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Worst Samsung India after Sales Service

Samsung India does provide so many electronic appliances, and its productivity are on good side so that one can use these products with peace of mind. I heard it from hearsay and that is why daddy purchased most of Samsung electronics. Few years back daddy purchased Samsung dual door fridge and within two years the problem begins and this article is about me and daddy’s personal experience with the service factors of Samsung.

Within two years of fridge usages, it begins to provide problems. The lower side of door keeps it open despite closing it. This means that entire lower side of windows of fridge unable to have clear cool as the lower side of door keep it open always. This means the bigger side, of the fridge is not working. First we create service compliant in Samsung India website and within two to three days the local service operator from Puri, India, Odisha and they came with two persons; they examine the fridge for some time.

Then they found that the door of the lower side is not working properly due to its rubber holdings, but they told my daddy to go to local welding shops to rectify it. In reality it is the problem with fridge and the Samsung needs to rectify it but in reality they said that they will not do it. Then, after they go from that place and after two to three days another complaint was done to Samsung India, and then after two to three days they came and said that similar speech again.

Daddy said to them this time that he will not going to welding shop as service department has to do it as this is the problem of Samsung fridge and they will have to do it. Then they go back and after that Samsung ask for the evaluation of service and daddy told them that service people just visit and said the same thing again and again.

Then, after two to three days those service people came back and they took pictures of fridge and its number and then picture of fridge door which is not working and before they take pictures they took permissions from daddy to take pictures. So after ten to twelve days of the second complaint as the first complaint is still not resolved.

I do hope as at the sometime after wards the problem of services, do will be resolved and the Samsung fridge will work at normal and the lower side and the upper side of the dual fridge work at normalcy. It is one of most difficult times as fridge is not working and still the service department is not working to make the fridge work.

Dark Energies and Dark Matters of Universe

There are many numberless stories of science and till to date most of them are demystifying, and out, darkness is one. So far, no one can decide what is darkness and from where it continues to exist and why rights are overbearing to remove darkness. Science does not solve many theories of English, and the probable energy associated with science is a part. It is still the mystery of whether darkness is energy. It composes the universe of so many galaxies and millions of stars are there inside galaxies.

According to Newton’s law of motions which deals with gravitational forces, according to it, every galaxy should attract the other galaxy as they depend upon the source of forces which acts one another. Depending on this theory, galaxies should unite in one noteworthy field, but it is happening just the opposite as from this theory all the galaxies are going out of their reserved spheres as there is no internal attraction between galaxies. Einstein in 1915 has described the theory of a static universe which is just the opposite of what Einstein has famously told all of us.

The theory associated with him is world famed, and most of us have been learning inside books since childhood. He said the universe is neither compressing nor expanding. It is static. Nor there is a universal constant which is holding all galaxies in their respective positions and for this, there is no such abnormality as far as the stationary position of the universe. Disobedient to this theory, great US scientist has proved in 1929, the world is expanding beyond a certain limit; It is not obstinate, and it is not running through the principles of the universal constant. He had been penetrating observation and study about this matter, and in this way, he has gone from a theory to a principal to arrive at this concept. The world is expanding beyond a certain limit and every galaxy because of this unending expansion of the universe is moving wider of the additional galaxy.

So, Hubble what has said in 1929, that every galaxy is moving from one another, is exactly the opposite theory of what is being mentioned by Newton. What is obstructing the gravitational forces to attract one another, as if the gravitational force is the invariable perceivable from the movement within the earth, but it is happening exactly opposite and why it is happening?

Is there any mysterious force that has been stopping gravitational forces of the earth and why it is happening and what is the source of this inexplicable force as so far no one can explain on this aspect of energy creation?

There is a case in force that opposes the power of gravitation and what is that force and from where it is getting energy? It is the mystery and scientists have had a none idea about creation of this energy and for this, they are calling this energy as “dark energy”. They still flummoxed about what is at the root of this energy and from where all the power for this energy comes from?

Which force is stopping the power of gravitational forces of galaxies and the repulsive force is working in between them and what is the source and the reason for this calculation by many scientists and they are coming to a tentative conclusion that in the world out of all energies, 68 percentages of energies come from dark energy. This means still to date we have none such ideas about how 68 percentages of energy come from the world as something does not know it from which origin all these energies are coming from and from which reasons they are protecting galaxies in colliding with each other.

Then, knows now that 27 percentages of space of a universe are being taken over since time immemorial by dark matters, and they are unknown and no one knows about them as from where their origin and why they are occupying such places no one ever able to expect. So far scientists are unknown about two matters one is dark energy, and the other is dark matters and all these have been occupying 95 percentages of space of the universe and what uses well known for use including the space of galaxies and stars is only five percentages. Out of these five percentages us from the earth now only scanty details.

Think about in the most separate of the world occupies with gloomy energy and dark matters but still to date no one finds themselves in a position to comprehend and find the dependable power of malevolent energy and matters. It is observable all these are potent forces and have been controlling us, but we have not meant the capability to detect all these unaccountable forces. NASA started a project on August 31, 2013, to find out information about the mysterious energies and dark matters. It is five years preceding projects in which they will try to reach information about all these mysteries.

