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What is beyond the subconscious mind?

The diminutive endeavor of mind cannot ignore what the heart perceives to emulate to a screenshot of certain situations. The entire possibility can be a state never ever to undermine to find the real potential where all the actions and reactions have similar intuitive persona that goes beyond the entire sphere of thinking the imaginative to a different level. Many a time, the person has no enemy; it is the self that is the enemy at every sphere of life and with a due course of time, the entire aspect of civilization in the making is going bigger and stronger with all imagination cropping out from mind and hear simultaneously. Vedas and Upanishads always stresses that the proper enemy of humans are within self, and nothing outside, many a time, people do not understand this aspect of life in which they underestimate the proper sense and related thoughts and that brings into them the real and slowly the real become imaginative.

The real enemy is within our self and how to find it out and in this process we should not look beyond us instead, we should look and observing our traits and other aspects of the persona to find and search it within our mind. Many a time, ours mind shows us what it wants to visible to see the world just like it, if we are tensed then ours mind will perceive as that of everyone passing from us seemed to look and giving a strange look to us beyond a certain point and action, the mind simulates what it has been there and through it the proper way of action and the manner in which it acts subsequently makes life difficult at many times as we have seen that when ours mind control us as angry and making us as tense, then it perceives that everyone is passing there seems to be more tense and try to give us a strange look that goes beyond a certain point and manner. Means to us that our mind send the electronic signals to us they are irritating us and that is why I am so tensed, in this manner the person goes in the wrong way and that is really something cannot understand to the wildest possible imagination why mind is deliberating giving wrong and deceitful signal.

A new theory, is there something beyond our brain is?

Here, is the question, why such sign is there, and why my mind is sending wrongful signal and that is why when someone says you should have a strong head above his shoulder, that does not justify the real meaning of life as with it one can see that at every decision making one should know there are special identification postures to control and devise what mind is thinking about and for this everything that comes to mind is the sole point of action and for this mind should work like a charm and beyond it nothing matters to the fullest possibility. So, mind does not spell the words that one should think of it and it should not be the fullest anticipation that the probable mind should not hold of it and for this the entire path of life should be not to imitate and antagonize your decisions of mind but to prevail and understand what it is trying to convey and take the final decision under your reason where the entire path of life should follow and proper decisions needs to be take at the proper instances. For this, the entire path of life should be to control the mind and heart simultaneously so that one should not be falling a free fall inside the decision making chamber of mind.

It is one of the most virtual part of life where one can find that the decisions making process is automation inside heavy and automated cells inside of brain and till to date, no medical scientists till to date have ever devised and discovered about the entire process and the part of brain as they have entered a minuscule portion of how the brain works and how this automated process is handling so much inside, this is a truly an intriguing part of life where everything seems as why brain malfunctions and that is why there are people who is mentally retiring and the doctors could not give proper treatment to them as the process of mind and the brain how it works cannot understand by them till to date and it is a complex process and one needs to have it through look as the brain has many veins and sub-veins within it making it a completely wired situation for medical scientists and they have understood one percentages of it while calculating the entire brain architecture. So far they have calculated and understand only one percentage of how brain works and that is really a difficulty stage and this means that we are not nearing to any such situation where we can fully understand how the brain works and this sounds silly but it is true.

The life which goes beyond how the brain works and one should not listen to what brain speaks as there are other virtual organs for us beyond the realm of brain and from there one can find the real solutions if it is being applied at this stage and for this the process of identification of problematic identification is the entire sphere of ideas that can make into action while walking and listening to brain. This means that there is something goes beyond the space and limitation of the brain and that is the self which always sleeps and one has to find it out in order to have a proper decision making scenario which ultimately goes beyond all traditional decision making attributes.

It is a new concept as so far no medical scientists have ever imagined about this new phenomenon as there is one virtual decision making system beyond the realm of brain and for this one should use this and this is to enable with constant exercise of brain in decision making syndrome and for this the entire part of life is being given to make the most valuable and anticipated tonic to exercise the real part of life that has been yet to discover with, and that is why, there should be more investigations and other forms of research is the need of the hour in order to make it more and more prone to proper set of decision making process. We can control ours brain, so who is controlling it beyond the sphere of brain, though many a times, it becomes underutilized and laid back, but it is always a part of life and for this humans investigate and understand each facets towards the anticipated memoirs to find the real meaning of life.

In ours ancient texts, we find that sages used to do meditation for long years in order to find and receive completely new trends of life and during these long years of meditation they have discovered where there is sole of decision making lies as it is beyond self and for this one realizes that there is more than brain which at the present time in virtual stage, but no one knows but some try to reach there. May be what we are calling it brain, there are more to it when medical scientist will research deeply into brain and find out the real meaning and proper sense behind the brain, it is high time all medical scientists should go beyond what traditionally they think it as perfect and investigate and research about what is beyond brain that is many a times overpowering the entire aspects of decision making?

