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When we do we think of the existential presence of haunted places of haunted significance the single most aspect that comes into our mind is that of the fear psychosis associated with these places in enormous manners.

Human brains and ghost presence:

  • We tend to talk about these as well as tend to think about it and discuss it in great detail without any such of the slightest ideas though we felt great in discussing these sorts of incidents in greater details.
  • Listening to stories related to haunting places and incidents tends to create so much of interests as well as it could create the feeling of one of the most interesting leisure time talks among people around.
  • It tends to create so much interesting points as well as stronger scenes of greater need to understand that as humans as well as our brains tend to think more about such state of incidents.
  • It should provide more and more stipulated interests on matters that should not be strongly explained.

The presence of ghosts is the two sides of the story:

  • It could be related to the true and false sense of understandings but the discussion of it still continues.
  • One could wonder how much the state of incidents of either true or false could lead to the senses and understandings of not letting this matter since the time immemorial.
  • It continues to provide us so many differential understandings as well as perfections of ideas that could lead us to understand in greater detail of how life could summarize and pose in the manner that justifies every incident of attainment of understanding of how much the state of movement still continues to provide more and more suspense of not reaching to the exact conclusion.
  • Most of these places do have many such instances of haunted places that seem not to be touched for the living of humans.
  • That provides thoughts for many such discussions which from the distance does provide many thinking applications to move into directions of understandings.
  • Where we do find plenty of instances of such presence and our mind tend not to move beyond such thinking parameters.
  • From the distance, the haunted places should pose the form and manner of eliminating threats.
  • That should provide the real salute and presence of understandings the way we think.
  • Treat the exact way of summarising the manner we tend to into the processes of understandings.
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It is one such experiment and the disclaimer is that try it with your discretion:

  • First does not sleep for three to fours days at a stretch.
  • Now, your mind does not have adequate time to take rest.
  • This means you should have some weak feelings in your mind now.
  • This should provide the real weaknesses while watching different environments as the feelings of shades should meander here and there for you while looking at different places.
  • You should have the feeling of something from somewhere and that should create the feeling of unknown identities within your viewing angles.
  • So, what it means is that the feelings and forms of shades are nothing but pigment of imaginations from our own mind.
  • It could be either true or false but one angle of viewing such elements could lead us to think in such an approach.

Seemingly haunted experience:

  • In other ways, people tend to see and feel the presence of such haunted present where everything they find seems to be erased as they feel these presences of ghosts everywhere as they feel have been to them.
  • In such incidents which seem not to true or false to me still-to-date and continue to pose confusing answers to me as it does provide confusing statements.
  • Here, is the incidents which still this date am unable to comprehend and grasp whether it is true or false. I was transferred to a far away place from the place I was first posted.
  • It was almost eleven hours of journey and that place was a hill station and the only connected route was by road route.
  • In the initial days, the allotment of a quarter does take time.
  • As all these residential places are that of related to the administration and there is no rented place out there.
  • That is why for a week I just have to stay within the office premises.
  • There is one official quarter inside these office premises for the staying and boarding of officials in the initial transit period of joining.
  • Generally, allotted quarters come after 10 days of joining.
  • So, I have to stay on the second floor of an official quarter just above the official administrative buildings.
  • Taking charge took place in the daytime and I used to be taken with the rest of the second-floor guest house.
  • Due to the long road journey, I have not been so much accustomed to of such road travel the amount of tiredness comes gripping to me.
  • I was almost asleep while reaching up to bed.
  • I was in a deep sleep when some sounds or some other audible stopped my thought processes.
  • It was the sound of water that comes into mind and probably that comes from the bathroom out there.
  • I just woke up from the bed and move into the bathroom to light the tap so that the annoying and strange water dropping sound should stop.
  • I switched on the bathroom light but to my utter surprise it switched off.
  • From the evening I have already changed the bathroom light thrice and that goes out-of-order.
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It seems that most of these haunted places, the presence of light systems goes out of order time and again and the places attached to these places do indicate this:

  • Due to the sudden break of sleep, another trying to sleep not possible at that juncture.
  • It coupled with the non-stopping of drops of waters from the water tap does indicate that peaceful sleep for me is not entirely possible.
  • So, I do so to walk out there outside of the room as it is almost two am in the morning. I left the room and the entire quarter was the huge one.
  • It leads to large verandah and down steps at some distance.
  • I decided to walk on these sides so that I could feel fresh and then sleep again for some time.
  • There was a huge window on the other side of the living room.
  • Suddenly some sounds come from the outside.
  • I looked at those sounds, and suddenly one unknown figure comes out and walked in the verandah.
  • That figure was the same as that of the huge portrait hanging on the top of large stars out there.

 I have not been able to figure out and solve the mystery behind this:

  • My heartbeats seem to stop for some time.
  • How come that portrait hanging over the steps comes alive.
  • Walking at the outside verandah out there as everything seems to be some sort of difficult to grasp at there.
  • That figure walks for almost two hours till the dawn at the outside and from the interval, to interval.
  • It comes to the front of windows pane for some seconds and then moves out of it.
  • In the meantime, dawn comes and that figure stops and disappears.
  • I come out of the room to the outside nearer to downward steps to see the portrait.
  • Surprisingly that portrait is now a different one.
  • If, I should see the scientific reason then there could be chances of some planting of the plot.
  • Or is there any chances of the presence of such haunted existence which is very difficult to comprehend.
  • That mystery is still unsolved by my brain.
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  • Humanity has always been rational in thought processes and continues to be rational.
  • From time to time, there are many instances of such incidents which have always been difficult to understand and analyze.
  • From the entire perspective of understanding incidents, we tend to find at some places of human understandings many such difficult to analyze incidents.
  • That has not been solved so far and continue to pose two different and diverse ways to understand.
  • That provides the difficult part to progress how we do understand life, as well as the entire functioning of the brain.
  • That creates the much needed confusions among us.
  • It seems that we all-powerful brain also feel the brunt of difficulties at some point in time while confronting with such state of incidents.

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