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Are you running out of your quota?

The mundane body is designed by God. All for the body are prefixed and predestined. The quota of sugar, oil, mutton, and milk and for that matter of all edible commodities have already been decided by God.

Our quotas get reduced as we consume more and more with advancement in age. We seldom think of it, but the fact is that our food account gets debited leaving reduced balance day by day until a day comes when we end with no balance.

Suppose God has given a quota of five tons of sugar for my lifetime; but if I am reckless enough to to consume four tons by the time I approach forty, I am sure to be left with one ton only for maybe for another forty years of life span.

It is also no less likely that I would have consumed all my quota of five tons by the year I reach my fortieth summer, leaving no balance at all for the ensuing forty years.

It may be that people complaining of acute diabetes have run out of their sugar quota of their life-time because of non-planning sugar expenditure. Similar is the case with oil or mutton or fish. Too much of consumption at too early a stage make us clamour for more and more at a later stage which in turn is available to us at less and less or at nothing.

The question now is: Should I reduce my bank balance so easily and so suddenly? The answer is a big NO. I should plan my diet expenditure in such a manner as I plan my fiscal outlay.

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I should plan my balance of sugar, oil, fish and the like in such a manner that I should stay healthy as long as I continue in this world and spend my life-time feasting upon lambs and sweets in lieu of being a lame person with feeble eye-sight and freak look.

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