Final examination: The Journey to Heaven

This story revolves around at the time of of the great war of Mahabharat. Pandavas won this war and at the end of their rule. They decide to move towards paradise. At the first row, elder brother Yudhisthira riding the holy mountain of the Himalayas.

It is estimated that at the end of this mountain the road to paradise begins. His four younger brothers from time to time at path of mountain climbing could not surpass to the last path. Yudhistir continues to climb these rocky mountains and move with vigor and strength of concentration to reach nearer to paradise.

The path to heaven was very difficult and in advance way there have been many obstacles and tricky ways to move ahead. To his utter surprise during his strenuous journey of reaching towards heaven, his road mate was a quadruped dog who continues to walk with simultaneously and continues to follow him during the entire course of the journey. He was following him and moved with him.

During this journey to heaven, four of his most beloved brothers are nothing more. They could not cross certain paths but the dog remains with him. In the mean time, King of heaven Indra, reached in front of Yudhistira with a chariot and requests Yudhistira to sit on it so that journey to heaven should be comfortable and easier. Yudhistira told king of heaven Indra that he could not leave the dog alone in this torturous and difficult path, so if I would be going to heaven so as this dog should be. Otherwise I should walk like this so long as this dog follows me to the path of heaven.
The king of heaven Lord Indra is told to Yudhistira that no one could reach to heaven with the dog so as you so it is better to leave this dog behind and move with this comfortable ride of chariot to reach to heaven. Yudhistira was surprised at the answer given by Indra and he told him how could you tell such a thing, when some one had come to you and followed with you and seeking yours assistances, we should not leave them half-hazardly so that they should be feeling the dearth of deep problems with it. He disagrees with him and continue to say that whatever be happening or if he could not reach to heaven so as it but he could not leave the dog left alone in the midst of this dense forests and mountains.

Yudhisthira told Indra it should be treated alike with killing a Brahmin and reaching the ultimate sin and he could not do it. Though reaching heaven and reaching without any such further hardships does imply great deal of self-satisfaction and comfort but still we need to remember ours duties and responsibilities to understand what should be done and how these life attachments and ours own way of understanding and finding of Lord in every creature could make us believe to where we stands. Those living beings who come near to you for help and assistances, should not be left alone in this solitary place, due to this, I could not leave the dog.

It is his stern assistance and strong strength not to leave the dog alone. Lord Indra asks King Yudhisthira, when you left your beloved brothers and wife on the path to heaven in the midway, then why there had been so much care for this dog? You being the protector of religion and very honest should not be so attached with this mere animal. It is not right to leave this dog behind and move forward to heaven? In this reply, the calm Yudhisthira told him. Lord Indra, I did not leave them haphazardly. Instead I left them after their death on this journey to heaven. While they are alive they are most beloved to me, I was so deeply stressed and difficult to imagine that I could not revive their life so that they should be with me n the entire journey to heaven.

Yudhisthira calmly requested to King of Heaven Lord Indra not to tell him to do this and leave the dog alone, as he could not and he should not even if at the cost of not reaching to heaven. In the religious textures it has been told that one should not leave those persons who came near to you for assistance, one should not beat his wife, one should not take away the money of brahmins and provide fear to close friends and stay as their enemy are the four types of things which no one should be doing in his or her life. Out of these four signs, the highest sin is to leave behind the followers or the person or living beings who come near to u during the whole course of the journey or staying.

That is why he should not leave the dog behind alone in this solitary place. After hearing such strong voice and the strength of character of King Yudhistira, the Lord who stays in the form of a dog through out the whole journey comes to live into the state of original and he could nt stay in that posture of the dog for long. He told happily to King Yudhisthira, that you thought the dog throughout the journey as your fellow traveller and for him even you are prepared to leave all of your comforts and the difficulties of crossing such huge streaks of roads in reaching towards heaven.

The way you have shown the passion to stay with religious ethics, could ot even be emulated by any heaven people. This is one of most brilliant traits of yours even not ot be found from any single personality living inside heaven. That is why you have found the heaven and all these such traits should make you reach towards the ultimate goal of reaching towards the wonderful world of heaven. On that point, both kings of heaven Indra and the protector of religion Lord praised King Yudhisthira for his wonderful ethics and the way he follows the religious traits in the correct spirit and manner. Then with fitting honor both take King Yudhisthira to heaven with chariots. With this the last examination and the test of the King of Yudhistira completed successfully.

The theme of this write up is that during the course of cyclone and catastrophe we had seen the trespassing of many crossing the limits and that creates havoc and panic but even during these times of extreme distress and hardships, sages did not cross the limits, they stay calm and stay peaceful without hurting others, even if their life goes out in this process.

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