Does schizophrenia have a cure? If not, why?

While considering the term of writing about living with schizophrenia there are various ways to understand this disease in the most clearer and most visible terms. It does come up with various situations regarding the handling of the crisis and making the situation as normal as it is.

Schizophrenia is not a mental illness:

  • Earlier it was called as mental illness and subsequently the most appropriate term in dealing with it comes about is of the neurological disorder.
  • While dealing with this phenomena as the patient or a family member the prominent part of it is that you cannot cure this which family members should know about and should live with it.
  • As family members despite your greatest efforts such as dealing with medication, treatment on time and appropriate behavior to the patient this might get worse or might the condition improves.

Living with schizophrenia

  • As the family member if you are moving towards the stage where you feel that you are not doing enough or not so appropriately considerate in this treatment.
  • Then you should understand that you are doing too much and time is to refrain from all of these and teat all of these symptoms in the normal manner.
  • One must remember that in the initial years it is always difficult for the patient to consider it as a disorder as well as family members but one should see this as normal and go for such treatment so that ultimately the fruits of good must come.
  • One should always be hopeful about it be it whatever situations and results of treatment are.
  • Sometimes acceptance of this schizophrenia may be helpful but this is not always a successful step one should always remember.
  • There are no surefire ways for treatment and this also varies from person to person and family to family.

The role of family members:

  • This means there is no such reasoning for this acceptance and for this it is important to remember that while this delusion is separate from reasoning and for this there should not be any such discussions about it.
  • As the family member, while dealing with schizophrenia patient you will find more about yourself.
  • During the course of treatment and that should be one of the best possible ways to understand life bereft of any such reasoning.
  • You should hate the disorder that is the one you should do but do not hate the person with such disorder.
  • You should separate the persona from this disorder and love and care the person.
  • As family members you should think that the medication of the patient will be for life.
  • For this make him or her believe that it is like a habit for the person and he or she should live with it.
  • With this way one should feel and find the real benefits towards schizophrenic person.
  • It should help him deal with this with immense proud and ease.
  • That is why if at all during the course of medication you find something relevant side effects but still the treatment is auguring well for the patient and the response towards life and reasoning are coming back slowly and strongly.
  • Then you should indeed ignore such and help the patient who happens to be your family member to cope up with delusions strongly.

Do not neglect the patient and always support and provide confidence to him or her:

  • So that as patient fighting with this syndrome between delusions and reasoning should come back strongly and living as much of normal life as possible could be the reality.
  • It is important for family members who are adults such as above 30 years of age should deal with patients as chances of getting this mental illness as family members above 30 years of age are almost negligible.
  • You as family members should not discriminate the patient as and when you discriminate the chances of getting more discrimination from the public at large are more.
  • It is important to keep the situations in normal.

As family members, you should not blame anyone for this:

  • Treat this as almost normal and make room for absolute comfortable situations not only for patients but also for family members.
  • Do not be tense all the time, be normal and most of the times create the situation of the sense of humor.
  • Slowly, the patient within these normal environments should come from these delusional environments.
  • During the course of treatment which normal for lifetime you could change the point of expectations slowly in order to see the position of development.
  • During these course many a times you could have to change the course of expectations but do not undermine that.
  • All of these could bring forward the patient towards the perfection.
  • Reaching out to absolute corrective path away from the delusional senses.

Chances of success in the treatment of schizophrenia varies from person to person:

  • One important part of this treatment is that chances of successes over schizophrenia syndromes vary from person to person.
  • There are no methodological procedures to deal with it.
  • As patient one should always acknowledge and think about the remarkable possible show of their family members while dealing such disease.
  • This could as the patient feel you at best most of times and this could lead further complete cure of these diseases.
  • As the patient you should always think that as you are entitled to your own life.
  • Be it through delusional senses, similarly yours family members have also the right to live their life in normal.
  • As the patient you should not meddling with them too much as this could move you from the normal journey of life completely.

Try to move away from yours delusional sense and control yours mind:

  • Slowly, in this disease, you will not be able to talk about your feelings.
  • This could lead to you in complete senses of confusion.
  • Still stay intact with what your life tell about it.
  • Try hard to move away from the delusional senses and make your life as much normal as possible.
  • One should always think that mental illnesses are not part of mental health.
  • Mental illnesses are biological diseases and one should think and perceive it as one should make amend to these.
  • It takes times due to the presence of the biological form of brain diseases.
  • It is not like blood pressure or diabetes as thee can be cured with balanced lifestyles and improved form of medications.

Schizophrenia might not be a single identifiable disorder:

  • While schizophrenia is the form of biological disorder of the brain and this cannot be cure all at once.
  • This can be contained but for the complete cure, it is a rarity.
  • As family member when you see the patient then recover and then beginning of disorder is periodical.
  • One should not be absolute happy at seeing some sort of improvement.
  • It can be class of disorder which can evolve after curing of one disorder.
  • That is why when one such disorder recovered from the patient do not overwhelm it. It can lead to the beginning of another form or class of disorder.
  • That is why it is most important during these course of the period of treatment consult these changing symptoms with diagnosis fro doctors.
  • When you find something strange behavior from the patient then do not panic over it.
  • This means that another class of symptom of this disease is on the rise.
  • It is again time to go for diagnosis after consulting doctor.
  • While detecting any such change of behavior do not take it personally.
  • Take it another form of changing of symptoms.
  • If you take this personally then severance and augmentation of this symptom might harm the patient.

Consult a good mental health professional:

  • While dealing with schizophrenia you will find all of changing circumstances and different symptoms and ups and downs.
  • Sometimes when it is good and improvement do not overwhelm with it as it can be the symptom of complete dip towards more serious.
  • Consult a good mental health professional as they have varying degrees of expertise on it.
  • It is important to choose a good professional for treatment.


  • With due course of time as the family member while staying with the patient you will find more and more educative materials in practical situations .
  • Slowly, this will lead to further improvement of increasing awareness, sensibility and compassion towards a patient.
  • One should remember that recovery does take time and in most cases, it is for the lifetime.
  • Keep it short and simple and that will make comfort for your life as well as that of the patient.

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