Real-Life Stories of an Experienced Diabetes

I am an experienced patient. Two decades of diabetes and three decades of hypertension have made me a self-proclaimed teacher without a degree in medicine.

Experienced patient! It sounds funny. People will rather listen to a fresh medical pass-out than to me.

Why should they? I have no certificate to profess medicine and no technical background to back me up. I, also, don’t want anybody to accept my naive opinion; but what I am writing for is that I want to take a note of the good results obtained by me and to expect you follow those only after consulting competent doctors. So my experience is purely personal and its practical applicability is confined to me only.

Fruits and Vegetables controlled my hair-loss

Four years back, I was the very fund of Non-veg lunch and dinner. Even at times, my breakfast table stunk chicken or egg regularly. Very fewer quantities of vegetable intake I was having at that time, resulting in constipation, hair loss and restlessness.

Hair loss was so severe that my pillow always had patches of hair and the windy room had hairs in its all four corners. The situation was unhygienic and embarrassing.

One day, my commonsense prompted me to change my food habits and lifestyle.My breakfast now has salads of cabbage, cucumber and carrot followed by two full glasses of tomato and lemon extracts with crushed pepper seasoning and no salt or sugar.

The fruits I take are only of the recommended variety of six hundred grams weight in addition to tomato extract of 300gms. weight. After thirty minutes, I take my regular breakfast of three pieces of thin roti and one bowl full of boiled vegetables of 500gms.

My lunch and dinner are similar to my breakfast and I take full advantage of free-food(permissible unlimited quantities of fruits and vegetables for a diabetic.) all the time.

This is my usual food-habit five days a week. I take permissible quantities of non-veg items, setting aside red meat altogether for the rest couple of days of the week, never reducing the usual quantum of fruits and vegetables.

I have reduced fat-intake drastically, almost to zero level on vegetarian days, limiting it to two to three table-spoonfuls on the non-veg days.

The benefit I have received is immense. There is no hair loss now. I am still a voracious eater despite diabetes and hypertension. I don’t have to cut down on my food intake. I never feel hungry. I never feel tired or exhausted. I don’t look pale or diseased.

I am not as fat as once I was four years back. Now, my headache has gone and smile has come. No constipation now and no heaviness. I now enjoy Sound and undisturbed sleep for seven hours a day. I now can walk for 90 minutes at a stretch and with the speed of running.

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