Disorganized Schizophrenia

The speed of rain is increasing. The sounds that are emanating from the drops of rain into the small ponds of water are giving the feeling of a cyclone. In reality, the speed of rain is manageable still, the sound effect of rain is seemingly quite alarming to the effect it has been given the impression is a poetry bestowed a perfect setting of a poetry.

Just feel like such as you are watching the so-called art film instead of a complete commercial movie, in which there is background sound which gives the added advantage to the feelings of virtual sound settings. Thinks about a situation you are watching the famous horror show Zee horror show and in which there will not be any such sound effect, then can you get the fear from the acting of Vikranta Jabbar, it is as such when you cannot feel the sequence of events as it will not give you any such events.

One such example is let create one sequence, when you are driving inside a jungle and in between there is a road leading to the city and suddenly at a point of road you feel that there are no vehicles on the road, you are driving on the road, all over each side, there are plenty of trees out there, and plenty of twitting sounds everywhere all around and this makes you feel terrified as human is a social animal.

For this he wants to stay social all the time always in this way, it is inevitable that whenever he is alone he feels insecure the sense of loneliness crops from fears and other side effects while driving across the roads and there is no such ambiguity about it.

Such an incident creates fear and also more so in the sound effects that have been there with it in accordance with it and for this there are many probabilities, this is what creates the fear and in this manner the way the feelings and other parts of life seems to be revolving around should be related to all these sounds that are reaching out to you from different aspects of life.

In another example, when we try to concentrate on single matter or sound and in this manner all the aspects related with concentration of life seemed to be going somewhere as it always seems to be an impossibility to concentrate on a particular set of life pattern that is going to be there for all the times to come.

There is a good chance to avoid sound pollution in an easy way, when one thinks of such happening like that of creating an environment, in which there is no sound in the environment, so take this example suppose, one air condition environment, where there is no chance of sound pollution with a control over environment, in which there is sound environment, with silence all around and when someone tries to write one article, then one should concentrate on writing with each facet of life and more and more writings in such an environment is always augmented the situation and it is good for health as well as for all aspects of practical life.

Sometimes, it is visualized in such an environment when there is one such situation in which you are watching the movie in a home alone situation and there suddenly you happen to be in a situation where you are watching the movie alone and there is no one there inside of home and the simulated movie situation is being created elsewhere, you will feel left alone, and also the sense of fear is gripping towards you, as the entire serial environment seems to be gripping to you in which you will find that the fear is gripping towards you and the sense of fear of someone is at the back side of yours or feeling of someone is there though in actual there is no one is there.

All these aspects of life seems to be going nowhere with a seemingly confusing signals coming in and out from here and the entire virtual life which you have been watching from the television has been there, a simulated environment which has been there and it is covering the eyes as well as the mind and the brain, and for this there are many such environments that have been acquiring the status of intrigue relationships which slowly building the bridges of relationships.

In the event of relationships there are many such situations where one should feel the time of life is such that the seriousness of building such a relationships may be there but at some other place the compete attendance and the tears rolling out of eyes is hurting him seems to be going nowhere and the complete attention which has been there for all the time and the feeling of ideas seems to be revolving into one such anticipation where there is complete chaos over some overtures where the intimate relationships go overboard with each passing moments.

There is painful smiling and the bonding which has been there when one such anticipation is making the entire route of the passing of ideas is creating long-term relationships are making the entire life of making a moment that never meant to be separated along the way.

In such a situation wherein one such management class, the teacher reaches and he happens to be a newer one, and he comes to the class, and he introduces himself, as he told some of the most exaggerating introduction of himself, and in the process he told us about all his achievements and in which he boasts himself, as the most learned personality, and he tries to show us that he is one of the most achieved personalities here and fro this he needs to be emulated and all his speeches and extempore seems to be running out of gas and in this process most of the students seems to be ignoring all these and this creates the most of negative aspects of life.

He seems to be boasting up in his achievement and in the process most of the students get the fear of his style of teaching, in each class and moments, there has been same recipe and the same sort of bullet points that have been called by him in the class, and fro this there has been many such fearful exhibitions of his class and in this process the entire class seems to be wary of his form of teaching, this gives the entire life the most painful that can be ever thought of.

In one such a situation, he suddenly, choose one person, from among the masses, he will chose one or two pupils and call them to the stage near to him to recall, and ask him to announce all the previous class subject for this there has been immense difficulty, and if that student, misses some points, then he will be subject to much more harsh talking, and he will be offended in front of many persons and this has become, a sense of harassment and sometimes, there has been so much tense in the mind that some scenes of three idiots when the senior harassed by the teacher on not completing the remote control devices, and that becomes a sense of other situations, so in this manner the psychology of students is difficult to understand, but in such situation, the students seems to be very much afraid of such incidents.

In one such a situation, the most difficult part of life, is when that particular teacher one day called me to the stage to say what has been in the courses yesterday, I was completely blind at it, as I have no such intentions of reading thoroughly, so I was not so fearful, but with a complete sense of confidence I walked across rows of students and for this I walked with risk speed and in the process of walking I was thinking about a scene of three idiots, where amir seems to be ignoring the basic definition of something as asked by the lecturer, and then, he simply gives the example to justify with examples. So, I decided to give that sort of examples instead of the proposed readings which the teacher gives as the definition, now after I reached the stage, the teacher with a strong look asked me to start the subject, with a pause I began and the way with some examples without giving that much definitions instead of illustrations, this always has been a different sort of situations where I was just hoping for the worst. I was resting in the next situation of what the teacher will tell me to the readers.


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