One something fixes high-density 570-mega-pixel cell cameras in the Andes mountain in Chile, and from there NASA scientists will observe planetary movements and attempt to identify the role and the movement of opaque matter and dark energy. It will observe one lakh galaxy and it can observe elements as far as 800 cores light years away and this will give copious and sufficient ideas about planetary movements which should in principle be at the root of malevolent energy and dark matters. Can they find the trace of abstruse matters and can they find their movements and their associated movements that mentioned to be the consequence of malevolent energies?

With this definite pixel camera, they suppose scientists to take a colour snapshot of abundant new galaxies and stars, which can be near mysterious energies and dark matters. With we can recognize colourful screenshot exact happenings within galaxies for us and this can open many disparate fields of study which will be very much helpful for supplemental studies. They are expecting to discover four thousand new supernovas of universes with ease. When a star dies, the oxidized element of the star becomes a supernova. It is in the state and in a constant boiling state. Slowly, then it becomes a ghastly hole.

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Windows Media Player 12 Review

Having Windows 8, jumping from Windows XP desktop is an absorbing experience, with a complete overall of desktop environment and also there are plenty of newer operations and some similar applications such as upgraded Windows Media Player 12, a complete transition from its earlier version, as it is light, simple, yet dynamic. There is a complete overall of its interface. The principal functionality is to give as much view as possible so that the user can see and enjoy the detail look of media player and know the songs and other aspects of its functions. Here, you will find two views of WMP 12. In the normal view, play lists, music, video and pictures and if you have connected smart phone or memory card then you will find the detail view of it and from the right side of the screen you have the option to synchronize the songs so that synchronization will be carried out while you are listening to the songs there.

The interface is wide and full of information, with title of the music, then length of music in hours and minute, then rating system, where you can categorize the music with rating system, and in this manner the music will be arranged according to category of star ratings. Sometimes songs are automatically rated there and this gives you the indication of how the songs works and for this it is better to check these ratings all by yourself so that you will check any artificial errors while auto rating system is on. Then you have the contributing artist and followed by albums as this gives complete information to each and every album and songs and it there is no information inside the songs then you can find it by selecting the song and then right click and then find album information and one new window will pop up namely Find album information and you need to connect to internet to get the right information from data base, and within seconds you will find information, then select it and click next, the information will show up and then click finish to add information to the song, and all the information and also tags will now automatically updated to the data base of WMP 12 , and at the right bottom side you will find that data base is updated through a green right arrow.

If you are not satisfied with the result, then you can manually edit the songs, by selecting the song, then, edit and if you know about the songs then you can add information about it by contributing artist and album. If you want to edit the entire album in one go, then you can select the name of album which is at the top side of songs and then edit the entire album from there, it is very easy and in this manner the versatility of WMP 12 comes to mind. While searching on the internet you will not find relevant information, it is better to cut some part of the title to know about it and then search again to find its information and from here, you will find, relevant information to update the existing data base.

From right hand menu namely last played you will find the songs that you are currently playing and if you want to listen to previous listened songs, then you click the back button there and immediately the other songs will start to run and it is melodious and wonderful and also if you want to listen to the latest songs which you have so far been listened to then it is nice to click the next arrow to find it about it. The songs will be played automatically, as Windows 8 is a system which is built with the concept of library of documents, music, images, videos, so these documents will automatically included inside respective search functions, and when you click the pin document just next to Internet Explorer 10, you will find Libraries of documents, music, images and pictures from there. WMP 12 will retrieve the music there and will show you inside its library. You can manually add the respective folders into these classified folders by including them in the specified library.

This is the most complete system in Windows 8 and the library functions augmented and working more seamlessly inside this latest operating system which can work like fluid in case you need any form of work to accomplish in on time. Inside WMP 12, creating play list is easy and also synchronization with smart phone devices is very easy to perform and for this, it is evident that you can synchronies the songs while listening to music and you can synchronize part of songs and then the other part of songs can be synchronized easily and in this manner a comprehensive management of music is available and in this manner you will be easily synchronizing the vast collection of songs if you have through fragmented depigmentation and in this manner the entire load of the work reduces. It is a nice tool and for this in my C6 mobile I left Nokia Suit to perform this action and now WMP 12 is nicely performing this action and what it is best is the speed in which it is performing the functions, synchronization made it easy for this tool.

WMP 12 has the most versatile small book with the album when you click on an icon that is at the below side of the right hand corner and then you will be given a precise look with entire album cover, a different one square look of WMP 12. Here if you are running the songs and pausing it then you can find the resume song as well as go to a library function and from here with a right click you will be reaching to visualizations, enhancements and more options function. From visualization, you can select your favorite visualization with no visualization, album art, alchemy, bars and waves and battery. Enhancements, the entire relevant audio enhancement is present. This is nothing new and perhaps as far as my memory goes it stays from WMP 9. With more option and then the devices, one can find the default device functions, from here you can select default audio devices or sound card inserted into your devices. In this way there are plenty of customization with WMP 12 can be done, it is your personal media library and from here one can control the entire set of devices with very copious of ease. Customization and synchronization with all the devices need to be done with ease and you do not have to search for anything more of it, as it is your entire media library at your own hand and you can control the entire gambit of devices through it.

