What Facebook knows about you and how it tracks you?

After recent controversies about data collection and sharing by Cambridge Analytica through Facebook, it is pertinent for every user to restrict privacy protection of Facebook.

If you have a facebook account then they can track and collect pieces of information from various sources and posts even if some does not have facebook account still they able to extract data about these persons.

When you use Facebook, everything you do such posting to timeline, likes, and others are tracked at somewhere since a server. This means all of your activities inside Facebook are written somewhere inside a server.

When you scroll through the Facebook timeline and at some point you find an advertisement that is best suited to your need and this means that somewhere your activities are well guarded and analyzed.

Maybe you wish to buy a car as you posted yours move towards nearby car agencies and suddenly on your Instagram account, you find an advertisement for car agencies.

All the Ways Facebook can track you:

This is like somewhere at some point someone is reading your brain carefully and closely. At some point in time, even you had no time to think about it, but this carries on regularly. If you think deeply at some point in time you might have been worried about how Facebook is finding your relevant pieces of information correctly.

The social network has updated its advertisement preference settings to let you understand more deeply about your choices of ads to be seen while you browse the internet. They also have a brand new ad education portal to let users understand how Facebook is targetting ads and how to manage these ads in simple general terms.

According to Facebook, they want to provide interesting advertisements, relevant advertisements to make these advertisement interesting useful. Facebook targets ads of users through locations, age, generation, gender, languages, education level, the field of study, school, ethnic affinity, income and net worth, homeownership, home value, household composition and so on.

Personal data points that Facebook users to target ads to you:

Facebook tracks onsite activity such as pages you like, the brand of the phone which you are using with facebook app and the speed of internet connectivity. From time to time some apps in order to provide some pieces of information are aimed to get your profile pieces of information and that makes leaks of data from users.

When you logged into the Facebook account and then do not logged of then Facebook literally see the websites you are browsing as it can track through its like and share buttons. For publishers, Facebook is using Facebook Pixel to track visitors.

In addition to this Facebook reminds users who have an anniversary within 30 days, and users who are travelling away from town, facebook let them convey different resources of the city they are visiting. During natural calamities, it also lets users express they are safe in these extreme conditions and in this way, Facebook can track your location easily.

It is all about limiting permissions and managing your ad preferences:
It also knows about your relationships, new jobs, status updates, your medical health conditions, users who have birthdays and even users who locked their profile to stop receiving messages still able to find pieces of information regularly.

Facebook able to know the users who are in relationships as well as the user’s political inclinations. Facebook has been working with firms who are in the past sending and receiving mailing lists and send commercials through this information.

These firms used to find pieces of information about users through different portals and then they combine these pieces of information with the complete data received through Facebook.

It constantly goes on to see and observe your constant behaviour in office and homes or away. While on the way every share and likes you does and the media you share, Facebook can find more and more metadata to create a complete and overhaul compilation of your profile.

Out of all these information provided this article is solely based on assumptions but still, we can see the patterns here. Facebook is getting huge revenues from advertisement and this assumption stands correctly. The apps that are inside Facebook and which many liked to use during most of the times but one thing for sure I like is all about the placement of advertisements, which are very nice and creates more an more interest among users.

Some think that the way Facebook is targetting users perhaps the invasive in the world. Facebook knows the internet web browser which you are using. It knows which operating system currently you are using. The way data are sourced and collected in such huge manners, the geeks should be concerned about this.

Users who play games with Android and they have one of the options to share or login with Facebook and what they share and the nature of the game which you have played. Facebook can know which players are playing the same game with you and the users who are using the game playing with which devices and this goes on to amass the large quantity of data.

The main point of caution is how much users know that they are being tracked and how much informations they are sharing. One could not anticipate and hope that every user of Facebook is the geek.

There are options to opt out of advertising preferences but sadly these will not help users to move out from what they are tracking and the methods in which they are tracking.

If Facebook tracking is making you worried and you feel disturbed by it then it is better to stop using it and then completely, erase your Facebook account. If you find the recommended ads are relevant ads and that is helping you to make some relevant decisions then you can use facebook. Facebook is becoming paradox to modern life.

It helps you to discover school, college friends, relatives and creates one of better virtual social networks. Facebook is incredibly useful and it helps you make social but it is important for every individual to see and understand the structural privacy methods that have been there and read these with complete intent.

For many people personal data does not mean at all, then they can continue to use Facebook and other social networks. It is a good idea to use browser extensions such as Disconnect, Ghostery with web browsers so that when you visit any website, with these sharing options these will not be shown in those websites and in this way, Facebook will not be able to track you easily.

If you want to see what you are intended to see and does not want to see other sponsored posts then Facebook Purity addon can do this for you as it will clean up your timeline and that will make your facebook nice and good.

If you want to stop seeing these ads then updating hosts files is a good idea and this will stop showing these share buttons on the website and this will remove the option of Facebook to track you even you visit other websites.

In the end, this article is not about Facebook is being good or bad, it is all about to aware you the privacy concerns that are being there and users should be aware of it. For most of the people, Facebook provides plenty of important data points and values and so as they continue to use it. This article is all about how Facebook work and users who are using facebook should know about it.

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