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Do you really need a backup plan in Windows Computing

You have a windows computer and it works nicely and yours everything such as writings, articles, theme back up , WordPress file backup, wordpress SQL server backup inside logical drive of hard discs. Suddenly on a new day you find that, after booting up your computer is not working or is not entering into Windows. So, here the real tension begins and you ask yourself whether you have backed up everything or not and if not then you do not have back up plans then what you will do about it.

So, even if you do not have one more computer then also you can have back up plan for your website. Back up wordpress installation and others such as themes, plugins and database into external hard disc so that it will remain intact. Now a days we have faster internet connectivity and this means we can now use the internet to back up all of these backup files, to cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox and so on.

Even if your computer goes out of order still you can keep back up of these files in safer locations and even most smartphones supports 64 GB or more and you can back up these above mentioned files to these flash drives of smartphones and you can carry those back up at your will and on the go and whenever you want to back up or reinstall WordPress then you can easily do it as open your chrome browser and then cPanel and then go to back up option and then restore backup and restore it from flash drive where the back is downloaded.

What if you want to update articles on your self-hosted wordpress website and your laptop or computer is down and out and you should have a back up plan for your website so much so that you can write through other sources without any difficulties. You must have smartphones or tablets or may be of older android operating system. I had an older android kitkat operating system of Lenovo tablet, and it is of 8 inch display so I decided to use it as a back up device.

I connect Lenovo tablet with wireless connectivity and then download wordpress app and then provide website address and then put username and password to enable that app and now the next question is how to write faster with it then I have also one beautiful plan for it to progress article writing process.

Now, buy a bluetooth keyboard and then pair with your secondary device and in my case it is Lenovo older Laptop and after connection now you can use bluetoothicle wireless keyboard to write an article on your android tablet even if your laptop is in the computer repair shop.So, in this way you created the perfect back up plan for your laptop when it becomes out of order still you can write an article on your self-hosted wordpress website as well as you can now update article without any difficulties.

I was offline for few days!

It has been awhile since I have been into my first post and there is some valid understandable reason to back this trend. There is hardly any time in the last seven years since I have been into the writing of this website , when I was hardly been offline for these days. There is some valid and important reason for this and due to this great event I was pretty much excited to bare this event. It is one of my greatest days since I was into this planet, as my only sibling married and for this, as my sister married, I have to do pretty much work for this and most of work has been done by me to manage this event.

As brother, there are many customs and traditions to back this event and for this I have to do plenty of work and other essential management to be into this event and this has been much excitement and other anticipations for me as my only sister married at the date of 12th of March 2013, due to my traditions plenty of marriage works has been done and these are one of the many wonderful happenings that has been here to stay on. There are some valid reasons: With plenty of higher education and work experience in her six years of education career , my sister getting marriage into my own community and that too with the consent of my parents.

The event was highly expected and one of the greatest that has been there in the history of ours memory, with each of passing days that has been there and the day towards marriage reached to its core and the plenty of work and related anticipations is soon going to materialize with each passing days the probability of whole some achievement and its related events is soon making most of it to the core tune of finest managements.

All these are some of most valid reasons that has been entitled to make most of it and for this it was almost impossible to write on any sort of topic as there is hardly anytime to reach near computer and write something about events and also blogging. The mere anticipation of this event and the related happiness that has been there with each passing days has been tremendous and multifaceted with each of its synchronized events that has been there at each of related actions and anticipations and for this more and more probability of many more actions related anticipations has been the most caring out of its rest of missing guidelines.

Complete absence from blogger:

With due course of time there were rivals , who did give some stiff resistance to marriage but due to help from Almighty and the power that emanates from Him gives the much prudent anticipation and the real passion to walk into the stem of good marriage that has been there with equal brilliance . The oppositions are falling apart and flat with equal anticipation and other related matters and with it , the real relationships and the persons who are helping with equal brilliance and zeal has been with due time giving the real impetus and helping hand to each of the related anticipation that is going to happen in some way or the other and in this manner the entire festive occasions has been there with it and the manner it has been given the real and due prominence showing the brilliance and positive attitude is just been getting better with time and energy.

