Files Go by Google Review

Files Go from Google for Android is a new storage manager that helps you to clean your phone. It suggests frees up your phone and makes the phone faster. It deletes old photos, memes, what app photos. It scans android for duplicate files, clear cache of apps such as YouTube, YouTube Go, Jio Music, Jio Movies and so on.

Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone

It suggests unused applications to uninstall. If you want more aggressive cleaning of the phone then opt for the beta version. It provides more and more comprehensive cleaning suggestions. Normal users should go for the normal version of Files Go app.

Files Go is not a full file manager. It is more than what a normal file manager could do. It checks your storages and shows you how much free space left with your phone and SD card. Easily transfer larger files from phone to SD card to free up phone’s space.

With an increased number of users, slowly Files Go app provides more and smarter recommendations. It lists all files with their categories and finding audios, videos and other multimedia contents within phone and SD card become easier.

Smart Recommendations:

It works with Android 5 and next versions. Sharing files with Files Go app is easy. It shares files without an internet connection. It is fast and faster than other third-party sharing apps for Android. It shares files, apps and other multimedia contents with the other phone with the same app installed, with a speed of about 125 Mbps without an internet connection.

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Sharing files with other android devices does not cost mobile data. The other popular sharing app such as Shareit reaches a maximum offline sharing speed of 3 to 4 Mbps but with Files Go you can reach the sharing speed of 125 Mbps and thus saves precious time of sharing moments.

Files Go offline file sharing comes up with encrypted files sharing with WPA2 encryption and this means that even if someone tries to hack your network security still those files are not readable. As the files come up with the encrypted format and only readable with the android device to which it is meant to be sent.

Files Go app has a very small footprint on your android device. It only takes 6 MB on your phone. It is absolutely free to use as no advertisements, malware or bloatware are there so as to slow down your phone’s performance.

Alternatively, Shareit app works good but it is equipped with a large number of advertisements as well as some antiviruses terms it as it can breach privacy. So, it is better to switch from Shareit to Files Go app.

Efficient and effective storage management:

Files Go shows up app cache when it thinks intelligently that the cache needs to be removed. It is the very simple app and useful too. By going into app segment you can uninstall an unwanted app from there. So, it works nicely as add remove program too.

It manager device memory nicely. From time to time it sends notifications of managing your device. Files Go uses Wi-Fi hotspots or Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files quickly from one device to another securely. While transferring files from one device to the other Bluetooth settings is connected but not to be used for actual file transfers.

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Files Go suggests the wide range of files that need to be deleted but the ultimate decision to delete files is of yours. Application files duplicate based on contents not on file hash algorithm or file name only.

Files Go app is a great addition to any phone.Its reminders on notifications are not annoying at all. It is a simple app. It is the best files sharing app on Google Play Store. It is ad-free and sharing files is better than Shareit and Xander apps. It is a great concept and decent execution.

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