How to use Google Docs Offline?

Word Processor is extremely essential for every professional starting from each and every field. Mostly we do work with laptops or desktops for writing drafts or any other allied works. Since the time we have been with the computer, we are familiar with the presence of Microsoft Words. It comes with a price and it does have time-limited update offers and for this, it is important in order to buy the newer versions of Microsoft Word Processor when the support for the specific word processor ends.

It is also critical when you use Microsoft Word processor in order to secure your computer perfectly.

There are many other word processors which come with free but some of them provide advertisements and they justify it as they gain profits from these recurring advertisements that have been shown to users when they open a word processor.

For some time back I read an article on my favourite website tech support alert and from there I got the news that one-word processor comes with freedom.

I downloaded the processor and then install it. Due to my 4G connectivity, I am always on internet connectivity and for this, there is hardly any time when my computer is without any internet connectivity.

I installed it and when I open the word processor. I found that it comes with plenty of advertisements. Though the features of this are plenty of similar in nature to Microsoft’s own word processing software.

I wonder if you want to give the software for free then why not do it completely free and why does it in the guise of advertisements. One aspect of this is that by providing the advertisement not only the developer is constantly getting more and more revenues for the long term but also the prime internet bandwidth of users is being cut across that should hurt the users.

In addition to this the speed of the internet also slows down and this it is important to either give completely free software or gives pricing so that users know that they have to choose from it.

What is the need of giving advertised implemented software which in the long run the most worrisome factors as well as it could draw more and more space by putting the images of advertorials into the space of system drive and that in the long run should male drive slower?

First and foremost changes which we have been dealing with is that we are now in the state of faster internet connectivity and due to affordable pricing of internet we slowly moving towards always-on internet connectivity and for this we slowly move forward in using more and more internet related apps so that the cost of buying this software should not be there.

Google is the internet giant and it continues to provide many of its apps either in Android or in web or desktop computer for completely free of cost. There are hardly any of advertisements embedded with it. Google has its word processor namely Google Docs but the cache is expected to work online.

Slowly, with due course of time by looking at the demands of customer it has been doing to use it offline but with certain conditionality. From the last some of the time, we have seen Google tries hard to remove the distance between offline and online cloud computing.

YouTube, YouTube Go android apps, Google Play Music, Google Drive, Google Photos of android are some of the cloud-enabled apps from Google which has been continuously in search of closing the gap between online and offline computing.

Though the case is that during the last 30 days you have to be online once so that these links should be intact. Most of the time all these apps enable us to download videos, images and music offline and then without any difficulties, we could then use these downloaded formats without switching to data connectivity.

Of late Google also tries to do the same with Windows computing environment. So that users of the same devices can have their documents synchronized with each device and they are not necessary to copy these documents one by one to each of these devices.

It becomes one of the most anticipated forms to understand the way computer runs and make entire documents in a single cloud platform where the distance between offline and online cloud computing comes to an increasingly lesser gap.

Google is currently providing to install Google Photos on the windows computer and download ‘Back up and Sync from Google’ and install it. It is the reincarnation version of Google Photos on android of the windows computer.

After downloading it you could find that it also provides the shortcut links to Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets on a desktop. While installation it asks you about administrative username and password if you are using the computer as a standard user.

What it makes is that it automatically, synchronizes all of your Google photos on a specific account and then you can choose from the folder to upload photos to Google Photos.

It has another option to synchronise to Google Drive also and you can do it anything which you have and the options are so dynamic that you do have the choice of restricting or allowing the folder and if you want to synchronise everything when you want then it is better to do remove it from automatically startup settings so that ultimately, it works when you want.

There is plenty of options to choose it from so that your precious internet bandwidths should not be watered at any point in time.

Then, make Google Chrome as your default internet browser and then switch on data connectivity. Then, go to desktop and then click on it and then that link to ‘Google Docs’ should open a web browser, and preferably open in Chrome from Google in order to be able to save it offline in your computer.

It can be opened with any other browser such as Microsoft Edge, Opera or Vivaldi but the option to save it offline does not there in any of the web browsers except that of Google Chrome. While clicking the shortcut link of ‘Google Chrome’ on desktop the default web browser settings should be changed so that it automatically opens with Google Chrome.

Chrome should open Google Docs and from the red plus signs on the right hand below the corner of chrome clicks on it to open a new word document.

If you are online then click on the blue plus sign and that should be at the beginning of the template gallery. It is important to connect to the internet while starting the document and then save and end of the article writing it is also important to connect to the internet so that, you will have the option to save the document offline. If you are not linked to the internet while saving the document then the save offline option is disabled.

From the ribbon bar go to FILE then DOWNLOAD AS then, you can choose from various option to save the document in the form of Microsoft word format, open document format, rich text format, PDF format, plain text format, web page format and EPUB format optimized to read with the internet.

If you wish to publish the document then you can go to FILE, then PUBLISH TO THE WEB and you are done with it. There are numerous options available with Google Docs but this article is limited to the concept of downloading it for offline and when you download offline it retains the same format that is required to run it.

Google Docs is no fuss and easy word processor and it is free of cost and you have to connect to the internet while you start the document and then you can go for offline and then reconnect to internet and then save it offline in what so ever format or you can share it for collaboration and other purposes.

So what are you waiting for, it is high time to move towards using it so that copy of the document saved inside Google Drive and it can be accessed from other devices through the same apps?

The same document can be downloaded to android apps and then open and edited in real time and this does not come with the advertisement and the interface is clear without any cluttering and it loads faster and provides awesome work experience. Have you tried this?

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