Do you really need a backup plan in Windows Computing

You have a windows computer and it works nicely and yours everything such as writings, articles, theme back up , WordPress file backup, wordpress SQL server backup inside logical drive of hard discs. Suddenly on a new day you find that, after booting up your computer is not working or is not entering into Windows. So, here the real tension begins and you ask yourself whether you have backed up everything or not and if not then you do not have back up plans then what you will do about it.

So, even if you do not have one more computer then also you can have back up plan for your website. Back up wordpress installation and others such as themes, plugins and database into external hard disc so that it will remain intact. Now a days we have faster internet connectivity and this means we can now use the internet to back up all of these backup files, to cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox and so on.

Even if your computer goes out of order still you can keep back up of these files in safer locations and even most smartphones supports 64 GB or more and you can back up these above mentioned files to these flash drives of smartphones and you can carry those back up at your will and on the go and whenever you want to back up or reinstall WordPress then you can easily do it as open your chrome browser and then cPanel and then go to back up option and then restore backup and restore it from flash drive where the back is downloaded.

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What if you want to update articles on your self-hosted wordpress website and your laptop or computer is down and out and you should have a back up plan for your website so much so that you can write through other sources without any difficulties. You must have smartphones or tablets or may be of older android operating system. I had an older android kitkat operating system of Lenovo tablet, and it is of 8 inch display so I decided to use it as a back up device.

I connect Lenovo tablet with wireless connectivity and then download wordpress app and then provide website address and then put username and password to enable that app and now the next question is how to write faster with it then I have also one beautiful plan for it to progress article writing process.

Now, buy a bluetooth keyboard and then pair with your secondary device and in my case it is Lenovo older Laptop and after connection now you can use bluetoothicle wireless keyboard to write an article on your android tablet even if your laptop is in the computer repair shop.So, in this way you created the perfect back up plan for your laptop when it becomes out of order still you can write an article on your self-hosted wordpress website as well as you can now update article without any difficulties.

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