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Thumping test match win for India against South Africa at Vizag

The Vizag test match between India and South Africa Android after post lunch on the final day. This has been the beginning of India’s home series. India batted first and scored mamoth 500 runs. In supply South Africa score of 400 runs and reducing the deficit under 100.

Rohit Sharma first time opened for India in test match. Scored a swashbuckling hundred in his first appearance as test opener. Prior today’s match he played at the number six position. He scored well and batted nicely against second new ball. The other opener Mayank Agarwal scored his maiden century and went on to complete wonderful double century.

after so many matches India openers complete the century partnership. After so many matches both Indian openers score century or more. It is indeed a proud moment role of India and their supporters to see such an amazing performance by the openers. Laterr on the batting of Jadeja 30 not out at the highlight of India’s innings.

Ravichandran Ashwin took 7 wickets in the first innings of South Africa. Ravindra Jadeja took 2 wickets Ishant Sharma having the solitary wicket. In the second innings of India’s batting Mayank Agrawal dismiss cheaply but Rohit Sharma went on to make another century and thus the second Indian opener after the great Sunil Manohar Gavaskar to score two centuries in both the innings of the test match. After completing this hit by Rohit Sharma the great Sunil Gavaskar commentators box get the standing ovation to this achievement.

In the second innings of South Africa India comes back stronger live some good decision review system and went on to win this match good result. At one point of time in the second innings South African batsman showed their ability to counter Indian spinners birthday Mohammed Shami bowled captured five South African wickets in the second innings Ravindra Jadeja 4 wickets and three wickets in a over provides down fall of South African Innings.

after such a long time India goes with test match four speciaist bowlers and out of it Ravindra Jadeja is the all rounder and this means that India goes with 3 bowlers and harmful to win this test match very easily. In this test match we saw the absolutely perfect reverse swing by Ajinkya Rahane to counter the spinning of South African spin resulted him to score heavily against them and you are struggling to find its foot against the spin for quite some time.

in this test match the sixes hit by both the batsman of both the innings the highest sixes in any test match played in India. Sharma crosses the highest six scored by an Indian in a test match thus crossing record by Navjot Singh Sidhu in the past by a long margin. Shammi took 5 wickets for the fifth time in the test match career and time and again shows how is it in the second innings and thus contributing to the winning of India in test match cricket. Virat Kohli played exceptional in the second innings Ajinkya Rahane played nicely against spin and Pujara”s 80 + runs in the second innings and scored fast and hit some nice sixes.

Overall the performances of Indian cricket team as individual and as a team proof that Indian cricket team is in the right path roaring into go for success . With the advent of ICC test championship performances of India in the last three test matches showcase the power that India is having to reach to to number one position.

Rohit Sharma back with a bang in test cricket

Rohit Sharma”s splendid performance in ☝One ☀day international cricket🏏 with having three awesome👏✊👍 double century ♏🅰🎋📧makes 👦him 👑king ➡of ☝One ☀day international. After 🇮🇳India”s never ending search🔍 for test opener and ➕ after KL Rahul”s not❌ so impressive performance Rohit Sharma given the chance ➡to 😄open test innings.

Earlier for some tests 👦he was playing👬 at the number🔢 six ➕and scored over 50s for quite sometimes. During those phases second 🆕new 🏀ball were due and ➕ he 👦 played there with awesome👏✊👍 grit ➕and determination ➕ and in addition to ➡ it 👦he is also regular opening batsman in ☝one ☀day international and ➕ twenty twenty matches.

In earlier matches non-regular openers became permanent openers such as Shewag in the past and ➕ scored two triple centuries while opening 🇮🇳India’s test innings. So we do hope for Rohit Sharma ➡to perform similar in tests. Rohit Sharma in vizag test match while opening scored century and ➕ remains unbeaten at the 🔚end ➡of ☝first day☀ which was curtailed due ➡to heavy rains☔.