Due to all these works there has been lesser time for me to concentrate more and more on writing part as we know to write is just not a simple thing , it is a creative part and with it all the flow of ideas just been getting better with time. Due to lack of time as per the process of ideas and related matter there has been the complete absence from blog and other related areas and for this am feeling sorry for the readers out here. In the mean time from smart phone, I have been checking my emails and other related news and leaving behind all the writing activities out here.

Situation absents:

Due to the habit of publishing regular articles, there has been the habit of me of lately to write more and more article but due to some valid and significant works and related matters, I am feeling sorry that even in these busy times, I had not been able to write more and more articles, in these time I should have made the crisis management more and more prominent so that, there should not be any such disturbances at any point of time. In the mean time due to mega arrangement, everything needs to be managed and optimized fully so that, there should not be any such mismanagement on the part of anybody to have any such misfit situation.

There should be always allow access to anything at such and for this each part and facets of institution needs to be managed fully to its optimum potential so that, the complete capacity utilization should be possible at each point of time with equal utility. In this mega arrangement one had to see, the different aspect of each passing utility and also in the similar manner the process of understanding and the capacity utilization should be the motto at each segment and part of it.

The entire man management and different aspects that has been there with each zone and the process , with which it has been acting in some different attitudinal syndrome , is the matter that has been there at with bestowing aspects and for this one has to extreme careful while watching and realizing different aspect zone that has been there for you and to learn more about it one should for the most situation and the most understanding aspect of mega management that is going to be strong with you .

Positive attendances and point of action:

The entire facets and the flow of work should not supersede your budget otherwise the most damaging part of it is that , the entire work should reach you at some of the most dangerous tenterhooks that you yourself should not estimate and managed at different point of view . The entire organization capacity is going to make you more and more productive, if there is the entire coordination and correlation between yourselves to get passed into most of the rocky roads that has been there with you every time you pass it in the process makes the road the similar and the plain at hand to getting it knew at you with equal ease and much anticipation.

There are some valid reasons:

The probability of each aspects that are going to make this celebration more and happier moments needs to be sanitized with each passing instant so that, when at any point of time you return yours glances towards the coordination part, the more you go with the positive aspects, the more point of attraction that is going to meet with you. All these can be the positive attendances and point of action that is making and moving towards you to get the better ideas of whole some approach and with each passing time and movement the matter just been getting better with similar ideas and actions .

KBC 2019 Registration Whatsapp Lottery Call, It’s Fraud From Pakistan

KBC the short name of Kaun Banega Crorepati is telecast on Sony TV India and people wish to reach there to earn handsome money without too much of effort. People want to meet Mr. bachan personally also during the show. Even if you have not succeeded but still reach to the stage and can be viewed on television as well as you can have personal interaction with Mr. bachan too.

Now, in order to qualify for the last leg the competition is too much and people always wants to wish they might have the chance to move there easily. This is what fraudsters take advantage of and then they make false claim to approve the victim to direct entry into KBC with some money amount.

Though internet spread far and wide in India due to its good money packages but still the digital literacy level is quite low with it. It is important to understand what should have been imminent menaces of the consequences of such fraudster. All people should remember that nothing comes free in this world and Amitabh Bachan in his show also mentions that in order to register for participation in KBC,Sony television does not take any amount of money as registration is absolutely free and if any calls come you and ask for money for registration then it is completely fraud and do not give any money to them.

Yesterday, I received a call from this number from whatsapp call, from +92 317 5791977 at 6.25 pm, 6.26pm and 6.27 pm. The call is from my whatsapp call not from dialer call. He said that my so and so Jio number, has won registration of KBC in its final round and also in addition to it you will get 25 lac Indian rupees and your lucky coupon code as the result of lucky draw is 5555.

