languages.

So in short one language is the domestic language in which the movie is shot and the other is the foreign language.

We will learn how to use VLC player to use the dual audio and use the preferred audio to watch the movie:

  1. Open VLC Player and then click on MEDIA menu and then select the option OPEN FILE.
  2. Now, select a movie or video file and then click OPEN.
  3. This movie will now start to play in VLC PLAYER.
  4. User left click on “Media Alt+M (menu item)” in “VLC media player”
  5. User left click on “Media Alt+M (menu item)” in “VLC media player”
  6. User left click on “Open File… Ctrl+O (menu item)” in “VLC Player”
  7.  User mouse drag start on “Position (indicator)” in “Select one or more files to open”
  8.  User left click on “Audio Alt+A (menu item)”
  9. Audio track and then select the track of your native language not the domestic language track of the movie file.
  10. Then open AUDIO menu.
  11. Then go to option AUDIO TRACK.
  12. It will open the submenu.
  13. Then select the language you want to hear with video.

So, in this way, the default language of the dual audio movie is changed while watching it with VLC Player.

Now the question is if I want to remove one audio just like the one that is the foreign language for me and I want to keep the native audio then how to do it:

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There is some professional version of audio converter but those come with the price. There is some free version of such audio converter but that too comes with the cache that the logo is there at the middle of the screen and that makes viewing of the movie difficult.

Yesterday, my mummy wants to see some movies related with sci-fi dual audios and when I put one that inside tablet, and when she opens the VLC player the default audio continues and I was away and she finds difficult to change from default audios to the audio of our native languages.

When I returned she said she could not change it and then I decided to find the way to delete the domestic language on the video and out the only default language that is of my native languages so that when mummy open the VLC player and runs it she could find no hardship to change from default audio as there would be only one audio in it.

Then I begin my small research on it about how to remove one audio track from MKV file without conversion:

At VLC Player for Windows play these files on my mobile and with the computer so I do not want to change the format of a file but want to remove one audio of file and to keep the other audio that is suitable for my understanding.

One wonderful tool which is free and is also available for Windows 64 too that is ‘MKVToolNix’. It is available for Arch Linux, CentOS, RedHat, Debian and many operating systems and including Windows. It is available in Windows 32 bits, 64 bit is set up dot exe file format.

Then it is available in the zip as a standalone file format. Before downloading the SHA-check sum number is there and you can use it to check the integrity of file system download.

In the download segment, the link is there for the older version of Windows packages and you can go there to download the older version of this software if you have older operating system computers.

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  1. After installation of ‘MKVToolnix’ click on it to open MKVTOOLNIX GUI.
  2. Currently, at the time of the article writing, it is in the version of 20.
  3. You can check from time to time for further updates of this software to keep it updates to its latest version.
  4. Open “MKVToolNix GUI v20.0.0 (‘I Am The Sun’) 64-bit”
  5. User left click on “Add source files Alt+A (menu button)” in “MKVToolNix GUI v20.0.0 (‘I Am The Sun’) 64-bit”
  6. User left click on “Tracks, chapters and tags: (text)” in “MKVToolNix GUI v20.0.0 (‘I Am The Sun’) 64-bit”. Unchecked the domestic audio and keep the check on native audio.
  7. User left click on “Destination file (push button)” in “MKVToolNix GUI v20.0.0 (‘I Am The Sun’) 64-bit”
  8. User left click on “Start multiplexing Alt+r (menu button)” in “MKVToolNix GUI v20.0.0 (‘I Am The Sun’) 64-bit”
  9. Open this freeware and then at the bottom of the graphical user interface of MKVTOOLNIX click on ADD SOURCE FILES.
  10. Then select the destination directory where the dual file audio is ready to be played.
  11. In the frame of SOURCE FILES the uploaded videos will be seen with its name and its format as well as with it file size.
  12. Then just below of SOURCE FILES, the column comes is TRACKS, CHAPTERS AND TAGS.
  13. Here you will find that in the CODEC segment of TRACKS, CHAPTERS AND TAGS the first one is MPEG which is the video codec and do not uncheck it an then comes there are two codecs mostly that of AAC.
  14. This means these are audio codec and this is high time to uncheck the one codec which you do not want to be there inside the audio codec.

How do you know about which codec to be the codec you want?

  1. Prior to reaching to MKVTOOLNIX it is better to go for opening the video file with VLC PLAYER.
  2. Then just run it and if the default running of the file shows the domestic language that is the language in which movie is produced then for sure yours preferred language is at the second place of this file or vice versa.
  3. Now comes to MKVTOOLNIX and here check the first AAC and then the second AAC.
  4. Here, the native language in this file and the first AAC is the domestic language of the file.
  5. This can be changed in some other dual audio movies and for this, you should always be careful about it.
  6. First check which audio os the native language of yours and which one is the other or domestic language of the movie and then do that similarly, in MKVTOOLNIX.
  7. Then comes below and there choose the DESTINATION FILE and this means the video when starts removing the audio language of your choice which means after completing the process of multiplexing.
  8. It will put the output file at this location which you preferred.
  9. If you do not change the default locations then it will put that file in the same at the same name with some additional letters.
  10. Then click on START MULTIPLEXING which is located at the bottom of the window.
  11. Then within a few seconds, the removal of the audio which you opt for would be done.
  12. Now you can play yours preferred native audio and without waiting for the changing of the audios.
  13. This way now you have successfully remove audio tracks from dual audio MKV videos without changing the file format.
  14. It comes within seconds a software only removes the audio and do not change any of the file formats.
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In the end, this article is intended for advice only. It is of user’s prerogative and responsibility to use this advice. It is important to back up the copy of your video file before using it. If at any point of time there occurs wrong and file corrupted then you can look for the backup copy of it.

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