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Install the latest Samsung software and updates with ease

Just been into administrative option of Windows 8 after a long gap and here the prime reason to reach to this is to find out what are the new introductions of this attest version of Windows which I have been critical in the first instance but with due course of time there has been a completely change of thinking of this as with due course of time I am able to understand and comprehend about how good it is as with due course of time its versatility and ease of use has been phenomenal and the way it is performing is simply wonderful to start on with.

This writes up is from a person who has been using Windows 8 for the last three months and it is phenomenal to see that all the functions have been working on succeeding nice and brilliant in these circumstances.

At first there are some reverse happenings about this Windows version from internet from various websites as there are some positive thoughts and plenty of negativity about its pseudo operating system in action is what is true to oneself on one hand and on the other hand it is also true that you have the presentation of two completely new operating system where from charms menu one can switch from one sections to the other with ease.

Samsung Software Reviewed:

It gives smiles and comprehending the beauty of web where one has to find the relative comparison of same set of conventional operating system verses the new mobile centric and friendly a brilliant conceptualized operating system where the ease of use with full screen presentation which gives a brilliant agile and excitement to watch and perform operating system at its peak.

It is always said that one has to see in his own eyes to have the glimpse of a perfect operating system at its work and for this it is worth to watch it in between eyes to feel the best of operating system in action and for this the first and the foremost is to find out the updating pattern as with this OS Microsoft has introduced the concept of partnership with hardware manufacturers and for this the prime point is that this operating system loads faster due to Samsung added advantage of adding some brilliant hardware tweaking where one can find the instant start up which reduces the booting time to a considerable extent and this creates extra points for the user as he can feel the real instrument of brilliant performance of OS at its best.

Samsung has introduced the software update and it is installed on the OS as a program directory and for this from time to time it will ask you to update it and after update, of about 30 MB it will time and again give the complete list of all updates including the drivers and other enhancements, one such is it’s a startup menu like function from where the user can reach to various functions and it is must like start menu of Windows XP and this software is of extreme use when one use the Windows as standard account and there one can find only one instance of file explorer, and from here, one should find the different instances of file explorer and from there one can work seamlessly and this is what the change comes when you use Samsung laptop where you should find this essential software for your use.

It will then show you a list of software to you and from there you can download the drivers and updated software for your use, and in this manner your computer will always stay alert and up to date and you do not have to think beyond of it as your computer will perform smoothness with each and every update delivered to you.

In these segments you will find about, one link where you can offline all the drivers and other utilities in one package which will be of a much help to you in case you want to reinstall Windows from a scratch and in this manner after operating system installation worries are gone forever. From save setting up files you can gain access to all programs and can store for offline use. This software updates program of Samsung will remind you from time to time to update specific software, and at the end of a month you can download these software from Windows store so that in this manner your computer remains updated with installation of latest patches and updates.

From the find model menu, a complete list of computer and its model and from helping a crystal list of all the software to install there. Windows needs a continuous update of its many programs from Windows store and from there one can find various tools and applications which will fit right into your Windows 8 charm menu and from there you should be finding about all applications, a few months back there are not so much number of apps out there with due course of time the number of apps is on the higher side and from time to time new apps are added and you can check there out, I have not checked these for over a month but with due course of time the number of new entrants is on the rise and this gives a proud feeling when using Windows, as it also gives the sense of mobility as new smartphones do have all such app in order to make it a completely functional operating system.

After prolonged use, user will feel about this as it will soon be confused about such and such OS where one can find the complete mixture of mobile operating system with that of a complete comprehensive laptop replacement entity where you will find the amalgamation of all forms of cloud computing at its best with complete performance enhancement of all aspect of brilliant computing. It is a new feeling of a completely new era of computer making where OS seems not to be typical with that of conventional forms of use but it is now going beyond and the proper use of it seems to be making it more and more functional with proper and instant-solutions. It is a mixture of dazzling with innovation when innovation at its peak, one can try this out and understand it fully before making any such negative comments about it.

One thing I would definitely want from software update is to find about the continuous unbroken downloads links, means suppose I want to download a heavy software, as per today, I have downloaded, 20% and then for tomorrow the download should start from there not from the beginning, and sometimes after a long haul of download and the computer stays for some time, it would then go to sleep mode if you are out of computer for some times and then the connection to the internet breaks and also entire download goes waste for you. All these come to one such solution which is to make the download such that the strings of download will be there even after interruption. So, in short Samsung update should come to a complete set up of a download manager where one can will retire from the irritation feeling of downloading the software again and again.

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