Happiness is the best medicine

For a person dealing with the health in terms of taking medicine as well as other co-curricular activities is absolutely a necessity. When a person have severe illness, only the family members can cure him or her from this difficult times. As the popular proverb close relative can only cure the patient as and when good person the similar situation in those instances reach to the same position as the patient would have been.

Apart from taking medicines one important external factor such as of reducing up stress doing exercises regularly and be active always speeds up the healing process quickly and also the working of medicines becomes hyperactive in such stupendous situations. It is important to wake up early and sleep early so that the adequate time of sleeping cures the health and patient goats towards healing process positively.

Doing exercise when a person is recuperating from serious is a good idea. the person might not do the severe exercise but can do the light form of exercise so as to keep the entire process of the body active. After exercise the whole body become super responsive to the medicines and especially if the person do the morning walk at least walk it terrace if unable to go outside due to illness.

The behaviour of close relative should be good and better towards patient and the environment inside home should be a happier one so that the healing process should be expediated and patient feel at home close relatives. What what we have learnt so far is the good and the friendly conditions such as congenial behaviour and congenital activities can increase the chances of recovery for illness of patient.

Happiness is the great medicine. The people all around create this environment of happiness then the recovery of the patient get expediated. Keep the patient away from all worries and do not let it affect him or her. And should see that life is full of opportunity due course of time after getting healed from severe illness. Hope is there and it is important to capture it and forget what has been in the past elephant picture and you can see the future and that is the hope which we can find it in times to come.

Do not be disheartening what has been happening so far be courageous and fight the diseases with happy minds and stay happy always show that in the future the good times will come. Take medicines regularly be active always do exercise frequently and stay away from all stresses and the situation which erupts stresses. Also remember efforts made by your close relatives during this difficult Times you will find who are your real relatives and who are not.

Remember that Earth is round and when the day comes so as the night and Earth revolves around Sun and its own axis. This means that nothing is permanent so slowly your worries and diseases definitely will go away amd you will stand with your own leg and wait for situation to happen and that will be the brightest part of your life. In those circumstances to do not have to worry about replying to any other person as slowly enter recovery process begins after it.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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