The gooey, chewy delights of 5 Star!

Generally, in the month of February, the climate is moderately cool. This time, it is cooler than December. As usual, at half-past four, waking up for the morning walk, still, darkness crippling around everywhere in the vicinity. Cool winds passed through the ears. Daddy wants me to wear a monkey cap in order to avoid strong winds that have been blowing all across pinning and pinching skins. Sun is not yet there in the sky.

It is a period where there is darkness as well as chances of sunshine shining all around signalling hope for success just like a running marathon athlete walking for a long distance.

Daddy closes the front gate and then with both earbuds of earphone into both ears with monkey cap covering my head, and two all-new 5 Star, I begin to run into the roads.

The marine drive road is beautiful though due to mild darkness the flow of the sea is not so visible it is just like seeing the darkest jungle from a distance, though it would not be seen in clear still it is visible from the distance.

In the meantime, I walked across the side street of marine drive road in order to avoid speeding vehicle as in those routes many heavy vehicles which connects to two metros all the while it is running, has been gripping with strong sense of fear as no one knows with a slight slip while driving anything can happen from there.

I looked at both sides and then again look at right and slowly cut across the main marine drive road to enter into the side street road which would cut the main traffic route and also in this side street it is very easier to jog or walk as both sides are full of hotels and filled with tourists who would be venturing out in the open in the morning to have tasted of breakfast in the side small shops run by local people.

After running for over half a kilometre, I feel hungry and my hand automatically goes into a pocket which has two variants of 5 Star and it is delicious and it enhances hungry feelings of mine more and more than it is expected.

While classic 5 Star is caramel-filled chocolate, there’s also 5 Star Fruit & Nut, which was initiated in 2008, and 5 Star crunchy, launched in 2005. The lingering taste of togetherness has given way to the dreamy surrender (jo khaaye kho jaaye) to the gooey. Chewy delights of 5 Star!

I took the bite and now I am energised and my mind is full of new inspirational as well as patriotic feelings and all those ushering into my mind and flowing deep into my thoughts and is augmented by the advent of Netaji’s ancestral home in my home city of Puri and after seeing 150 years old ancestral home where he lived for his first ten years has been mostly the most higher spirits for me. It is a different feeling and while eating unknowingly I enter into the ancestral home of Netaji’s.

The gooey, chewy delights of 5 Star!

It is dark out there and the ghostly feeling all around and my skins have been giving goosebumps all around and then I watched everywhere as if the real feeling of the past is coming out from all over in that big bungalow.

In this haunted feeling place, the only staunch friend of mine is Cadbury 5 Star, as the taste of chocolate, caramel, cashew and plenty the feeling of all nuts gives me a strong sense of brevity in that big dark room.

I smell the presence of Netaji and humbled by his greater presence. “5 Star Fruit & Nut” gives me the much-anticipated courage to stand and experience the great feeling of one of the bravest child of Mother India. Small droplets of tears rolled from my eyes when I think of bravest freedom fighter of India has not received his due as he had spent his life in war field to throw British from our land but no one is ever thinking of his wonderful work, the sad which might have been crippling in the minds of Netaji is giving the sense from his ancestral home.

Should we have not done more to restore to his prestige and other wonderful work he should have been doing?

The new Cadbury 5 Star is so soft that it melts inside the mouth and this gives me the feel of present and slowly I realize that unknowingly I have spent more than ten minutes inside this bungalow and it is better to get out from this isolated place sooner.

I took another bite of 5 Star and get the feeling of the presence of Netaji from inside this bungalow. I salute the brave soldier of Mother India who has devoted his entire life by resigning from apex service. The true patriot and the entire appeal to his great work should have been more pronounced than it is thought so.

5 Star has chocolate, caramel and nougat which frees the mind from the words of the native world.

Today I received plenty of inspiration and all these feelings accumulated and need to be written in an article in order to let people know about this great warrior of modern India and all this has been due to Cadbury 5 Star which has all essential ingredients which have been freeing my minds from all the woos and it slowly enters me into the world of a brave son who has devoted his entire life to the betterment of masses.

Five Star has given me a new lease of life and it has made me a better citizen to realize the importance of all great modern warriors who have sacrificed everything for the betterment of their own Mother Land. I thanked 5 Star for reaching this stage for these realizations.

I reached into a stage of seriousness with simple and clear thoughts on past history of India with a strong bite of 5 Star, entire mind of mine enlightened with the actual flow of motivation and expectations. Some seriousness victims take things seriously and the rest are genuinely sincere.

Because seriousness, well, it’s contagious. I come out from that bungalow to the present and take another 5 Star bite and into the present from the time machine of serious thoughts which gives me sense of real citizen and the real history and want to rewrite real history on one hand and on another hand a strong bite of Cadbury’s 5 Star which ha chocolate, caramel, nougat and many more.

A favourite of the Indian consumer for more than four decades, 5 Star still continues to be what it was back then when it was launched in 1969 — a novel concept in the chocolate world. That set a new revolution in the making of chocolates.

Never before had people bitten into something so chocolate and deliciously chewy at the same time! Small wonders that they saw the deliciously rich bar. The star of every refrigerator and pocket, people cannot resist biting into one! While the classic 5 Star is caramel-filled chocolate, there’s also 5 Star Fruit & Nut, which was launched in 2008, and 5 Star Crunchy, launched in 2005.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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