Short-lived best looking Actresses

No one can deny the fact that, to achieve something great, one had to live a long life to reach that milestone. It is not true for some as there are instances when many best-looking actresses had printed their beauty and work in the minds of many fans and then they had lived a short life and goes out from the scene permanently.

They seemed to prove that to achieve success one had to live for moments and it can be instant and the print that had been there should be for all ages to see and realize. Many poets and philosophers have opined that to live in one man’s heart one had to live for one day and that could augment to more than one hundred years.

Human life is unpredictable:

Human life is unpredictable and one cannot say that when it halts and if it then it can be instant. Since our childhood, we have been learning this aspect of life continues and for this, we have been pretty much engulfed with this theory and it is backed by practicable happenings.

This means that the life of humans is not certain and during these courses of events one had to perform such and such task to create fame for oneself so that people can remember all these in due course of time.

For this, each person is trying to establish some renowned work so that after his or her demise peoples at large should remember the utilities that have been brought to the world due to one’s perseverance. It is also true that to create a wonderful accomplishment one should not live long to achieve it, on the contrary one can live a short-lived life to achieve that.

In this article, there should be written about a few famous actresses who lived a short life but their beauty and acting inspired many and till to date, their work had been praised. They have impacted such influence between the audiences that, even long after their deaths, people are praising their talents and beauties.

Ami Win house:

She was a talented singer and actress. She had born on 1983, September 14. On 2003, she produced her début album “Frank” and it was successful and nominated for Mercury prize. In 2006, he had published her second album “Black to Black” and this album was a huge success and was nominated in six categories of Grammy’s award.

She won five out of six nominated and she created the record of winning five Grammy’s award at one time and she was first Briton lady to do so. In 2007, she won Brit award for the best female artist. Then, she won Ivory Novella awards thrice. Then she had won awards one after another, but suddenly she faced her death. Due to excess intake of alcohol, she died on 2011 July 23 and at that time she was 27.

Marlene Monroe:

Whenever the world thinks of the most beautiful heroine of all time, then peoples no doubt thinks of Marlene Monroe. Her original name was Gene Mottelson. Her childhood time was not well settled and that impacts on her later marital life, which is not settled and unsuccessful.

There are rumours about her relationships with the president of US, John F. Kennedy. On 1944, he married her lover Gimi. It was her first marriage. She was a nice actress, singer and a model.

Still to date, long after her death, the whenever the world thinks of any actress of having beauty and lovely face, then the world thinks of her. She had born in 1926 June one and during the phase from 1950 to 1960, she had given many commercial hits. She has died in 1962 August 5. She was discovered died in her California home.

She was only 36 at that time. Later it was told that she had not received the natural death. In the death report, it was written that “acute barbiturate poisoning, resulting from a probable suicide.” During that time, the secret behind her death had been high profiled and talked on the silver screen in many manners and still to date the reason behind her death is a mystery.


She was known as the most beautiful lady of all time in Hindi film industry. Her childhood name was Mumtaz Beghum Jihan Delavi. She had born in 1933 February 14. During the end of 1960, she became critically ill and was transferred to London for advanced treatment.

Doctors denied performing the heart operation there and it was seemingly clear at that time her days are numbered. She had the enchanting smiles and the beautiful face that gives many more commercial hits film in Hindi film industry. It was advised her to take full rest in the rest of her life, to increase her lifespan.

When she heard about her imminent death, she returned to her beloved workplace and begins to work more. She has died in 1969 February 23. She had completed her 36 years of life just before one month of her death.

Meena Kumari:

Meena Kumari was renowned for her tragedy acting thus she was famously known as tragedy queen of Hindi film industry. She had born in 1932 August 1. Her childhood name was Mojabin Bano.

She acted in 90 films. Her acts mount to excellence when she acted in tragedy roles in the screens. There are many films in which she had acted such an excellent manner that evens long after her death, her admirers think of her tragedy presentation at the silver screen and for this, she was rightly called as “Tragedy queen” of Hindi film industry.

She was a heavy drinker. While she rode on the path of success, simultaneously she had gone to the wrong path of drinking.Ultimately she was affected with the disease name as liver cirrhosis and it ultimately ends her life prematurely. She has died on 1972 March 31 at the age of 39.

Smita Patil:

She had born on 1955, October 17. She was involved with film, television, theatre and that bring into her most of rare talent that ever be seen on silver screen. That is why innumerable talent had been there with her acting.

She not only acted in Hindi cinema but also showed her immense talent in Marathi cinema. She had acted over 80 films in both Hindi and Marathi films as a whole. During her short-lived life, she had won twice, the national award for best actress and once, the popular Film Fare award for best actress. In 1985, she had won prestigious Padmashree award for her wonderful acting capacity.

She was a rare talent in parallel cinema circle. She married co-actor Raj Babar, and during a delivery time, she died. She delivered her son Pratik Babar in 1986, December 13 and after two weeks she died at the age of 31.

Divya Bharati:

The beautiful actress seemed to have come to Hindi cinema circle for a few years. She has died at the age of 19. She was born on 1974, February 25. She was a successful actress in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil movies.

She started her film career in Telugu film, at age of 16. From 1992 to 1993, within a year she had acted for 14 films. In 1993, April 5, in a sudden accident she fell from five storied building at midnight and died on the spot. Her fans became saddened by her sudden departure from this world.

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