Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October

It is ☝one of ➡ most auspicious ☀day for me 🙋 since my school days. During these times in my childhood days this ☀day sigifies the significance of ➡ this auspicious ☀day 🕒❓when father 👨 of ➡ nation’s birthday🎂🎉🎁. During standard ☝one or two all my 🏫school mates go 🚦 with a row🚣 ➕and teachers💁📖➡👦👧 used to ➡guide 👯us ➡to reach ➡ civil office🏢 of ➡ Nayagarh and ➕ there after reaching sub-divisional officer👮 as during those times Nayagarh was a sub division ⬇under Puri district.

There we used ➡to receive 🍬sweet and ➕ some salted biscuits. Then we used to ➡ return school🏫. Then 👴daddy reached school🏫 with 👦his vehicle🚲🚗⛵🚁 ➕and we return with it.

During childhood days all ➡ these seems👀 ❤like some of ➡ most festive occasuon uttar after II grew ⬆up 🙋I realised the immense impoy of ➡ this day and slowly remembering this ☀day as the most prominent and most auspicious ☀day of ➡ 🇮🇳👳Indian history📜.

While jogging at Mahatma Gandhi 🅿Park besides Puri 🌊sea 🏖beach the giant statue of ➡ father👨 of ➡ Nation and ➕ there people ➡of all religions, school🏫 children👶👧👦 and ➕ senior citizens 👷worker club and ➕ the sounds ➡ of Rsmdhoon rhe song 🎶 begins with,”Vaoshnab Jana ta” and ➕ after my walk 🔚finished I took pictures🌆🏜🌠 of ➡ 👨father of Nation and ➕ then took another picture📷 of ➡ was leading others to understand the importance of ➡ work culture and why walking is good for health.

The above mentioned encouraging to work ➕and exercising regularly. Do encourage others who 👤 are ❌not exercising regularly. Clean nearby place📍 and so that you will stay healthy all thet time. Happy😄 Gandhi Jayanti to ➡all my readers.

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