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What is beyond the subconscious mind?

The diminutive endeavor of mind cannot ignore what the heart perceives to emulate to a screenshot of certain situations. The entire possibility can be a state never ever to undermine to find the real potential where all the actions and reactions have similar intuitive persona that goes beyond the entire sphere of thinking the imaginative to a different level. Many a time, the person has no enemy; it is the self that is the enemy at every sphere of life and with a due course of time, the entire aspect of civilization in the making is going bigger and stronger with all imagination cropping out from mind and hear simultaneously. Vedas and Upanishads always stresses that the proper enemy of humans are within self, and nothing outside, many a time, people do not understand this aspect of life in which they underestimate the proper sense and related thoughts and that brings into them the real and slowly the real become imaginative.

The real enemy is within our self and how to find it out and in this process we should not look beyond us instead, we should look and observing our traits and other aspects of the persona to find and search it within our mind. Many a time, ours mind shows us what it wants to visible to see the world just like it, if we are tensed then ours mind will perceive as that of everyone passing from us seemed to look and giving a strange look to us beyond a certain point and action, the mind simulates what it has been there and through it the proper way of action and the manner in which it acts subsequently makes life difficult at many times as we have seen that when ours mind control us as angry and making us as tense, then it perceives that everyone is passing there seems to be more tense and try to give us a strange look that goes beyond a certain point and manner. Means to us that our mind send the electronic signals to us they are irritating us and that is why I am so tensed, in this manner the person goes in the wrong way and that is really something cannot understand to the wildest possible imagination why mind is deliberating giving wrong and deceitful signal.

A new theory, is there something beyond our brain is?

Here, is the question, why such sign is there, and why my mind is sending wrongful signal and that is why when someone says you should have a strong head above his shoulder, that does not justify the real meaning of life as with it one can see that at every decision making one should know there are special identification postures to control and devise what mind is thinking about and for this everything that comes to mind is the sole point of action and for this mind should work like a charm and beyond it nothing matters to the fullest possibility. So, mind does not spell the words that one should think of it and it should not be the fullest anticipation that the probable mind should not hold of it and for this the entire path of life should be not to imitate and antagonize your decisions of mind but to prevail and understand what it is trying to convey and take the final decision under your reason where the entire path of life should follow and proper decisions needs to be take at the proper instances. For this, the entire path of life should be to control the mind and heart simultaneously so that one should not be falling a free fall inside the decision making chamber of mind.

It is one of the most virtual part of life where one can find that the decisions making process is automation inside heavy and automated cells inside of brain and till to date, no medical scientists till to date have ever devised and discovered about the entire process and the part of brain as they have entered a minuscule portion of how the brain works and how this automated process is handling so much inside, this is a truly an intriguing part of life where everything seems as why brain malfunctions and that is why there are people who is mentally retiring and the doctors could not give proper treatment to them as the process of mind and the brain how it works cannot understand by them till to date and it is a complex process and one needs to have it through look as the brain has many veins and sub-veins within it making it a completely wired situation for medical scientists and they have understood one percentages of it while calculating the entire brain architecture. So far they have calculated and understand only one percentage of how brain works and that is really a difficulty stage and this means that we are not nearing to any such situation where we can fully understand how the brain works and this sounds silly but it is true.

The life which goes beyond how the brain works and one should not listen to what brain speaks as there are other virtual organs for us beyond the realm of brain and from there one can find the real solutions if it is being applied at this stage and for this the process of identification of problematic identification is the entire sphere of ideas that can make into action while walking and listening to brain. This means that there is something goes beyond the space and limitation of the brain and that is the self which always sleeps and one has to find it out in order to have a proper decision making scenario which ultimately goes beyond all traditional decision making attributes.

It is a new concept as so far no medical scientists have ever imagined about this new phenomenon as there is one virtual decision making system beyond the realm of brain and for this one should use this and this is to enable with constant exercise of brain in decision making syndrome and for this the entire part of life is being given to make the most valuable and anticipated tonic to exercise the real part of life that has been yet to discover with, and that is why, there should be more investigations and other forms of research is the need of the hour in order to make it more and more prone to proper set of decision making process. We can control ours brain, so who is controlling it beyond the sphere of brain, though many a times, it becomes underutilized and laid back, but it is always a part of life and for this humans investigate and understand each facets towards the anticipated memoirs to find the real meaning of life.

In ours ancient texts, we find that sages used to do meditation for long years in order to find and receive completely new trends of life and during these long years of meditation they have discovered where there is sole of decision making lies as it is beyond self and for this one realizes that there is more than brain which at the present time in virtual stage, but no one knows but some try to reach there. May be what we are calling it brain, there are more to it when medical scientist will research deeply into brain and find out the real meaning and proper sense behind the brain, it is high time all medical scientists should go beyond what traditionally they think it as perfect and investigate and research about what is beyond brain that is many a times overpowering the entire aspects of decision making?

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