CRT monitor losing control

While on leave, invite by cousins for a get-together. I reached there and then, as usual, I sat with their computer for some time. Two CRT monitor, one is IBM (E 74) and the other is HP Compaq. There is a peculiar tendency in these CRT monitors as these automatically changes the brightness, contrast and unable to control it even through monitors built-in switches.

Sometimes the viewing space is wider automatically and sometimes the viewing space is shorter automatically. For these very phenomena the start menu gone missing in the first instance and in the second instance it has been reducing to the size of a miniature. So, incidentally to work with this adverse effect monitor is being stressed and also difficult to handle many times as cousin subsequently adds to the conversation.

These are obviously serious problems as for the first time I have seen, hardware seems good and software and OS are good and no viruses as far as my test, so million dollar question is where is the problem and why the monitor losing control. I advise him, to take these CRT monitors to the service centre may be some lose switching problem. In response, he said he had done this earlier with no success.Then I recommended him for opting for an LCD screen but he said he wants to stick with these monitors and buying of LCD desktop not in his plan of action may be after two years. So, the bottom line so far he will be using these monitors for the next two years.

The OS in these desktops are Windows XP SP3 and I have seen these WIN XP SP 3 is sometimes causing picture grain if you have not updated to its latest critical definitions. If you have got Windows XP SP3 from OEM means with the desktop or laptop then if you install it and then the SP3, the resultant is sometimes picturing distortion in some CRT monitors for some PCs.So, I have advised him to add Ryan VM add-on with the existing original OEM Windows XP SP3 and make slipstreamed of it and then install the OS all over again.As I have seen some Intel graphic drive caused some problems and hence this peculiar phenomenon appeared. This will reduce this irritant considerably.

In fact, after slipstreamed installation, this peculiar phenomenon which I describe in the paragraph one disappeared but with some restart, it shows again but the movement of the screen not there. I advise him to use ASC Pro or ASC Free and run them all in one scan and this also reduces this phenomenon. I advise him to uninstall the Adobe Photoshop on his CRT monitor instead use it on LCD based monitor or laptop. There is some apprehension that the Adobe Gamma setting may be causing this screen error. Turn off clear type screen fonts as it is smoothing the screens for better viewing but it is meant for LCD screen as it is not for the CRT monitor.

The bottom line is CRT monitor losing control is a queer problem. after the slipstreamed installation of OS , if this phenomenon again occurs then go to Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver, then go to its Graphic Property (Cltr+Alt+F12), Display Setting from the left broad menu,then change anything of the three available that is Color Quality,Screen Resolution and Refresh Rate and change anyone quantity and then apply and then the dialogue box will appear confirming the desktop change and the dialogue box will show if you do not respond within 15 seconds ,these changes will be cancelled. Then click cancel, here you go you will then look at the desktop realise that CRT monitor losing control of its screen size and the adjust of contrast, brightness etc. bar is not at the centre of the desktop windows so not blocking any of your viewing areas.

I hope if you are facing similar type of problems like yours CRT monitor losing control and colour bar in the middle of your desktop screen then these few problem solving methods you can try upon and if you have invented then let me and the world know as it seems a queer problem but at least we have managed it or in a sense we have quarantined it.

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