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My Journey to AIIMS Bhubaneswar, October 2019

Bhubaneswar AIIMS is the second oldest AIIMS of India after most reputed AIIMS Delhi. Now, there have been many people reaching to it from neighboring states such as West Bengal, and people from far and wide of the state of Odisha and enjoy the fruitfulness of cheaper medical advantages straight from central government of India. […]

How to live economically as immigrants in Canada

Indians moving into Canada for the sake of study, service are known as a immigrants. This article aims to provide information for such first time inmigrantes how to live economically while staying comfortablly in Canada. Most of Indians feel that the life of immigrants staying in Canada is is full of bed of roses but […]

Places to Eat Food in Puri

In marketing term we know that customer is king. Since the days of management days I found in the course of marketing the most important part is that in marketing the most significant player is customer itself. For any food hotel customers are visitors who reached at hotel. It is important to look deeper into […]

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