My journey to AIIMS Bhubaneswar

For the last few days, parents have been talking about the visit to Bhubaneswar and getting an appointment from AIIMS Bhubaneswar (All India Institute of Medical Science) to examine eye problems of the mother. In the last month, we have been to Shankar Netralaya, Chennai, there we have examined both eyes and one eye found to have cataract what they mention is in the stage of greedy and the other eye have cataract but it is still good and it will stay good for one more year.

The cost of operation of one eye is 33,000 in the package and then as we have come from a distant state so lodging and boarding will take more than 20,000. It seems all these are above package and it is not fitting right for our purse.

Now, we can go to go back and think. The operation is required, but it should have been done after proper consultation from different hospitals.

No doubt, Shankar Netralaya is a good and reputed hospital, but still, we have to consider that most of the time, in prescription there is no mention of cataract operation as it is only said verbally which surprises me and parents.

Then, we go to Greames Lane. Apollo Main Hospital and there we have examined eyes and they too suggest the same but that is without any prescription of operation. What is happening, that is beyond our comprehension and for this, it is essential to get a strong sense of an examination before reaching any such conclusion.

We have reached home and a few days have passed. Shankar Netralaya have given optimum six months of time grace period as we have said we here not reached with financial preparation and for this, we intend to come here after some days and they have agreed and then we talked with operation Department of procedures.

They have told us the package costs 33,000 Indian Rupees for cataract operation of one eye as this includes all the other expenditures. It is a seven days packages and the first three days there will be some tests and they have advised mummy to control blood sugar which has been slightly on the higher side after sister’s marriage.

Due to work pressure and food habits altered gradually and for this the blood sugar levels remain slightly on the higher side. We have checked blood sugars at Apollo main hospital and from there the doctor prescribed some medicines meant to reduce the rise of insulin abruptly at the certain point of time and for this, it is essential to have a good food habit in order to find a proper maintenance of life.

Now, we have gone to two different hospitals of Chennai and now it is time revert back to my native state and from here there are many good hospitals such as “LV Prasad” and AIIMS Bhubaneswar. AIIMS Bhubaneswar is only the second existence hospital after Delhi’s AIIMS. people are flocking to this hospital, which is actually 8 kilometres away from Bhubaneswar.

We can call it is inside downtown of the capital city. It is in a bigger area and the entire area has been clouded with many buildings and it is nearer to Odisha Police Academy.

My first visit there along with parents from the town of Puri which is 59 kilometres from the capital city. We just have to sit on at Puri-Barbil intercity express which runs at 6.15 am in the morning and it usually stays at platform number four.

The ticket costs about Bhubaneswar are 35 rupees per person and in the morning the row is not slow to worry people.

Then, we sat at the chair car where we can sit easily three persons in one side and it is one such convenient place where in the morning we can have a fair bit of wind moving here and there.

First and foremost of this journey is to determine whether the window pane of training is adequately locked otherwise it can fall and if hands are there on windows then it can lead to serious injuries and for this we have taken better security options.

We have taken adequate water and fruits to compensate for strong summer. In Odisha, summer is bright and the chances of summer borne disease are on the higher side and for this, it is important to have a strong water present and staying under the shade is always appreciated.

Then, we reach the bus stand of master canteen where the newly introduced “DTC” busses are standing and 513 is the number of DTC bus which will run in the direction of AIIMS. We have found happier that government town bosses are running on these routes and we have eagerly ready to reach at the bus stand and seat at the bus which has the timing of 8.10 am.

We are happy as we have reached to the bus as for some time the train stays at outer of Bhubaneswar and we have found it is of adequate importance to reach bus on time as we have to make ticket prior to nine am otherwise our journey will not be fruitful at all.

We reached the bus and where the ticketing system is transparent and for this, it is a situation where the digitalized ticket you will be receiving and the town but will go with its time and will go to location irrespective of people inside the bus.

Thus remembers the oppression of private owned bus owners where they used to stop the boss without any time limits and wait for people to come into bus and this time I have noticed almost most of the busses of private in nature is either not running or are short of drivers as they have joined the bosses of DTS as they are being paid good salary with adequate compensations.

