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This article is from real-time experience, which, I had been seen and feel. During the early nineties, and precisely during 1992, when my son faced severe ragging in one of the most reputed engineering school, he had to withdraw his studies for four years. He was in severe stress condition. During that time, one of my colleagues, informed me to go to NIMHANS, Bangalore, there, most of the wonderful medical doctors are there, and the treatment is always nice and the success rate is high.

He had his own problems, as he was in the depressed state when his lady love deserted him and for treatment, he went there and successfully returned from there. This was a huge news for me, when, I heard this from the colleague at Regional Manager Office of the capital and then, we have decided to go to that hospital for treatment of my son.

This information was like a lighthouse in the sea of storms for me , and then , trains reservation did , me and son went to Bangalore , during those times , direct train to Bangalore was not there, from my city, and for this , we have to take the Coromandel express which reached at five pm in the evening at Chennai central and then, we ill get the link train of Chennai to Bangalore , a whole night journey .

Bangalore is an ill city and its climate is nice and cool , and in among the train route of Chennai and Bangalore, the trains were running inside hill tracks and sometimes the hills are so near that, you could feel it from windows glasses. It is a whole night journey,

The train moves in superfast condition and there is hardly any stress of journey tiredness and in the morning we reached Bangalore. I and my son took some light breakfast there and then, we reached at NIMHANS with an auto rickshaw. It was a cloudy morning with the slight drizzle in the air. In the meantime, we reached there and then book for an appointment.

Doctor Chaturvedi will be seeing my son and before that, the two assistant of him, Dr. Rajesh and Dr Mewi, will be talking with my some separately. Both assistants doctors converse with me and then with my son separately and then they have sketched the entire details of my son and then send the file to Dr Chatruvedi , who will be examining my son and then prescribing medicines to my son.

I was talking about the time, in 1992, and NIMHANS is a government hospital with excellent facilities. After thorough investigation of my son, they have found that nothing serious is there , but there is the feeling of fear inside my son’s mind, and what should be done here, and for this they take two days time and discussed with many doctors and finally, they have decided to go for CT scan. In this government hospital, there is the availability of CT scan, but you have to wait at some days to get your appointment , as normally the cost of CT scan is higher, ion this government hospital , the cost is far lesser and in discount.

As we are from another city, there is no way we should be waiting at 45 days to reach ours appointment day, for this I told the doctor about this inconveniences, and then the doctor told me, here at one private medical healthcare, ct scan can be done though it will cost higher.

I decided to opt for it and then we went there, and within one hour all prescribed procedure completed and then, and in the evening they will be giving the report.

In the evening, the report submitted to us and then we, in the next day meet the doctor, and he after further consultations, ask my son to be seat at the other room and then, he told me he had some problem, that is related with schizophrenia , but the prime factor is that, still this time, they cannot detect and confident of this disease, and even if it is so, still, clearly, this disease is at the preliminary stage .

This can be cured as it is in the preliminary stage and also they want to double sure before beginning the treatment. For this they want, MRI scan, I was talking about the time, of the beginning of the 1990s, where, there is no such modern development all around the state. During those times, perhaps in the entire city of Bangalore, there are no such significant MRI scan centres.

If of MRI scan, the report of the performing doctor is significant and for this, it is always advisable to complete yours MRI scan, in front of god doctors of repute. If the interpretation goes in the wrong way, then the treatment of nerve could have been in a wrong way. For this Dr Chaturvedi suggested me to go to Apollo main hospital Chennai, and there, I should be performing the MRI, as from here Chennai is only one night journey.

So, for the first time, I reached there with my son, in 1992 April and from that day, I have been going to that hospital continually, every year, or in among twice in a year and continually checking my health there and also my family’s health for continual times and till to date, this year, I have been there once for ten days checking my health, as well as my wife’s and son and daughter, are there.

We reached in the morning from Bangalore to Chennai and then at the central took some light breakfast but asked son not to take it, as if there is a provision to check for MRI, with the empty stomach, for this I took this precaution. We reached at Apollo hospital main building, in the nineties, only one building was there, and currently, the second building which is mainly for diabetes and total health care, are not there at all.

The main building was there and then we entered counter, there, the attendant told me to make the Apollo card and we have done that, and at that time, they are giving strong Apollo card , now they are giving the paper card , but in the nineties, they are giving the iron-plated strong card and that was the real heritage card , even in modern time other people who see this card , watch that cards in very likely hood and also asked me about where I got these, if I have time, then I told about my journey to Apollo, which is accidental, for my son’s MRI scan, but still the experience I received from there had been fantastic and wonderful.

Then, we reached the first floor, if I remember correctly, as it was a pretty good time, back and then we waited there. On that waiting section some other people are waiting and they talked with me about this hospital and they told me in detail about it and them sad, they have reaching to Apollo hospital of Chennai for many years and here the quality of treatment is very high and more and more people have been plucking here due to modern treatment and also applicable to practicable medicines.

In this hospital , the modern health care touches live and they treat the patients with the greatest degree of care and also with due course of time the manner they come to treat patients has been modern and their doctors have wide range of experience , they go to foreign land from time to time to attend seminars and other activities to know the modern medicinal improvements and with due course of time , from the 1990s to now this hospital has evolved leaps and bounds and there has been the new development of Sinduri block and other areas , and not there are many patients reaching here and they are now experiencing the greatest available treatment with due care and attention.

In the meantime my son’s appointment of MRI scan reaches and then , he was taken into a separate room , which was a big one , with multiple computers and a big machine, the dress of the son was changed and then he sat on the machine and his head was within a separate machines, and the entire area was super cold , perhaps more than air condition normal limit and then headphone was attached to his ear and sound light music was running in his ear , he was told to close eyes but not to sleep , so he had to stay awake while the MRI scan at Apollo hospital main building , Graeme’s lane was performed.

After some minutes, the test was done, and they gave the report in the evening and then in the night, we took the Bangalore mail to reach to Bangalore, in the morning and at ten am in the next morning we have an appointment with Dr Chaturvedi there to show MRI report. It was an absorbing experience at Chennai Apollo, Graeme’s Lane.

The only downside at that time, in the nineties, was that, there was hardly a nice good breakfast shop, for eastern people, but with due course of time, it had been changed and now there are plenty of these kinds of shops, in and around Graeme’s lane to attend to eastern people. Thus, continuously living a stress-free life without a worry for over 20 years of now due to Apollo Hospital, Chennai, and Graeme’s lane excellent treatment.

Apollo Hospitals has consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare. It has always brought to people the latest innovations in key medical specialities on par with the West. Be it preventive health check-ups, robotic surgeries or transplants, Apollo Hospitals has always believed in the sheer joy of living a stress-free life without having to worry about health.

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