Google Pixel XL Review

The smartphone market is facing a huge surge of demands. Google’s Android is slowly penetrating into the smartphone market. Due to affordable pricing and smart marketing with complete security environments slowly Google and its distance competitor Apple is taking control of android phone markets.

Google is not aiming to capture the smartphone market with the original equipment manufacturer, but it is building premium phones which are mostly nearer to other competitors. So far Google avoids targeting specific masses but it still continues to produce stylish phones.

It is providing users valuable stock android experience. It is primarily android without further customization.

Most of these Google’s phone provide very much uncompromising smart phone experience. Nexus from Google in the earlier version of Google’s smart phone mostly manufactured through Huwai and LG for its original equipment manufacturing still provide a lot to be left over for Google. Google wishes to have complete control of designs of smart phones.

There has been rumors that Google will soon create its own hardware plants and start building phones. Then, pixel phones were built with the help from HTC and this time more partition from Google in the manufacturing process. That is the reason why Google Pixel phones are more like Google than Google’s Nexus phones. Google’s pixel XL which is considered to be the best hardware offerings from Google is being closely contested from Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge and iPhone 7 plus the supremacy in premium mobile markets.

From the above article we do know that Google is not a smart phone original equipment manufacturer from time to time it has been dealing with Huwai, LG and now HTC to make its mobile handsets. Google Pixel XL has a 5.5-inch display. It has big front and bottom bezels. Back side of the phone has two mixed colors providing premium outlook. The plastics that has been there at the upper side and as cover for camera makes this phone more premium for shedding colors. The plastic cover is present for covering of camera, finger-print scanner and flash.

The fingerprint scanner could have been at the front side as there are many larger bezels so that this could have been of greater help for users. The antenna of the phone is just below G logo. It is on one line and it is at the bottom of the phone. It provides better outlook and convenience for users. This time Google wants business and wants to stay in the competition among all premium smart phones. For this it has provided one of the best hardware provisions for this phone.

Google is learning from Microsoft about this. It lets all the other original equipment manufacturer to do what hardware they like but it continues to provide the best hardware of its phone so that it should stay permanently in the minds of users. Pixel XL has snapdragon 821 processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 or 128 GB storage with Adreno 530 GPU and 3450 mAh battery. Its processor runs with 2 plus 2 processing speed, and it is battery optimized as the four cores do not run simultaneously as it only runs the cores that require at the time of processor running.

The display is super bright natural 5.5-inch AMOLED a resolution f 1440 into 2560 pixels. The display screen is covered with corning gorilla Glass 4. Touch screen is super responsive and highly optimized to use. The display and color brightness does not get too much of impacts upon battery consumption. There has been many tweaks to display on this phone which makes this phone to run smarter and battery efficiency. It has an ambient display and could automatically wake up the screen when the new notifications arrived. It has a night light mode, adaptive brightness and manual brightness control to manage ambient display as per user’s need.

Google Pixel XL has two different storage options for 32 GB and 128 GB. There is not any microSD card option. It comes with a 12.3-megapixel camera with dual led flash and high definition recording. It has blazingly faster camera and probably with due course of time with future software updates any of these bugs associated with the camera would be driven away. Qualities of camera pictures are stunning. It has perfectly balanced pure vibrant colors with inbuilt software processing to provide absolutely wonderful brightnesses.

Even in darkest lighting conditions the brightness of lights inside photos is absolutely wonderful and provides clarity of picture standards. It has one of the better smart phone camera. It does not over expose the picture. It inherently conditions the brightness within an object. That is why even direct sun at the backgroundground. Still provides the brighter and superlative output that make it camera the most brilliant aspect to enjoy and realize such potential of the camera.

There is no optical image stabilization. Google tries to introduce electronic image stabilization which does compensate it but not entirely. It has non-removable 3450 mAh batteries. It uses USB type for faster charging. Battery charging time is very fast due to of USB Type C port. Fingerprint sensor at the back side of the phone. It is a blazingly fast finger print sensor. The finger print sensor works nicely with wet fingers.

This should help mostly for people of the places of humidity conditions where the sweating is on side. There is no water proofing of phone. There is a single speaker at the bottom bezel. Quality of the sound is good and loud and that should make people happy who used to listen to of the phone without headgear.

Headphone jack is at the top of the phone. It has good battery, super steady signal even you could call and receive the phone while you are on the go. It has soft vibrator so that you could hear when you receive the call. Its battery barely get hot and minimizing the possibilities of securing your phone for longer use. Google Pixel XL comes up with android nougat and it is receiving updates regularly. Google being the original equipment manufacturer you would expect regular security and other updates to your phone. It would reach regular monthly security updates during the first day of each month.

Android 7 is by far the most efficient and most competitive Android version ever. It is a balanced product with a nice interface. Speaker could have better and should have been in stereo mode and we do hope is the first of the series of the phone in the future there could be further updates and additions of new features. It has one of the best cameras, superlative display, cool battery, faster charging. There would be competition in this segment of premium smartphones but still, we do find it is a better competitor among all of these phones.

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