Evil Encounter

It was a Sunday, as always I had planned to go for a long drive and for this some genuine preparation needed and I was busy with it, in fact, I planned beforehand two days back so that each and every aspect would be completed on time. First I checked the vehicle, all by myself and also then before that I checked it through my favourite garage and there everything was checked thoroughly and it was now okay as I was for a longer drive , it is essential to have all the things cleared prior and with this each aspect of the vehicle checked thoroughly.

Then, it is time for me to prepare myself, as with the case, I was always with mobile, that is essential, in case there is the emergency or any other spontaneous timing that is going to be needed and for this the use of mobile comes handy at times and also I see it fully charged so that it will not be battery drained, then I kept battery charger and car charger and also I checked out whether inside vehicle there is my favourite song available or not and after checking it out I confirmed that it is now available. Due to my Nokia Asha mobile and with it three months of free songs download and it is already on the newer side and for this, I downloaded many of my favourite songs to my

mobile and while driving I was planning to listen these songs in full and it is one of the greatest and the proudest moment for me as I will be using this mobile and listening to the songs that were full of copyrighted and in a sense these were original songs for me and with it I could listen to the songs and for this if at all at any point of time I could feel exhausted then the songs would give me the right fillip .

As we know it is the song that will cool your mind and make you healthier and with it, each passage of energy will be equally distributed for you to make your mark more and more confident and with it, each mechanization would be making it more and more positive and more confident towards your goal achievement. With music, you would find the better solace and other forms of identification that will be working with it and from time to time you will find the correct tuning and other forms of achievement as the case with it, it will give you the perfect success.

Now, I am confident that the music set has been done and for the next, it is, for the time being, is to find out the real ideal atmospheric environment that is going to stay with me. Generally, I wear jeans and a jersey and for this, it is time to be prepared and also I had to take bath and eat some food and take some food.

Then, as I know while returning from the long journey, it would be cooler so for this am prepared to take some cool winter clothes and kept it in the dickey and then, I set it out for my self to venture out in the open. I started the car and now I was back into open and after ten minutes of drive crossed my city and now am at the super fast expressway.

I am driving the vehicle smoothly, and in between, there were stretches of land and there, being able to see the paddy grains that had been in full swing and it while moving with winds trying to say something to me. The slow winds have just been there and with it the full swing paddy grain did seem to me singing something as it is the real ultimate challenge as even the wind also trying to go slow at it apprehending if it went with speed it might damage it .

The farmer with its clan trying to clean in and around the area of farm land and with it , is making the most of it ,the way it is singing to me as if some thing is there and it is trying to say to me stay here for some time and take a snap of me so that I could remember all these and it is one of the most fascinating part of the journey.

Stopped the car for few moments and then brought out my camcorder and switch it on and then I shoot all the moments there and also rewind it to observer whether I was seeing everything or not or anything not captured at all , but at last I found out that everything is captured in full .

Then, I pause for a moment and make the setting as color and then make the other setting to portrait and capture paddy lands from there and it is been rewarded to see it again and find it out the most amazing part of it and also the beautiful capture had been there and with it the strong moments is being taken into consideration.

Then, I started the vehicle and from the farm yards the son of farmer waved hands signaling bid a good bye to me from there, as generally in these village areas and in fact in these deep areas four wheelers were a rarity and in seeing the vehicle the younger ones get very excited and in confirmation to this they waved their hands to me from the distance.

I waved my hands to them and began my journey and it was a positive experience and I had done it with camcorders and that gives me the real joy as later after reaching home , I could be editing that video with iskysoft video encoder , which I have the life time subscription to it.

Then , I shall try to make it format that is related with You Tube as with this I could monetize the videos and also prior to this I shall apply the logo and the necessary information to it so that it could be running smoothly and the copyright is protected with.

Then, there are many options with You Tube where I could also insert the name of my website there and with it; my blog will be embedded within it. What it did mean to me is that, my blog could get back links from You Tube and while thinking about all these I was driving , and it seemed to me that I was nearing to the jungle and it is more exciting to me that ever be thought of .

The road is now full of wood and it is now seems darker than ever before though it is not that so at this time. I ran vehicle with slightly higher speed than the normal which I run, a wave of cool winds came near to me and it seemed more enjoyable than ever before.

I was feeling lonely, so in the mean time I switched on the music system and play the gangam style songs as it was more of a rhythmic soul type as I was tapping my feet with songs, and then one vehicle crosses me and then I tapped my feet with the rhythm of the song and then the vehicle moves on.

There was a cross roads in the front and I slowed the vehicle , and it seemed to me that this curve was like a deep curve , I slowed the vehicle further anticipating some other vehicle might be coming up front.

It was almost dark inside this road where the light had been stopped by towering trees, and then within that I saw some one was standing and waving hands, a sign to help, I was in conflict of my mind whether to stop the vehicle or not, might be a burglar or that sort, but then I saw, it was an elderly man so I stopped the vehicle there.

Then, that elderly man suddenly changes to a younger man and then it automatically entered in to my vehicle, I could not understand, it happened within pulse of seconds, then, at the other moment, I saw, his hands were on the driving seat, instead of mine, as I was there and how come I jut switched back to the neighboring positions to the driver.

How come this had been done as I was at the driver seat, suddenly it swiped and how could that elderly man would change to a younger one? Now, that stranger is driving my favorite car , at the highest speed , till to date I had never let any one to work with mine , it seemed that the vehicle was flying with wind, then suddenly , there was a sudden break to the vehicle , I looked down at the gear box and was worried the way the stranger was handling my vehicle , it was rough.

Then suddenly I was surprised and filled with fear , when I saw his legs , which were not visible at all , then how could that stranger drove the car , I looked at him , he smiles and was looking at my legs , I was filled with fear , then I lowered my vision to see what the stranger was looking to me , I was in deep sense fear , but when I looked below , I could not see me , it was the same as the stranger, noting there, my legs are not visible at all.

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