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Fellow Passenger

It was almost depth of night. I have reached the station in the evening and then reached to my reservation birth at first class bogie and settled in my seat. In my adjacent seat is empty and no one is there and I thought at that moment probably someone would be reaching here from between platforms. There are much bigger platforms will be coming soon and perhaps at the depth of night and then afterwards someone will reach here.

I am feeling bored as there is no one to talk back during the long train journey. The train starts its journey, I was preparing to go towards my native place after a long gap due to professional commitments and I was very happy and the journey will take more

than two days from here to reach my native destination. In the meantime, the train reached the outer of the platform and stayed there for a few minutes. In most of broad platforms trains used to stay for some time to allow different up and downwards train and for this my train is standing at the outer.

In the meantime, after some minutes two trains passed with high speed and whistling away from my brain and from the glass pane of the window I could sense the speed of the train which is going opposite words.

According to Newton’s law of motion, the train which is standing there is felt like running and the train which is actually running seems still. It is a simple equation but still to date Newton is the first person to discover this. Science is full of surprises and many simple equations where one can find unique laws corresponding with each other running at different directions.

It is difficult to find simple laws of nature. Many a time we tend to ignore simple meaning which gives us much surprise from different perspectives. Many wonderful scientists have seen the world in the most simple form and find out the most different variants of discoveries which many times common man failed to find it out. In the meantime, ticket collector comes in and he sat in the next seat.

He checked my ticket and wishes me a happier journey and I smile back in response. I asked him, about the person who will be sitting in the next birth and he said to me that the specified seat which I am asking will be empty for the rest of the journey.

This is not surprising as in first-class the cost of a seat is on the higher side and for this many seats lies vacant there. Now, I ate earlier prepared food and drink plenty of water.

Air condition is working nicely, and it gives me immense coolness and I slowly begin to sleep and before it, I closed the door from inside as no one would be reaching for the next berth. Ticket collector before leaving also advised me to close the door as no one will be reaching for the next berth.

I opened my android and select some songs and set it to stop automatically after two hours and set the sound setting to nine so that it would be good for the ear but not disturbing to my mind and then I sleep.

I slept for almost three hours and I woke up realizing some station is coming and switched on the light and observe the station windows pane. The train is leaving the platform and I was late at the station is slowly reaching to backwards this means the train is now going towards out of this city.

I have been always very much interested in seeing different platforms. As I am a blogger and writer for different content networking sites, I am always having the fascination towards observing different areas with deep interest and aspiration and sad to see the station go away. I switched on the light and suddenly one lady tone comes from the background telling me about that station.

I was surprised and switched on the light and see one lady was seating on the next berth. At first instance I was bemused but then realize that probably later on ticket confirmed and that is why she is sitting there. A lady with a mystic look and I am doing everything possible to see her face but half of her face is not visible at all from the nearer distance. She was smiling and half of her teeth were visible.

Her eyes are covered with a thick red spectacle which is prolonged till her cheeks. She was wearing a cowboy hat and wearing the entirely white dress. Her age seems to be about the latter part of the 20s but from her appearance, it is clear that she looks young and she is beautiful.

On her right hand, she was wearing some bangles but most of these bangles are not so visible due to some light fading inside the train. Due to nighttime lights from outside are not there and this even from the smaller distance it would be pretty much difficult to observe completely her. She was wearing a long white skirt.

She told me you are looking for. I paused for some time as I have not expected this question from her, but I said. I was thinking how you reach here as the ticket collector told me this seat is vacant. She smiles back and said she has been since confirmed ticket.

Earlier she had second class air condition ticket but not confirmed and now she changed it to first class by giving an additional sum of money. I was feeling some sort of strangeness while talking to her.

The normal atmosphere was not at all there and the spread of anonymity simply crippling into mind from now where. It is the sense of strangeness which makes us think that something is not correct. Suddenly, I thought I have closed the door from inside and how come she enters from the outside. There is something wrong with her.

She was grinning at me in the strangest manner. I have sensed this must be sort of non-human. I have heard stories about how non-human evil entities can reach to discrete zones like air do. I have locked the door and though ticket collector told me before leaving from here this girl reached here and she was not talking to me.

I could not talk much as I realize I was in front of evil and the berth is closed and there was no one to assist me out. The main class of this train has very few passengers and every berth is closed with doors and there is no way out for me from any side.

I was in a state of shock. Dismay and my memory were failing at the faster moment. There is not any respite from me. I closely look towards her. She was smiling and slowly stood from there and walking towards me. I closed my eyes. All of a sudden I feel plenty of sunshine in the wildest night and there is sunlight everywhere and from one source plenty of energy is falling back on me.

I was dumbstruck at the change of event. The entire sky was white in the darkest of the night and the stars are seemingly purple patches in between and it gives me the sense of an artificial entity but I have to believe what I have been seeing right now.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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