Android security basics

Security is a comprehensive term which differs from time to time and it differs from devices to devices. In this article you will learn about how to secure your Android device and make it run virus free. First we will be talking about Android inside Samsung mobile phones.

Locating Method:

Go to settings and then privacy and safety and then go to privacy and then location and move the slider to switch it on. In the location method GPS Wi-Fi and mobile network GPS Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate your precise location. It is important for Google services to work in correct manner as it will use Wi-Fi and mobile networks good networks provide absolute security to your mobile device by connecting to Google servers all the time.

Two locating method such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks which uses Wi-Fi and mobile network to estimate your location. The last not the least is the GPS only locating method GPS to estimate your location.

lock screen and security:

Go to settings and then lock screen and security and then go to lock screen, here you have three options one is screen lock type and the second one is info an app shortcuts and the last one is notifications on lock screen. In the screen lock type there are 5 options. One is swipe, then pattern then pin then password and the last is none.

The fast screen lock type is swipe it is of no security. The second one is pattern it is of medium security and the third one I’d Pin, it is of job medium to high security. The fourth one is password it is for high security.

For better privacy inside Android devices you can enable or disable notificationson lock screen by choosing content on lock screen whether to choose or to hide. There are three options such as show content, hide content and do not show notifications. You can allow or disallow individual apps to show notification or disable them to show notification in lock screen also.

Find my mobile:

Find my mobile comes under security settings of Android device. In Samsung phones you will have to log in with your Samsung account to enable this feature. It comes in addition with Google’s find my device feature. It locate controller device remotely using your Samsung account. to protect your account and continue using this service you need to sign in with Samsung account time and again to confirm your password. Connect to internet and then sign into your Samsung account. Your internet data setting a job then automatically it will stand for Wi-Fi network. Internet setting data setting is on then it will show in progress symbol and then then it will log into your Samsung account.

Disallow installation of apps from sources other than Play stores. It will enable Google play protect inside your Android device and installation of apps from Play Store are scanned through sandboxing environment of Google Play protect. You can encrypt your device by protecting your device by encrypting its data. In this way you can encrypt accounts settings downloaded apps and their data media and other files

Encryption takes an hour or more depending on the size of your Android device. Before you starts ensure that the battery is fully charged and keep the device logged into do electric circuit until encryption is complete. Interesting encryption process may lead to the the loss of data or of the enter data that are stored inside system driver for Android device.

Encrypt your SD card to protect your SD card by encrypting its data. You can encrypt SD card. Encrypted SD cards can only be read on the device used to encrypt them. Tap encrypt SD card to start the encryption process. Encryption to take an hour or more. Before you start make sure that the battery is charged keep the device locked in until encryption is complete. During the encryption process the SD card cannot be used. Device is reset to factory default settings it will be unable to read encrypted SD card.

Other security settings includes change your father security settings such as those for security updates and credential storage. First is to set up sim card lock. Inside lock sim card you require your sim card pin to unlock and use your sim card.

Here, you can show password character briefly as you type them or make password invisible in this function. Next security setting age security policy update which increases the security of your device by updating the security policy periodically from Samsung Central server when you connect to the internet. This security policy updates are downloaded without your notice and installed with your device automatically.

It is a good idea to enable centre security reports Samsung wi-fi for free internet for live threat analysis. All the reports are encrypted to Samsung server so that year privacy of Android device stay secure. Then comes the device administrator find my device of default Android device which allowsfind my device to lock or erase the lost device.

These are some of the few options you can enable or watch out to make your device absolute secure. It is important to understand how your Android devices around and what are various hidden features that are inbuilt with it. Some of the original equipment manufacturers or of hardware manufacturers provides additional security settings so that you can find more security options to make your Android device secure and stop hackers from entering into your devices unknowingly.