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Mumbai’s favourite hill station gateway Lonavlala

At the gateway of Mumbaikar’s favourite hill station situated at the halfway to Pune, inside the beautiful Western Ghats, present the source and the essence of the never-ending bond between tourists and nature. The route from Mumbai is the expressway to Lonavla via Khopoli. We know that most of the hill stations become empty during rainy seasons. Conventional ideas also suggest staying idea to these places during monsoon.

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Medical Tourism

While travelling you would never expect the similar sort of ideas as you would expect while travelling through a series of events that should come as expected one after one. First, it was the all anticipated medical tourism but that too not to be absolute easier due to constraints of time and the accommodation and travelling facilities but still, all that goes well ends well that comes into the light of perfection with the desired anticipation to reach towards absolute perfection.

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