Google Play Pass will provide users ad-free android games and apps

Android from google is now present everywhere except Apple devices. Android provides most of these games and apps which are there inside Play Store comes with ads. Most of these apps and games works fully with internet connectivity. Now, with 4G internet most of these apps and games in between shows advertisements and thus stopping the interest of playing games or using apps altogether. Now, Google ses this as misery for users and introduces Google Play Pass with a minimise small monthly fee one can use most of apps and games without seeing advertisements.

Google Play Passbe a will be available in US first and slowly it will be available in the rest of the countries where Google’s Android users reside. In the US it will cost $4.99 per month. The purchaser will be called as family man and utmost 6 users can use it with one single family man account of Google Play Pass. International Pricing of Google Play Pass will be announced soon as and when the scope and spread of it move from one nation to another.

Google Play Pass will run with android device only. This means android devices which are there with mobiles, televisions and tablets. The minimum level of android operating system should have been android 4.4 which means android kitkat and the version of Google Play Store will be 16.6.25 and above. For android developers of apps and games if you want your app to be involved with Google Play Pass, then you can fill out the form and then express your interest and then google will communicate with you.

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This is a good form of monetisation for developers as so far we do not know either they opt for in app advertisements or go for Google Play Pass and which one is better will time tell or it can form of another way to provide seamless app and gaming experience to users with the small fee and that too be used with six members of the family. You can have seamless gaming and application viewing experience and with it Google will control the show case so many advertisements inside apps and games.

Of late we see there are many apps which provides too many adverts and within adverts there comes malicious ads and in this way app developer will not worry about their app or game monetisation as google will see this and provide another alternative way to increase the prominence of monetization of app or games and in the future there will be no chance further for banning these apps from Play Store.

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