From the initial of the number which is +92 means that it is from fraudster must as it is from Pakistan as most of such frauds come from these localities. Then he told me to call another number and that too from whatsapp call only and that number is +92 8434593630 and then the person will be namely he said is that of Rana Pratap and he will ask you for 25 Lac lucky code and he told me to tell him that the lucky code is 5555 and he will ask for bank account detail and bank.

After calling that number knowingly as this is fraud but I want to unravel it as he insisted on calling through whatsapp and he asked for 1 lac processing fee in order to receive 25 lac and he asked for my bank account number and bank. I then stopped that phone and from the conversiona I realised that he is a fraudster as his Hindi also not like ours and also he is asking for money at first.

The insistence of calling through Whatsapp also raise doubts. Then, the government of India also time and again reminds also not to lure into such frausters as well as the asking of bank account and bank number and sending them one lac at first confirm doubts. Mr. Bachchan also said in KBC show that Sony TV does not ask for any registration fee as well as it also the participation to KBC is completely free and do not lure into such phone calls as these are absolutely fake and stop these fraudsters from getting hard-earned money from you.

Where Can I share my Blog Articles?

The importance of developing of a website is to make it most popular. It is important to make your website popular. It is important to move forward and make famous your website is completely ethical way so that ultimately you will find plenty of visitors making it popular as it not only make your website popular and that is the sole importance aim of your website to construct but also, in term of making it good for monetization it also provide one of most outstanding form of making your website responsible for good adsense revenues.

For every website owners the real treat is to make it more and more popular and good for absolute revenue optimization such that ultimately, you would find that, it is the reaching of people into your website and that will attract more and more publishers to sponsor yours website and provide different amenities for revenue optimizations.

Twitter is the biggest platform for social networking. Share your link into Twitter timeline and then tweet and retweet others so that they will also make your tweets to retweets and that will consider and accumulate so many of people so that ultimately your website becomes popular. By retweeting others they will also retweet yours and that will provide one of the biggest reach to people and that will serve others to visit your website and that means you are garnering more and more people within shortest possible.

Scoopit article sharing website is another form of sharing where you scoop articles and then it shows inside of yours dashboard and then when others will see it then they will scoop your articles when you scoop of others and in this way you will find new visitors from it. Jetpack has also sharing module of it so that you can add it below your article and it is important to add it from content.php or single.php so that it will show up at the end of your article.

Medium is another medium to share entire article to internet world. It is from twitter and if you are at US or some approved countries of Medium then you can get more prices from article sharing from your website. It is important to share articles which are written from original source. Even if you can share articles to medium and people can read it from these sources and there is absolutely larger number of dedicated communities and they read articles and can go to the original source which automatically linked back to the original source.

Then, next is linked in articles. There you can rewrite your article and linked back to it. It comes up with dual purposes. Your article will be seen by linked in communities as it comes up with number of dedicated communities and then, by seeing your talent and writing style your perspectives recruiters will reach to your article from link back and then they will see yours talent and the way yours writing style and that would provide one of better understanding of yours another form of recruitment in term of content writer or in the form web hosting and so and in another way it also enhances yours website visitors and in this way you will get most visitors.

Create Facebook account and built a Facebook page and name it in the name of your domain so that people will find it recognizable with it and that will make your website as the brand effort and that should provide another form of garnering visitors as more and more people will like your page and then this will provide more and more form of people as those who like your page then it will show up on their time line when you update your website with articles and that will bring back visitors to your articles in this way you can find more and visitors.

Open a Pinterst account and it provides free to build up a Pinterest brand account and first let your website to be approved Pinterest with the placing of php or tag code and then wait your website to be approved by Pinterest. Then share your contents especially with pictures that should be relevant to your website and then share with some snippets so that people who will be seeing the images in Pinterest he can know more about shared article and then can link it to your website so they can be perspective visitors for your website.

Similarly, you can share your article to Hatena, MeWe, VK, XING and, Blogger, Tumblr to provide more visibility and that can attract more and more visitors to your website and that means slowly you will find more and more people reaching and that should provide a way to manage your website and it can provide awesome ways to make your website good for revenue optimization in the long run.

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