How to Set up Cloudflare free CDN by Changing Name Server for WordPress Sites

Cloudflare is a free CDN (content delivery network) services which protect the website and accelerate website to load on user’s computer with supercharged speed.

Content delivery networks set up different servers at different geo-centric locations.

It provides cache copy of websites world over at first detecting the location of a user and then find the nearest server locations and then send the same copy of the website. It not only accelerates the page loading times but also does provide faster page loading by impacting with less of a central server.

Its intelligent server technology automatically detects the location of the server and provides a copy of the website to the user’s browser without delay with full server technologies.

It does provide a huge security boost to your website by providing firewall where every content is carefully redirected to check the malicious users, abusive bot, crawlers who tries hard to waste important bandwidth limitation of the website.

Without Cloudflare, your website is fully open to internet world as from server it did have slow pipes of sharing of website but due to the advent of crawlers, bots and attackers most of these bandwidth pipe limits are preoccupied and let it the very slow margin for real visitors to reach to your site.

With Cloudflare visitors get supercharged pipes of the server and that too nearest to the geolocation of visitors to reach for the website to the faster limit.

Due to extreme security mechanisms, crawlers, bots are stopped from accessing websites on the first hand and that provides the huge boost to website owners as most of their website bandwidth limits did not get wasted out here and it open for real and authentic web visitors all the time.

Cloudflare is the globally distributed network and its server are located worldwide and for this, it makes website always on even the original server of website shows download times.

Its main aim is to protect the entire internet and for this its dedicated community of webmasters and many people are employing this on to their network to make it more viable and more visible in such circumstances.

Cloudflare can be used by any webmasters who do have the choice of hosting. It does not work directly with blog spot or other subdomain considering if you have your own domain and then followed by sub-domain and if the main domain is connected with Cloudflare then the subdomain too can be connected with it considering it should have the main domain in hosting parameters.

If you’re hosting more part is not the partner with Cloudflare then also you could easily add Cloudflare by changing a name server of domains and it does not take 24 to 48 hours to activate but, it does activate with immediate effect.

There is no complicated DNS configuration to change, no hardware and software access to be changed, as you only have to change the name of name servers and then it is all done and your website should be supercharged with accelerated speed and complete security.

If you ever feel disappointed with it than you could easily turn off its features for some time or for a permanent time. The first step of connecting your website with Cloudflare is to create a Cloudflare account and add the website. Everything is easy out here with Cloudflare.

First, go to sign in page and then click sign up link located at the top right corner of the newly made landing page of Cloudflare.

Then create the Cloudflare account with your email address and password. Then tick on agreeing to Cloudflare term and conditions and privacy policy and then click on create an account.

Then login to your website and then click on add site to start adding website and within a few seconds it should scan existing DNS settings of your webpage and then ask you to change the name server.

If your website is then you should write in order to scan for DNS. It should provide you with two name servers that should be installed on your hosting DNS and you should change that. First, note down addresses of these name servers.

Login to your hosting provider and then reach to my account or login to find the list of orders. Basically, you should find the names of products such as if you have single domain Linux hosting and domain registration, or any other add-on.

Then click on the name of the website to reach to panel list of orders and ten from domain registration find the name server which manages the domain name uses.

Then click on it and then it should open manage nameservers and from there add the two designated name servers you have from Cloudflare while adding website and you should have noted down it and then in the place of existing hosting provider name server you should add Cloudflare powered name server and for better security or in the case in the future you wish to change it then it is better to note down hosting name servers at the safer place.

Inside of Cloudflare control panel, there had been many tabs and corresponding pieces of information attached thereon. In the analytics segment, one could find detailed website requests from visitors and cached requests which were meant to be reproduced from Cloudflare servers worldwide.

Bandwidth saved from original hosting could be known and that quantity should be there as well as if you have enabled page rules for your website then it should provide fewer servers to Cloudflare as it could cut the costs of hosting as well as that of Cloudflare servers to a considerable extent.

The more and more content served from Cloudflare servers provides more and more cached resources and more and more savings of bandwidths as well.

By enabling page rules for website inside the clock-face control panel you could find the presence of use of fewer servers and that expedite the processes of caching of resources in a supercharged manner in order to provide the website at a faster pace.

Due to the existence of firewall, more and more website traffics had been rerouted through Cloudflare servers and that cut through bad malicious requests to protect your website to a considerable extent. Cloudflare has a huge user database.

Internet protocol addresses those are considered to be malicious and backed by stronger and dedicated communities who work day and night to make the web faster and safer. If anything suspicious found than those request had been challenged by a CAPTCHA which then sees whether that traffic is an artificial bot or humans.

It checks out bad-requests in the form of browser integrity check. IP range checks through different firewall rules and it had been updated regularly. By using open street map of leaflet it showed the worldwide map and the specific locations from where the bad-requests or malicious request had been reaching and it shows how many such and such request had been blocked and it continues to see and show the results.

In the DNS settings inside Cloudflare, there is one option namely ‘DNSSEC’. It is a good way to safeguard from DNS attacks on the server. If enabled it protects against forged DNS answers as it checks for digitally signed DNS records and the concerned records published by domain owners.

In the firewall tab, the most preferred security level comes upon. Here we do find the presence of a different security level, but the most essential and common ones are the medium security level where it challenges both the moderate threat visitors and most threatening threat visitors with different techniques.

It has been evident that the motto and aim of Cloudflare are to make the web faster, safer and normal. Now, slowly internet had been moving into the stage of the absolute open internet with it.

It provides few SSL security for websites, advance web firewall with three free options for page rules, latest algorithm related with compression mechanisms such as rocket loader and most up to date security for websites so that precious bandwidths should never ever be compromised by artificial bots.

In this way, it does provide huge amplification of movement of making the internet more secure and the securest place and this also does help webmasters to continue to concentrate on their work and that makes entire web areas more beautiful and comprehensive.

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