Now we should hope that ultimately 🔛on the day ☀ two Rohit will score a ➿double ➕and Mayank Agarwal after scoring three fifties ➕and crossing 👦his earlier best👍💯 of ➡ 77 and ➕ now on 🔛 the verge of ➡ reaching his👦 first☝ double➿ ✊. After so many innings 🇮🇳India 👀saw emergencr of ➡ century partnership which now reached ➡to double century partnerships.

After so 👨many ➡of innings a good😛 partnership providing a 🗿rock-solid base with which 🇮🇳India can construct their innings. it does provide ☝one of ➡ most outstanding innings ➡to 🎮play at as 🇮🇳India will 👀look forward⬅ to consolidate and ➕ stay in upper hand 👉🙌👈through 📤out this test match against South⬇ Africa🌍 in the 🏡home series.

Who is Better- Bradman, Gavaskar, Tendulkar or Kohli

Cricket is a game of statistics. So, let us peep into the career statistics of the three players- Bradman, Sachin and Kohli. Of Course, Bradman is great but he is certainly not the greatest. But, a choice between Kohli and Sachin is imperative to find out the greatest. I think, Tendulkar is the greatest, but Kohli is slowly and steadily overtaking him.

The day is not far off when Kohli will make all records of all past cricketers a joke. He is the only batsman in the world who is averaging 50 plus in all formats of the game save IPL. He and Tendulkar have scored everywhere and against all opponents.

Compared to the two Indians, Sir Don Bradman lag behind. He had played against Englad, West Indies India and South Africa. He had never played against all countries and in all conditions. He was never tested in Asian conditions.

The modern day cricket is out and out rofessional in character and spirit. The fielding now is so sharp that taking a single is quite difficult and what about scoring a boundary or a six. Even the best of shots land in fielder’s hands. I don’t think Sir Bradman would have scored as freely in recent times as in the past.

However, Bradman was a genius  to score 28067 first class runs at a staggering average of 95.14 with 117 centuries inclusive of 37 doble and six triple hundreds. His test record is  that in 52 tests, he scored 6996 runs at 99.96 with 29 centuries which include two scores of 300+,one 299 and nine scores beyond 200.

Modern cricketing heroes are more wholesome, atheletic and agile.The bulging belly and clinging to the creaseo more exist.

Batting Career Summary of KOHLI

M Inn NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 200 50 4s 6s
Test 77 131 8 6613 243 53.76 11549 57.26 25 6 20 731 19
ODI 225 217 37 10816 183 60.09 11636 92.95 41 0 49 1016 117
T20I 67 62 17 2263 90 50.29 1647 137.4 0 0 20 223 54
IPL 163 155 26 4948 113 38.36 3784 130.76 4 0 34 434 177

Bowling Career Summary

M Inn B Runs Wkts BBI BBM Econ Avg SR 5W 10W
Test 77 9 163 76 0 0/0 0/0 2.8 0.0 0.0 0 0
ODI 225 48 641 665 4 1/15 1/15 6.22 166.25 160.25 0 0
T20I 67 12 146 198 4 1/13 1/13 8.14 49.5 36.5 0 0
IPL 163 26 251 368 4 2/25 2/25 8.8 92.0 62.75 0 0
Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 6s Ct St
Tests 125 214 16 10122 236* 51.12 34 45 26 108 0
ODIs 108 102 14 3092 103* 35.13 4966 62.26 1 27 22 0
First-class 348 563 61 25834 340 51.46 81 105 293 0
List A 151 144 17 4594 123 36.17 5 37 37 0

Sachin Tendulkar Stats

Batting Stats

Matches 200 463 1 78
innings 329 452 1 78
Not-Out 33 41 0 11
Runs 15921 18426 10 2334
Highest Score 248 200 10 100
Average 53.79 44.83 10 34.83
Balls faced 29437 21367 12 1948
Strike Rate 54.08 86.24 83.33 119.81
100 51 49 0 1
200 6 1 0 0
50 68 96 0 13
4s 2058 2016 2 295
6s 69 195 0 29
Catches 115 140 1 23

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