How to make Chrome run better?

Google Chrome is a superior browser. Always ensure to update it to its latest version to make it perform better. Sometimes with some updates, your browser might look different. This means from time to time Google releases major revamps on the graphical user interface of the browser to make it more accessible and user-friendly. It is wiser to make it to automatic updates, even if when you close the browser the update automatically installed or you can manually check for updates.

When you update chrome manually, the web browser saves the opened tabs and relaunch it when chrome restarts after the update. Open Chrome, then go to more and then go to help and then about google chrome and if you are online it checks for its version and if it shows that Google Chrome is up to date, then you do not have to manually update it and if not then it asks you to update and it updates and when restarted the latest version of chrome is there with computer.

If you want to use new designs and features of Google Chrome and test it earlier than its final release then you can download Google Chrome beta which provides prior advantages of playing with various new features of Chrome before the final release. Chrome beta after installation will remove the normal chrome web browser. Google Chrome uses the process namely Google update to send updates to this web browser.

Google Chrome is available for computer, android and apple devices. You can follow these steps to perform faster. Update chrome to its latest version to work faster. Close any unused tabs to save resources. On the tab click on the multiplication icon to close the tab. Chrome web store has plenty of essential extensions. Do not use all these extensions. Use only important and requisite extension so that chrome always remains at its superior speed.

In order to disable extension on the top right corner of chrome go to more and then more tools and extensions and then to turn off the extension uncheck the box beside the extension. Next, make sure to enable page prefetch to load pages quickly. Page prefetch of google chrome is as the advanced settings and in its privacy portion. Go to settings and then expand advanced settings, then in the privacy section of advanced settings check the tick mark next to ‘Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly”. ’

When you open the page, chrome preloads the links of the pages in anticipation that subsequently, you might open these links so that all of these links opened smoothly and faster and this is called as prefetching of web pages. It is important to free up chrome’s memory to make it run faster.

You can find which apps or extensions are taking a large chunk of Chrome’s memory and you can disable it or remove it to run chrome faster. Chrome has a built-in task manager. Go to more from the top right corner of Chrome and then choose more tools and then task manager to launch chrome’s built-in task manager to see which processes are hurting chrome to run smoothly.

If you find some of the plugins are taking a huge load of system resources then it is better to uninstall it and remove it to reduce the load on central processing units. Select the task to end the process and it is important to save any of unsaved tasks otherwise the tasks related to that tabs will be lost forever.

From these tasks, if you notice any extensions that have been taking a lot of system resources then it is better to turn that off or disabled so that there would be lesser pressure on running of chrome. If any extension is taking a lot of memory reveals from the task manager then go to more, more tools, then extensions and then select the extension and uncheck the box beside it.

It is important to open only essential chrome tabs in order to enable chrome to use lesser resources. Do not run the same apps twice at the two tabs, try to use it on one tab in order to minimise resource distribution. You can reset chrome to its default state if you perceive that chrome is taking too much of resources to load every time. While resetting chrome to its default state the saved bookmarks and passwords would not be changed or removed.

Go to chrome, then more, then settings and then advanced and then reset and then confirm reset to reset the browser to the default state. With this chrome comes to its default search engine, home page tabs, new page tabs, tabs you have pinned, content settings, cookies and site data and extensions and themes are being reset to original settings. Chrome has a nice little feature known as chrome sync which synchronises content in accordance with your profile. If you find the sudden change of home page and other related pages then it is better you check it as this might be due to the presence of some unwanted software that is slowly changing the default configuration of chrome.

If you find these problems sign into chrome again. If with this problem is not solved then it is better to uninstall it and then reinstall it again so that you could start all over again. You can remove google account from chrome and then add it again to see whether synchronisation is working or not. In order to reduce chrome data usages, it is important to use chrome data saver extension so that sites should be redirected to google server and then load again with the compressed and optimised format. It has two benefits. It reduces internet consumption and it checks every site securely so that the advent of the malware-ridden website to your computer becomes null.

There are some loopholes associated with chrome data saver extension is that some websites won’t work perfectly and some images should come with fuzzy looks. Nevertheless, it will save many data and that could be the real benefit for you as well as most of these web pages are redirected to Google servers and that is why these pages are fully optimised to load in smaller sizes and that makes the page rendering time in chrome faster and that makes lesser form of use of resources to make it load faster. There are so many ways to make chrome perform fast and superior to suit all of your needs. From time to time Chrome is better and faster to introduce plenty of features and that is making it the most attractive options to use as your default web browser.

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