Dark Energies and Dark Matters of Universe

There are many numberless stories of science and till to date most of them are demystifying, and out, darkness is one. So far, no one can decide what is darkness and from where it continues to exist and why rights are overbearing to remove darkness. Science does not solve many theories of English, and the probable energy associated with science is a part. It is still the mystery of whether darkness is energy. It composes the universe of so many galaxies and millions of stars are there inside galaxies.

According to Newton’s law of motions which deals with gravitational forces, according to it, every galaxy should attract the other galaxy as they depend upon the source of forces which acts one another. Depending on this theory, galaxies should unite in one noteworthy field, but it is happening just the opposite as from this theory all the galaxies are going out of their reserved spheres as there is no internal attraction between galaxies. Einstein in 1915 has described the theory of a static universe which is just the opposite of what Einstein has famously told all of us.

The theory associated with him is world famed, and most of us have been learning inside books since childhood. He said the universe is neither compressing nor expanding. It is static. Nor there is a universal constant which is holding all galaxies in their respective positions and for this, there is no such abnormality as far as the stationary position of the universe. Disobedient to this theory, great US scientist has proved in 1929, the world is expanding beyond a certain limit; It is not obstinate, and it is not running through the principles of the universal constant. He had been penetrating observation and study about this matter, and in this way, he has gone from a theory to a principal to arrive at this concept. The world is expanding beyond a certain limit and every galaxy because of this unending expansion of the universe is moving wider of the additional galaxy.

So, Hubble what has said in 1929, that every galaxy is moving from one another, is exactly the opposite theory of what is being mentioned by Newton. What is obstructing the gravitational forces to attract one another, as if the gravitational force is the invariable perceivable from the movement within the earth, but it is happening exactly opposite and why it is happening?

Is there any mysterious force that has been stopping gravitational forces of the earth and why it is happening and what is the source of this inexplicable force as so far no one can explain on this aspect of energy creation?

There is a case in force that opposes the power of gravitation and what is that force and from where it is getting energy? It is the mystery and scientists have had a none idea about creation of this energy and for this, they are calling this energy as “dark energy”. They still flummoxed about what is at the root of this energy and from where all the power for this energy comes from?

Which force is stopping the power of gravitational forces of galaxies and the repulsive force is working in between them and what is the source and the reason for this calculation by many scientists and they are coming to a tentative conclusion that in the world out of all energies, 68 percentages of energies come from dark energy. This means still to date we have none such ideas about how 68 percentages of energy come from the world as something does not know it from which origin all these energies are coming from and from which reasons they are protecting galaxies in colliding with each other.

Then, knows now that 27 percentages of space of a universe are being taken over since time immemorial by dark matters, and they are unknown and no one knows about them as from where their origin and why they are occupying such places no one ever able to expect. So far scientists are unknown about two matters one is dark energy, and the other is dark matters and all these have been occupying 95 percentages of space of the universe and what uses well known for use including the space of galaxies and stars is only five percentages. Out of these five percentages us from the earth now only scanty details.

Think about in the most separate of the world occupies with gloomy energy and dark matters but still to date no one finds themselves in a position to comprehend and find the dependable power of malevolent energy and matters. It is observable all these are potent forces and have been controlling us, but we have not meant the capability to detect all these unaccountable forces. NASA started a project on August 31, 2013, to find out information about the mysterious energies and dark matters. It is five years preceding projects in which they will try to reach information about all these mysteries.

One something fixes high-density 570-mega-pixel cell cameras in the Andes mountain in Chile, and from there NASA scientists will observe planetary movements and attempt to identify the role and the movement of opaque matter and dark energy. It will observe one lakh galaxy and it can observe elements as far as 800 cores light years away and this will give copious and sufficient ideas about planetary movements which should in principle be at the root of malevolent energy and dark matters. Can they find the trace of abstruse matters and can they find their movements and their associated movements that mentioned to be the consequence of malevolent energies?

With this definite pixel camera, they suppose scientists to take a colour snapshot of abundant new galaxies and stars, which can be near mysterious energies and dark matters. With we can recognize colourful screenshot exact happenings within galaxies for us and this can open many disparate fields of study which will be very much helpful for supplemental studies. They are expecting to discover four thousand new supernovas of universes with ease. When a star dies, the oxidized element of the star becomes a supernova. It is in the state and in a constant boiling state. Slowly, then it becomes a ghastly hole.

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