Why Blaming Idiot Box Alone?

It is beginning of the weekend and he never ever has been so bored in its utter disdain than it is now. It is already five evenings and no way to go back to bed. For the last three hours, he has been with computer and mostly doing the bigger fixes of how to adjust his website to perform better. In as many days as it could be it is showing numerous instances of giving bad or odd behaviour and he has something to do away with all these shortcomings in order to find out a perfect way out from this.

Many a time, configuring WordPress websites takes a huge chunk of time due to the number of vulnerabilities it poses to administrator from time to time. He bored for the moment after relentless three hours

of coding and it is high time that he to go for some mind relaxing methods such as playing computer games but he decides against it. With playing another computer games will be another session with the computer and that is not required in order to completely relax his mind and thought processes.

It is time to watch television the renowned idiot box and this switching on it takes lesser time and changing channels with a remote through wireless commands seems appropriate solutions and it is a complete brain teaser and mind relaxing.

It is cricket my favourite sport and love to watch Raina scoring another scintillating century within 20 overs in the match.

It is an astounding piece of cricket and another spectacle to enjoy and it gives utter satisfaction to watch a batter who has excelled and once predicted by former Indian coach to be one of greatest cricketer and it seems he slowly turning out to be with his wonderful powerful series of performances.

It is a sign of great honour to watch such a cricket match. Then switched channels and reach to one of my favourite channels to watch a movie and it appears to be a ghost movie.

It is not just like that sort of Ramsay movie, but it is one such fine plain ghost movie which is giving another showman and also showing it like as if it is all normal and suddenly entire change happens within some minutes. It is kind of weird movie and it is from some sense of psychoanalysis of some unique character.

The entire movie seems like a series of movies with each dividends working to make it a complete manifestation of ideas going inwards and the utter disdain of the movie is that the director wants the people to think on his way instead of narrative entire description there.

It is a complete mood swing after wonderful happy innings of Raina a bad movie which seems to be running with psycho-emotional feelings which are of course of no use to other individuals really.

Later on I find out why to blame, idiot box for everything, after all, it is a matter and not moving without a mind so it seems I am getting on bit overboard with my thought processes and it is time look out for some other distributive attention in order to find out a better alternative to heal mind. Why blaming the idiot box alone, as it has no mind and it is made by a human like us.


By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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