Heat Island Effect

India Today experiencing Jungles are burning in this hot summer time. This year, according to newspapers, summer is more than four degree Celsius hotter than the previous year. In the last week of April, the heat waves

and the patterns of summer have been difficult for people in general. Kalahandi is on the western side of Odisha.

The Eastern state of India has been the hub of the tourist destination, and primitive tribal races are predominantly in the major part of this land. Many jungles and hills of this district are burning. Fire comes generates from dry leaves scattered here and there inside jungles and hills and it spreads from there to the entire jungle and many tresses and households nearby to jungles are catching fires.

Jungle fire has been there for the last 15 days and it spreads about 29 kilometres. It is covering many nearby villages though many of these news are not reported in state media channels. Many trees including rare authentic trees as well as many animals of the jungles are dying as the result of the spreading of jungle fire.

In addition to super hear summer, the smokes emerging out from jungle fire is making life difficult for people residing near to these hills. Due to fire and smokes the entire environment is so full of air pollution and it is imparting various health hazards throughout these lands. There is proof of destruction of large scale jungle cultivated land from satellite images. These issues have to be dealt with seriousness to reduce the impact of summer from lower lands of the jungle where people are staying.

The state government has implemented “control burning” and “watcher” inside jungles to curb and stop spreading of fire inside jungles. But these measures have not been successful and the fire is spreading nuke and corner of this district. Most of these forests are reserved forests and there are three reserved forests of 62289 hectares.

Apart from this, there is 46 proposed reserve forest which can be reserved forest in future. There are many summer cash crops inside the jungles which are now completely wasted due to mass scale spreading for the forest fire. There are many instances of wild animals who reach out to villages in fear from spreading of wild fire.

Many tribal who have been inside jungles for numerous years have been completely dependent on the jungle for their lively hood. Now, they are unable to find the adequate amount of food due to the destruction of jungles.

Nearby villages are applying fire to jungles to cultivate jungle and hill-track. They clear the waste leaves and this they ignite the fire. This slowly spreads to different jungle domain and the fire remains there as it is. There is no rain for some time and this also not helping to remove fire from the jungle.

Many excursions people who reach the jungle to have a thorough study of botanical life, left the fire in picnic spot and this spreads into jungles. Due to strong summer, most falling leaves are now completely dry and this helps to spread the fire within a different domain of jungles. Many people who travel into these jungles left burning cigarettes and this creates fire from place to place.

The fire at different places of the jungle is burning for some time, but there is no seriousness from the forest department to attempt to stop the fire from spreading to distinct-zone. Most of the times, forest department are not properly equipped to cleanse entire jungle-fire.

Removing fire from jungles is a difficult task as developed West is unable to solve this crisis. Most of the times we have been learning about news of spreading of camp fire to different locations of Australia but sadly all these help from helicopter spreading water to remove fire and other sorts of works are completely useless in stopping to fire.

Forest department has been making organizing village committees to awaken from local villagers about bad sides of fire spreading through jungles. Nevertheless, sadly all these are going into deaf years of people. Every year during the summer the same age old jungle fire spreading across the hills and making and helping summer to give more grants to local people in terms of summer heat.

Many forest department officials are travelling into a far and nuke corners of jungles to stop spreading of jungle fire but most of these fires are the result of a lack of awareness of common masses of the seriousness of jungle fire spreading all across areas. In many areas, just down to the hills and jungles, many unapproved brick industries are popping up.

Most of these are not registered with the government and they are doing these businesses far from the lurking eyes of the law. For this, they choose places of isolations such as nearby jungles and inside hills and thus generate heat and fire and there is every possibility of spreading these fire to different locations.

Brick industries generate huge heat in summer time coupled with every possibility of converting wild fire into the jungle fire. All these have the different adverse effect on the life of individuals who are residing in and around nuke corners of this part of the world.

On the other hand agriculture, lands in and around brick industries are being wasted due to the generation of greater heat coming out from burning of bricks from these brick industries.

Most of mafias and goons are the owner of these brick industries and they are forcibly evacuating farmers from their land and they are forcefully occupying lands of farmers and converting these soils to create bricks.

On these locations, the entire environment is heated due to the advent of the large degree of fire inside brick industries and this reduces the fertile power of soils and this has long drawn the consequences on the efficacy and vitality of soils. If all these destruction of nature is not stopped at some other day people will find difficult to live in this earth.

People should always be aware of it as so far earth is some planet where life exists, and for this, it is vital for people in general to preserve this diamond known as earth and this should be the greatest message on the occasion of Happy Earth Day!

I have seen two Google Doddles today while telling intelligently about the importance of the earth day and this creates the much-anticipated probability of importance attached saving the earth. It is all our duty to save the Earth from destruction. It is best to start now.

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