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Amazon Kindle Fire a US only device (2012)

This article was written on May 2012 and at that time Amazon Kindle Fire was a US only electronic device. May be Amazon will try to expand its scope and will get the market expansion or even at then publish of the article this may be done so but for the moment the review will be based with its first hand look of this amazing device and it is from Amazon.

At that time, it was very expensive and by introducing in the US only market may be marketing gimmicks to start with. Remembering the Gmail first trick then invitations only and it goes on to make more and more anticipation and expectations maybe this is somewhat the similar attributes which the Amazon is carrying out with.

During the initial period of Amazon Kindle it was integrated with Android 2 at that time, service coupled with it as it is on the expected lines to think of at least, and the RAM size is 512 MB and this has the scope of expansion, it could have been better with at least 1 G B of RAM embedded within it. Its strict smart competition is playbook has a higher amount of RAM within than Amazing device. It has less RAM, but still, it continues with good multi-tasking capacity.

The user interface is very lovable and brilliant and adorable to keep you engaged with, the brilliant shelf design seems like you have a complete electronic library to work on with and points out any references that come up with. You no longer have to search for anything extra, Within Amazon’s amazing application you now have everything you can have, and in this way, finding books are very less effort.

The favourite shelf is at the below of it and it will accumulate yours favourite and the recent folders which you have done the work with. By clicking or moving the cursor it reminds of the album cover trend which is very clear and meaningful to know the details of the browsing. The album cover interface is first beginning with the Apple and then it has been adopted by many in different formats and various analogues manner.

The search bar is situated right at the top and from there you can easily search for anything you want right at your fingertips, and from its store, you can download apps to make it better, and from this point of view, you could search anything you want it to have. By selecting any of these tabs you will be arriving at a different level with more option to work on with. The seven inch IPS display is fine and broad and your eyes.

With it, you can find more and more related pieces of information and if you want to find out, or want to write something great resource work, then from here we can find more visible and the speed of work becomes great. The web browser has a neat new look with very few distractions. With Android 8 we see the full screen display but during 2012 we could see the browser that comes up with this device, does provide full-screen browsing experiences to provide distraction-free writing environment.

This device has eight GB of internal storage. It has no scope for additional storages. This could be seen as some sort of disadvantages that come up with this device. During the year 2012, it has stronger geographical limits and this means during that time, there is no scope for additional countries that need to be seen and use it with.

It comes up with customised android built up and this means that there is no scope for installation of Google Play Store due to use of customised Android version. In order to install the app of your choice, you have to install it from the Amazon Store. During the year 2012, Amazon only allows purchasing books and apps to be only with US-based credits card only.

This means in order to buy ebooks you should have a US-based credit card. The processor of the capacity of 1 GHz Cortex A9, TI OMAP 4430 chipset with power VR SGX540 graphics of battery 4400mAh. This device has better screen space, than the contemporary, Blackberry playbooks during 2012. The display size is perfect for reading ebooks and provide better reading capacity for longer durations.

During the time of 2012 when there are the all-around efforts to improve, the performances of the way touchscreen performs and surprisingly this device has wonderful touch-responsive and that makes using this device most precious. Hardware buttons are not at the top and this makes viewing angle of this device resourceful and smoother. The back side of the cover is made from the rubberised backside, it is perfect for cooler regions but in warmer nations, this can have adverse effects as this can make the phone slippery from the hand and this can slips out of hand.

The during the year 2012 ad its US version is made of rubberised contents and probably in the future when, this device is going to be spread, far and wide, then probably the use of rubberised making could go sea-change. Now, at the button of this device, you have hardware buttons, such as power key to switch on and off the device.

On the below of it, micros USB port to transfer contents from computer to device. There are additional side panels, with the device, mostly not use for graphical user interface but still, t provides better placed with palms of hands so that reading on these panels for longer durations does not tired you out.

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Mi Wallpaper Carousel Review

On Redmi 6A of Xiaomi phone onwards which has MIUI Global 10 stable updates does have ew Wallpaper Carousel where glance image categories are added. It provides a fresh new look to lock screen. It provides continuous updates to wallpaper in the form of updated news.

As far as I knew this feature is exclusively available to Redmi phones which has MIUI 10 user interface. MIUI 10 is basically, a nice form of graphical user interface in the form of Android 8 and it provides continuous updates to lock screen by delivering high-quality high-defiition wallpapers.

It is important to update, Mi Wallpaper Carousel in Google Play Store and after updating from Play Store a new element to this in the form of glance categories will appear.

How to enable Mi Wallpaper Carousel in Redmi 6A:

  1. Go to Settings of your Redmi 6A phone.
  2. Scroll down to System & Device.
  3. Then, to Lock screen & password.
  4. Then, scroll down to the Lock screen
  5. Then, to Wallpaper Carousel
  6. Click, on Wallpaper Carousel.
  7. Then, Turn on Wallpaper Carousel, to get new wallpapers delivered to your lock screen regularly. Move the slider switched on so that it will show blue colour.
  8. Then move to the second row and you will find glance image categories.
  9. Inside glance categories, you can follow categories of your interest.
  10. Here, the categories of glances are that of, animals, automotive, business, entertainment, fashion, fun facts, games, health & Fitness, India, Lifestyle, music, sports, world, daily digest, Hindi Samachar, food, science & Technology and Travel.
  11. With due course of time, perhaps categories of glances will be increased.
  12. In the next step, you have the option to add your photos to the mix.
  13. Then, their options of customisation such as how often the frequency of wallpapers in lock screen will be shown.
  14. If you want to have new wallpapers delivered to your lock screen every time you unlock the phone then, turn on the option to update glance wallpapers inside carousel to update when you connect to the internet.
  15. You can choose the frequency of gallery image by choosing either 2nd, 3rd or 4th image into a collection of glances to be shown into wallpaper carousel.
  16. In order to know more about it, you can read privacy policy at the end of it.

Wallpaper Carousel is different from Day dream. Day dream function of android is similar to screensaver for windows, on the other hand, in wallpaper carousel, every time you turned on lock screen you will find new wallpaper and by clicking on more just below, battery bar and you can read about related news of the screenshot of photos you will see and you can read these news, one by one after, reading news one by one, without unlocking phone.

Do remember to turned on internet so that it will download new and updated wallpapers for you. What more you will understand that you can play lite games, watch videos and news informations for you. In the age of internet, where every users want to update yourself from time to time, updating various information even without unlocking phone.

Based on yours selection, of categories of glances, you will find related stories updated every time. In the latest version of it, everytime screen turned on, you get new and exciting stories. When you swipe right at the screen, you get more stories and updated stories.

Wallpaper Carousel is optimized for better and smarter battery life, It uses less battery life and lesser resources to stop battery drainages. It downloads web contents in the form of WEBP format. This saves internet data and unwanted wastages of the internet.

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