Conductors are well behaved equipped with effective human resource capabilities. There is no cleaner inside the bus and people can click on calling bell and they can come down the bus as it is one such beautifully managed bus service which I always being admired of.

There is clear-cut route number and the same busses are intended to go to these particular routes and I myself find quite brilliant to go within these busses which behave nicely with people.

We reached some minutes prior to nine as we have already taken the appointment for us now it is of brilliant importance to go straight to lady who is at the first counter and her behaviour is wonderful and she explains everything finely and she said the eye department is at right wind of the C zone and we have delighted to go there through B zones where X-ray and AIIMS college are there.

The door of the class is ajar and I able to see students are preparing for their studies. After B zone then comes a big hall where people can wait by seeing LCD television. All televisions are connected with direct to home connectivity.

We go towards the right side of it to engage in the eye and neuron section. We reached nearer to eye segment and there we have submitted the ticket to the person who is speaking fragmenting Odia languages but it is understandable.

The entire area is being guarded by the security of a unique private company. There are two doctors who are examining patients as per first time observed a total of 150 patients have to be attended by them. AIIMS in Bhubaneswar is in its infant stage and for this, there is a wider scope of development and more departments especially related with diabetes will surface within some days.

It will be equal to six months as from the word of mouth the department related to Blood Sugar will be surfacing. It will be a huge success. There are a lesser number of seats there, as both the departments of neuron and eyes are there and people are waiting for their turn to be known as.

There are not any such restrictions on the number of people could be allowed with patients. For this, the place seems to be overcrowded. But how can someone limit it as people have reached there by covering miles and even travelling for overnight to reach that place?

Primary eye-compounder attended mummy and then after some consultation, parents come out of the doctor’s chamber. Only one guest is allowed inside the chamber of the doctor and then mummy sits outside and we begin talking with various matters that are most important for us.

We have learnt that many people have reached here by covering a longer distance well right from northern and western Odisha. People from LV Prasad Eye Institute are also reaching there to test their eyes to the strong second opinion about their eyes. Some people have reached there as they are BPL (Below Poverty Line) and have been teaching there as for their testing becomes free.

For ordinary people, the cost of diagnosis is far lower than costly hospital such as Apollo. The Diabetes department is eagerly awaited and for sure after this establishment, most of the private hospitals that have a speciality in blood sugar have to face fierce competition from AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

After some time, one lady nurse drops a few eye drops and then she told mummy to close eyes for 30 minutes. During that time, we reached outside for some food, as owing to its new starter, there have been fewer local shops and for this, food is a rarity there. After this, the doctor prescribed few eye drops and was told to come back after three months.

It is one such happier moment where the doctor said currently there would be no operation and after three months they will check again. She also advised checking back if mummy feels pain in her eyes. This is one such a happier moment where after so much touring we come to a nice conclusion at home.

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar. While waiting for one person who has reached there to have checked there have told that, three injections took him during the operation, and one has to stay for two days inside here, in order to have a complete checkup.

During those two days of the cataract operation, one person is allowed to stay with him and the first day there would be various diagnoses and in the second day there would be operational and seven days after operation subsequent check-up. It seems it is one such brilliant aspect of AIIMS, where I have found wonderful observation and learnt various aspects before coming back home.

As from the entrance gate of AIIMS, the town bus comes and stops and from there we ride to the railway station. The railway station of Bhubaneswar is otherwise known as the master canteen. From there, we learnt that Puri bound to Nilachala Superfast express will come and we have made the ticket of superfast express which is 15 rupees higher than the express ticket.

The superfast ticket charge is 15 rupees. The train comes at half past five and we ride there and experience a delightful journey with a faster train and brilliant non-stop movements.

After reaching at Purl, I observed that side of platform one is open and many without ticket holders are running towards that gate in order to escape from ticket collector and I think railway should have carefully fence that route in order to stop people from escaping from long hands of the law.

On the whole, I experienced the marvellous discovery of how a well-equipped hospital is giving low-cost health services on the pattern of the US and Canada.

It goes on to show how a strong sense of commitment to building a brilliant health care system which not only gives prudent and sound health care system and makes citizens equal rights for access to radiant health care system.

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